TMHS 007: Friend’s And Family’s Influence On Your Health, Cheat Meals, Haters, And Supplement Junkies

In this episode we dive into some of the commonly asked questions that have been coming in. We kick things off by discussing the impact that your friends and family have on your health.

New science is showing conclusively that the people you hang around may be the #1 determinant of the results you get in your life. Today you’re going to learn how your brain gets manipulated (for better or worse) and what you can do to take control of its function.

We’re also going to give the skinny on cheat meals. Lots of programs incorporate cheat meals and it really does work for some people. But is it a good idea long-term? You’ll find out soon enough! 

Plus, you’ve also probably heard the word “hater” being tossed around to describe people who are jealous, malicious, ignorant, or just plain hateful. There’s a good reason why haters hate, and they do serve an important purpose in the results you get. You’ll find out what that is, as well as important insights about taking supplements, all inside today’s show.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why the people you are around literally influence the way your brain works.
  • What mirror neurons are and why they are important in what actions you take.
  • The “accidental” scientific discovery that finally revealed how we learn.
  • ***The 4 critical tips to train your brain to help you do the things you want to do AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Why the internet is making it simple to change your brain.
  • Why “hating” has some scientific basis that it can be harming you.
  • What lesson from Elizabeth Gilbert and her book Eat, Pray, Love that can help you understand your relationships.
  • ***The 3 reasons people come into (or out of) our lives.
  • *Why you might want to avoid cheat meals and start being more faithful to your diet.
  • Reasons why you might feel the need to cheat (on your diet 😉 )
  • How to enjoy your diet even MORE by changing “cheat” into another 5-letter word.
  • Why having “haters” might be important to your progress.
  • Why your brain chooses to look for negativity instead of positivity by default.
  • How to find out if you have an over reliance on supplements.
  • Why ALL supplements can potentially be problematic.
  • How you can do to get in the recommended servings of fruits & vegetables without taking supplements.

Items mentioned in this podcast:

Mirror Neurons Video – How we learn and feel from what we see

TED Talk – The neurons that shaped civilization – Angelina DeWeese

Elizabeth Gilbert – Eat, Pray, Love

Breville Juice Fountain Plus – Juice Extractor

The Key to Quantum Health – Featuring 21 Smoothie Recipes

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  • Whitney
    28 Jun 2013, 1:24 am

    Great podcast Shawn!

    My old trainer used to live for cheat days! We would all train together and go hard on the cheat meals together! and then i would feel like crap afterward.. Once it clicked that i was doing more harm than good, things started to shift for me. Needless to say my nucleus got smaller Man how far I’ve come. I’ve enjoyed my transformation-although i cant speak for those i’m closed to. It took them awhile to be comfortable but I wouldn’t change where I am now for anything. thanks for keeping us informed! keep them coming! i enjoy listening to you and Jade. I always feel like you guys are speaking directly to my thoughts and feelings….

    • Trish
      5 Nov 2016, 10:23 am

      Noihntg I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

  • traci s.
    29 Jun 2013, 12:27 pm

    This one really hit home, as we’ve spoken, Shawn, on just a few occassions. :-). Every bit of this podcast–outstanding.
    We all have supporters and we all have sabotagers (both known and virtual strangers) and they are not shy about voicing their sometimes astonishing opinions. It can be heartbreaking at times and lost friends can be the outcome. This is where you have to find motivation and perseverance and pull strength from within, your Beliefs, and from positive influences around you. There are MANY times, often on a daily basis, that I find myself saying (yes, even out loud at times 😉 ), “remember your ‘why’, Trac”. (sidenote–funny I just wrote this concept to friends somewhere just the other day 😉 — timely, and btw-recently evolved my ‘why’ to a bigger and better–not looking back )
    Thank you for keeping us informed, educated, and entertained. I find myself intrigued and laughing as I listen. And thank you for being one of my BIGGEST positives. Amazing!!

  • Wren
    14 Jan 2015, 9:49 am

    in your podcast you mentioned a birthday party with 12 different kinds of healthy/coconut milk ice cream. You said you would put a link to her website in your notes. So I figured you were referring to Angelina DeWees? I went to her website and I could not find any ice cream recipes, Just one for sorbet. Is there another resource for this or is that not who you were talking about?