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TMHS 9: 11 Essential Tips to Have More Eneergy

In this episode we tackle a question that I get almost everyday: “How can I have more energy?”

Today, more than ever, your energy levels each day can make the difference between grand success or massive failure. So many people are looking for quick fixes, while others are looking to high energy foods, natural energy supplements, and other small changes.

The truth is, there is not ONE thing that’s going to help you have the sustained energy you need. It’s a specific combination of essentials that really help to make a noticeable difference. You’ve got to have the energy to succeed, and I’m going to show you how to have more energy starting today!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  •  Why having more energy reserve is actually so important today.
  • What piezoelectricity is.
  • Why studies have proven that exercise works better than antidepressants long-term.
  • How exercise actually helps you save time.
  • What Qi Gong is and why it’s becoming so popular.
  • Why having more body weight and body fat can be making you tired.
  • Why sleep is really so important to your energy levels.
  • How poor digestion can radically decrease your energy levels.
  • What role your colon plays in digestion and energy production.
  • What foods and supplements are critical for colon health.
  • How high energy foods differ from standard “food-like” products.
  • A study that shows how only a tiny level of dehydration can make you sick and tired.
  • Why marketing for “sports drinks” and “vitamin water” are fooling so many people.
  • Tips to help upgrade your water.
  • Why having a “greens drink” is essential in our world today.
  • How feeding your mind helps to keep you energized.
  • What meditation has to do with your blood.
  • Why you need to recharge yourself based on your personality type.
  • Why programming your subconscious mind is critical to having the energy you need.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. How long into the emails does the fat burning lemonade recipe come in? I’m curious to try it but I just signed up for emails a week or so ago so I was curious how long I have to wait?



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