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TMHS 394: 10 Powerful Nutrition Tips From The World's Top Experts

TMHS 119: 15 Ways Exercise Can Make You Smarter, Younger, And More Successful

It’s a big mistake to believe that exercise is all about looking good.

Sure a flat stomach or 6-pack abs can be a nice side effect, but the biological necessity for exercise goes far beyond appearance.

Our genes literally expect us to exercise.

It’s written into our genetic code that movement and exercise is required for basic and enhanced functions to happen.

Exercise is a direct channel to “turning on” higher order functions of your brain and body. We can literally increase our mental energy, prevent disease, and lengthen our lifespan by reaping the benefits of exercise.

Today you’re going to discover how all of this works and so much more. Just click play, take good notes, and (most importantly) go and get some exercise when it’s over!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why people who exercise have been found to be more productive.
  • How the symptoms of depression can be reversed through exercise.
  • Why exercise is so critical to detoxification.
  • How exercise can literally increase your lifespan.
  • What makes exercise so effective at stress relief.
  • The surprising impact that exercise has on confidence and body image.
  • How exercise improves your memory.
  • The incredible impact exercise in schools has on behavior problems.
  • Why eating healthier becomes easier when you exercise.
  • How exercise can protect your brain from neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s.
  • What exercise can do to protect you from infections and diseases.
  • How exercise impacts your sexual health.
  • What exercise does to increase your endurance.

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