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TMHS 93: How to Stay Fit & Healthy for a Lifetime with Rae Mohrman

At the age of 49 Rae was reminded of a goal she had set for herself many years earlier. Inching ever closer to her 50th birthday, the gap in accomplishing her goal seemed to be closing in fast, so she needed to take some action right away.

It was 19 years earlier that she was deeply impacted by a phenomenal woman that she had seen on the television screen. This woman motivated Rae to complete her first marathon. And this is where the story begins…

This episode is a powerful testament to what’s possible no matter what age, background, or level you’re at right now. You can achieve far more than you know.

Rae went on to accomplish some amazing feats including: completing the Boston Marathon, completing a marathon in each of the 50 states in the U.S., and a HUGE accomplishment that she’s going to tell you about that puts her in a fraction of a percent of people to ever achieve this running goal. And she started all of this during the time that most people are looking forward to retirement.

Today you’re going to learn the secrets that have helped Rae to maintain the levels of health and vitality that she has today. Not only does she train and compete herself, but she is a wonderful teacher that instructs fitness classes to help others to achieve their fitness goals as well.

If you’re going to have (and keep) your health and vitality well into your senior years, then you need to learn from people who’ve done it. This is a very special chance to learn from a very special woman. So, get ready, hit play, and soak up all you can from the incredible Rae Mohrman.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How acceptance of your current life conditions can lead to breakthroughs in other areas.
  • What Title IX is and how it suppressed women’s health & fitness in our country.
  • What the word discipline really means (this is powerful!)
  • Why you always need to have flexibility and not limit your options to have true longevity.
  • Why your attitude is critical to your health and happiness long-term.
  • How Rae went from not running for years to running a marathon in all 50 states.
  • How marathon running (or any type of exercise you enjoy) can empower you to overcome any obstacle you’re faced with.
  • Why shifting your perspective from “limitations” to challenges can open up a new level of possibility for you.
  • Why setting goals is one of the most powerful secrets of longevity.
  • Huge tips to reduce your risk of injuries as you get older.
  • Why working smarter (not harder) is a key to remaining fit and healthy for a lifetime.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Hi Shawn,
    Loved this interview – very inspirational for a gal in her mid 40’s. I eat healthy and exercise regularly, but, Rae made me feel like I could do more! Thank you for sharing Rae with us.

  2. Hello Shawn,
    Thank you for having diversity in your show format. I just lost my mother at the age of 67 due to bad health which could’ve been prevented if an active, healthy lifestyle was chosen. Your guest, Rae Mohrmann is very inspirational and definitely a role model for all generations.

  3. Yes, you CAN change at any age. It took until I was 51 to finally get myself to turn around my health. You younger ones: Do it now. You older ones: Do it now.
    You’re never too young–or old–to get healthy.
    Thank you, Rae, for letting your life be an inspiration to so many.
    And thank you, Shawn, another show of excellence.


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