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TMHS 65: How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence & Transform Your Relationships with Jordan Harbinger

Do you consider yourself an intelligent person? What about an emotionally intelligent person?

Your answer to the first question better be, “Yes!” (you’re reading this empowering information aren’t you… sheesh). Your answer to the second question better be a stronger, “Yes!” or at least, “I’m definitely working on it.”

What is emotional intelligence, and why is it important?

Emotional intelligence encompasses so much that it’s impossible to drill it down into a simple meaning. Rather, I’ll share with you two of the most profound components of it.

Emotional intelligence is being able to feel how you want, when you want, and to guide your own behavior accordingly (that’s part one).

Emotional intelligence is being able to monitor other people’s emotions, and to utilize that emotional data to influence and navigate relationships (that’s part two, and it’s definitely in the secret sauce).

We are often indoctrinated with the belief that the environment will dictate how we feel. We live in constant reaction mode because no one has ever sat us down to train us on developing our emotional software.

Our guest today says that, “Your beliefs influence your actions which influence your results.” It’s your beliefs that are at the core of this thing, and it’s up to you to learn how to change them.

Our guest today is Jordan Harbinger from The Art Of Charm. He’s one of the leaders in the field of emotional intelligence, and even moreso he’s a leader in teaching its practical application.

Today you’re going to learn how to start to wire yourself for greater confidence, more happiness, and greater success by upgrading your emotional software.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What really determines your “outer world” actions.
  • Why we need to develop emotional intelligence in our relationships and in our work.
  • Why most people think that attractive personality traits are natural (when they’re actually learned).
  • How being good with people can fast track you in your health, relationships, and career.
  • Why boosting your attraction is more of a subtractive process than an additive process.
  • How going through the situation you’re afraid of (in practice) can help you overcome it.
  • The truth about your “inner dialogue”.
  • Why your first impression isn’t always made when you want to make it (this is crucial!)
  • A powerful drill you can do to habitually boost your confidence.
  • How to improve your eye contact to establish better rapport (this is deeper than you think!)
  • What the most influential factor in your health, well-being, and success in life really is.
  • What emotional intelligence is and how it can play out in your life.
  • Why habits are far more important than results.
  • How mirror neurons in our brain influence our emotional intelligence.
  • Why consciously using acknowledgement can help anchor in desired habits.
  • A game-changing practice you can apply today to be more of an emotionally intelligent person.

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  1. Hey Shawn. I am getting into the podcast listening game pretty late but man oh man i’m glad I did when I did. I am studying health, exercise and fitness as well as a personal trainer trying to grow myself, look for the knowledge, and become credible enough to create a business for myself. I have been listening to 3-4 of your podcasts a day and all I have to say is you blow my mind. You are an incredible resource to me but not only that but I am finding so many more resources from the guest you bring on. Jordan was an incredible guest on this and I was absolutely enticed on everything he said.
    Thanks Shawn.

  2. I so loved this show. Jordan’s story really resonated with my own personal experience. One of the things that struck me when Jordan was speaking about how men can attract women is probably the number one quality that men need to possess in order to attract and hold on to women and that is a genuine love for women, all women. This quality cannot be overstated or ignored because a woman can always detect those men who hold them in contempt. We may not always know what to call it but it is something that absolutely cannot be hidden. Sadly, I have seen too many examples of men that hold women in contempt due to their own baggage. It is so toxic and something that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.

  3. WOW! On the mark AGAIN! 5 stars not enough. 10 stars more like it. Your pod the best we can find. Best consistent good info, best contacts, & links! We have other sources but you are by far the best.


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