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807: Shrink Your Fat Cells & Fix Your Metabolism – With Dr. Benjamin Bikman

TMHS 404: Sound Medicine: How Sound Influences Healing, Stress, & Genetic Expression – With Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

Have you ever considered how sound could improve your life? We’ve all experienced the calming effects of crashing waves or the way the sound of rain can induce a state of relaxation. And chances are, you’ve probably used music at some point to help you process or manage your emotions. 

In her new book, Sound Medicine, Dr. Kulreet Chaudry explains the biochemical and physiological effects of sound. Sound has the capability to make a tremendous impact on our cells, boost our mood, and even heal diseases.

Today you’re going to learn exactly what sound is and how we perceive it as humans. You’ll hear the multifaceted ways sound can improve your health, from both a conventional medicine and ancient wisdom perspective. This conversation is a comprehensive look at sound medicine and the healing power that mantras have on our brains. No matter where you are on your health journey, this episode has something you can utilize to optimize your body and mind. 


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The power of meditation.
  • What sound actually is, and how we experience it. 
  • The mechanics behind how humans are able to hear. 
  • How sounds and feelings are interconnected.
  • The incredible magnitude of influence our words have.
  • How sound can change our biochemistry.
  • The mind-blowing way sound can change cellular structure in the brain. 
  • What primary cilia are. 
  • How frequencies are used in conventional medicine. 
  • Why music is intentionally curated in stores and restaurants. 
  • How sounds can change our physiology. 
  • The healing power of reverberations in nature. 
  • What resonance is. 
  • Which ailments have been improved with sound therapy. 
  • What transcendental sound is.
  • Tips to start your own mantra practice.  


Items mentioned in this episode include:

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