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TMHS 415: Why The World Is Facing Great Challenges Right Now And Why The Answer Is YOU - With Guest Dr. Michael Beckwith

TMHS 171: GI Testing, Diversity in Our Food & Balancing Protocol with Dr. Anthony G. Beck

Just like any journey in life, the journey to health is a journey of discovery. Each obstacle we face is an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves. Whether it’s healing a disease or finding a way to lose that last tiny bit of body fat, changing our health starts with changing how we think.

Experimentation is our foundational tool. You have to experiment and test things out to truly find out what works for yourself. We are all unique, and what works for your best friend may only set you back on your journey even further. Sure, there are universal principles of health that can take you a very long way. Eat real food, get plenty of movement and exercise, get adequate amounts of sunlight, drink lots of clean water, cultivate healthy relationships, and do meaningful work that fulfills you. These are a few of the basic tenets for living a healthy, happy, successful life.

But what about when you want to take your health to another level? Or what about when you get hit with a real challenging situation, despite following the foundational principles? This is where a deeper analysis needs to take place. You can take shots in the dark and see if anything (hopefully) hits, or you can take action to uncover what the real solution is by looking in the right place. How do you know unless you look? That’s the mantra of the skilled practitioner today. The guessing game is great if you’re playing Pictionary with your friends. But when it comes to your health, guessing can be a massive waste of time, rob you of your results, and, at worse, it can even be life-threatening. That’s why I’m so thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Anthony G. Beck.

Dr. Beck has made a habit of looking in the right place for the solutions to all manner of health problems. His advanced testing methods have helped to change my life, and he’s here today to fill you in on what you need to know to be more empowered in your own health journey. Let’s do this!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Whether or not medicinal mushrooms are good for kids.
  • What Balanced Protocol means and why it works so well.
  • Why your gut health is so influential on your health overall.
  • What GI Testing can tell you.
  • Why the best diet in the world might not be the best diet for your body.
  • How changing your food changes your microbiome.
  • Why it’s not just what you eat, but where you eat that can make all of the difference.
  • Why we need diversity in our food.
  • How many different species of bacteria we have in our gut (this is amazing!).
  • Why conventional allergy tests can be misleading and outright wrong.
  • Why elimination diets don’t work (wait, what?!).
  • Which incredible blood test can tell you how “clean” your metabolism is running.
  • Why you need to be cautious about buying most probiotic supplements.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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