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TMHS 136: Making Healthy Food Affordable For Everyone – With Gunnar Lovelace

One of the biggest arguments against adopting a healthier lifestyle is the additional expenses you have to undertake. When someone makes the leap to buying organic and natural foods and personal care items, when they get to the register and look down at their receipt, their jaw just might drop right onto the conveyor belt.

I’ve been there… a time or 72…

When I first made the decision to change the way I was eating, my grocery bill effectively doubled. I justified it for years saying that it will pay me back in dividends with my health. And in many ways it did. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a better way (with an easier onramp) to make switching to a healthier lifestyle much for fun and less stressful for those who are motivated to do so.

I know that many of us are the exception and we’ll invest the extra money to get things we feel are much healthier. For most people, however, it just isn’t worth the extra expense when you’re just trying to get by, let alone thrive, in our world today.

Well, Gunnar Lovelace set out to do something about this. After battling with the reality that healthy foods and personal care products are at a premium, while more cost-intensive, toxic “commercial” products are cheaper, he decided that enough was enough.

Gunnar co-founded Thrive Market and helped to grow an amazing team who are revolutionizing the way that we purchase healthy products for ourselves and our families. I’m flat-out blown away by the difference Thrive Market is making. In today’s episode you’ll learn exactly how they are able to do everything that they do, and get YOU the healthy foods and products that you and your family deserve.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What drove Gunnar Lovelace to find a way to make healthy food affordable for everyone.
  • How Thrive Market is able to sell organic, natural, non-GMO foods and personal care products for upwards of 50% less than natural food markets like Whole Foods.
  • Why Thrive Market gives away a free membership along with every paid membership (this is powerful!).
  • Why healthier foods cost so much and how companies like fast food restaurants are able to sell unhealthy food so cheap.
  • What huge brands like Coca Cola and McDonald’s are doing to get in on the healthy food action (should we trust them?).
  • Why keeping secrets in today’s market is a losing game.
  • What healthy food and personal care items I buy for my family at Thrive Market.
  • Why Thrive Market chooses to provide the top in each category rather than 20 brands of the same thing.
  • Why Gunnar put such a huge emphasis on making Thrive Market a company that overdelivers on giving.
  • How Thrive Market has been structured to be able to give so much to those in need.
  • Why in today’s world you can’t afford NOT to eat healthy.
  • How Thrive Market’s business model could be a catalyst for change in countries all over the world.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Shawn
    You alluded to it a few times on the podcast, but never actually named it; what type of toothpaste do you use?



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