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TMHS 770: Eat These 5 Foods to Live Longer! – with Dave Asprey

TMHS 050: How To Change Your Taste Buds, Find Fresher Foods, And Kill Parasites

You’re going to be shocked when you find out what some food manufacturers are doing with your food. How do we know our food is actually safe, and who can we trust? We’re going to dive into these topics today, as well as many other powerhouse tips and strategies to be as healthy as possible.

A big part of success in long-term health is actually having a deep desire for healthy foods. Some people crave broccoli, while others crave donuts… What makes the difference in what foods you’re driven to eat? You’re about to find out today.

We’re also going to go into seven specific tips to change your taste buds. You’re going to learn how to establish a healthy palate and actually desire more life-giving foods. So, whether you’re a “seasoned” health veteran, or totally new to the game, you’re about to discover lots of amazing things to help you spice things up.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How parents can unknowingly create poor eating habits for children.
  • My 25-year salad story (this is my ultimate confession).
  • How my college education encouraged me to make my clients fail in their health.
  • What food really is and what it has to do with your genetics.
  • The real difference between fitness and health.
  • Where to find the freshest produce.
  • What happens when produce sits on the shelf for just a few days.
  • How some meat manufacturers trick you into thinking their meat is fresh (scary!)
  • The 7 tips to change your taste buds and crave more healthy food.
  • What exercise has to do with your food choices.
  • The #1 nutrition practice to change the “intelligence” of your body and palate.
  • What your blood sugar has to do with food cravings.
  • How sleep deprivation impacts your food choices.
  • Why prebiotics and probiotics are important in managing your cravings.
  • What you need to know about parasites and how they impact your diet.

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