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TMHS 34: My Secret Stash: What are the Best Snack Foods, Bottled Waters, Home Exercise Equipment & More

  • In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re doing something really special and really cool. You’re about to find out some of the things in my personal “secret stash”. These are things that keep me healthy, energized, and sane in my busy life. You’re about to find out what the best snacks for fat loss are, the best device for your abs, and even the best sports drink (careful, it’s not what you think).

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the best food bars are and what ingredients to look for.
  • Why certain health foods can cost more money.
  • How the ancient Mayans used chocolate (hint: they weren’t making candy bars with it!)
  • What the best homes exercise equipment is.
  • The equipment you can use to do inversions at home (alleviate back pain).
  • What a rebounder is and what exercises you can do with it.
  • How socks can damage your lymphatic systems.
  • What a foam roller is and why it’s so valuable.
  • Why using a stability ball can make abdominal exercises more effective.
  • What’s the best equipment for abs (you may be surprised).
  • What my favorite snack food is.
  • Why nuts and seeds need to be “germinated” for the best results.
  • The most important thing I look for in exercise shoes.
  • What the best cross training shoes are.
  • The #1 distinction you need to have when choosing your drinking water.
  • What the best bottled water is.
  • What the best sports drink is (this one’s all natural and powerful).

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Items mentioned in this episode include:

* Wellness Wonderland – Interview with Shawn Stevenson

10 Reason Your Body Can Become Resistant to Weight Loss

Two Moms In The Raw

* Wild Bars

How Chocolate Can Save The World – TEDx

Fatal Fat Loss Mistake – Eating Carbs Before You Exercise

* SPRI EVA Foam roller

Living Intentions – Gone Nuts

* The Key To Quantum Health – Book

ReWild Yourself With Daniel Vitalis

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