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TMHS 673: The Truth About Medicinal Mushrooms

TMHS 119: 15 Ways Exercise Can Make You Smarter, Younger, And More Successful

It’s a big mistake to believe that exercise is all about looking good.

Sure a flat stomach or 6-pack abs can be a nice side effect, but the biological necessity for exercise goes far beyond appearance.

Our genes literally expect us to exercise.

It’s written into our genetic code that movement and exercise is required for basic and enhanced functions to happen.

Exercise is a direct channel to “turning on” higher order functions of your brain and body. We can literally increase our mental energy, prevent disease, and lengthen our lifespan by reaping the benefits of exercise.

Today you’re going to discover how all of this works and so much more. Just click play, take good notes, and (most importantly) go and get some exercise when it’s over!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why people who exercise have been found to be more productive.
  • How the symptoms of depression can be reversed through exercise.
  • Why exercise is so critical to detoxification.
  • How exercise can literally increase your lifespan.
  • What makes exercise so effective at stress relief.
  • The surprising impact that exercise has on confidence and body image.
  • How exercise improves your memory.
  • The incredible impact exercise in schools has on behavior problems.
  • Why eating healthier becomes easier when you exercise.
  • How exercise can protect your brain from neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s.
  • What exercise can do to protect you from infections and diseases.
  • How exercise impacts your sexual health.
  • What exercise does to increase your endurance.

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  1. Hi Shawn,

    I have recently discovered your podcast station and I absolutely love it (especially how you incorporate psychology and neuroscience into a lot of your topics).

    I know this episode was from a while back, but I was wondering if you have some additional information or citations of some of the articles you mentioned in this episode. Currently I am conducting clinical research at Massachusetts General Hospital and I am planning on attending Graduate school next year to work towards a PhD in clinical psychology. My overall goal is to find a way to combine psychotherapy with exercise therapy to help individuals overcome disorders like depression and anxiety without necessarily having to take medications. As someone who is extremely rooted in research, I have been doing just that to fully understand all the good exercise can do and figure out how I can help other people with it.

    Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.


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  3. Thank you for the reply Shawn I can’t express how grateful I am for your guidance!
    I’ll do my best to get my mother moving, and I’ll join her in the “dairy-boykot” as well so that we can keep each other in check 🙂

    I promise to keep you posted in this thread, when a month has passed to let you know of her progress 🙂

    You are truly a blessing and inspiration!

    kind regards

  4. Hi Shawn
    Awesome show! Love it!
    A lot of respect and appreciation from Denmark – to both you and Jade!

    I’m writing with hope that you might be able to help regarding a medical issue my mother has. The last couple of years (in on-and-off periods), she’s had a swelling and pain in her knee which prevents her from walking and working. it’s gotten worse and the doctor’s have only been able to prescribe her painkillers, which doesn’t even remove the swelling. They do not know the root cause and I’m afraid they might suggest surgery in the knee. This scares my mother too as she’s aware of the trauma surgery causes.

    Listening to your show I have a feeling that it’s a dietary issue though I’m no professional in any way. My mother’s job requires of her to walk/stand a lot. When she gets home, she’s tired and sits for most of the rest of the day. She used to do some exercise on the cross-trainer and before that joined a dance-exercise class, but the knee is keeping her from doing those things any longer.

    Regarding diet we eat a lot of indian food: rice, curry, meat, and salad/veggies. We also have a large intake of foods such as: milk, yogurt, condensed milk, white bread, rye bread with some meat-topping.

    She’s getting her sleep, and staying away from any Wi-fi -bluetooth-electronic device at night as well.

    I know this is a longshot and not much to go on, but I sincerely hope you can and will take time out from your schedule to comment, and give us some advice or suggestions as to what might be the cause and solution to this issue.

    kind regards

    Btw. Let Jade know that the questions she asks on the show are awesome! Love her , perspectives and interpretation of the information you provide!

    1. Hi, Nandeep. Thank you so much for the kind words, and I’ll make sure Jade receives your message as well. 🙂

      Ok, as for mom… your intuition is always the best guide, as you already know that there’s so much that can be done. The reality is, if surgery is put on the table it will inherently lead to future complications. You want that to be a far, far distant option and do everything to help reverse the situation naturally first.

      Fluid retention is directly tied to the circulation of the lymphatic system and circulatory system. Stagnation and “blocks” can occur in either or both of these over time. A big catalyst for problems with the circulatory system is inflammation. A big catalyst for the lymph system is lack of movement.

      With inflammation in the arteries, it’s generally 99 percent related to diet and stress. It’s a must that we clean up the nutrition if you want to see significant change. She doesn’t seem to be eating the worst food in the world by a long shot, but just a few servings a week of the wrong stuff can lead to unhealthy immune responses and inflammation. Focus on curry (and other wonderful spices), meat, salad, veggies, and a little fruit for the next 30 days. Pull out and avoid all dairy, grains, and beans… again, just for 30 days and have her note before and after of how her body LOOKS and FEELS and you’ll know straight away how much this is working. It’s really, really simple. It just takes the intelligence to do it. Also, go a little bit lighter on the rice, but a serving a day is fine.

      Check out the cook books from some of my guests like Sarah Fragoso, or AMAZING recipe websites from my friends at and

      You both need to check this out to understand deeply why we need to avoid these foods for the next 30 days (and likely longer once she sees how good she can feel) –

      As for the lymph, just because she’s standing doesn’t mean the lymph is moving, and I’m not sure how much she walks. Walking after sitting for an hour (even if she’s at home) will be helpful. This is because that fluid is just going to pool if she sits too much. Also, massage, self-massage, and acupuncture can be essential things to add in.

      Ok, that should provide some great things to see some changes. Please make sure to keep me posted because I put a lot of time into putting these resources together and creating relationships with great people with MORE resources to share. It really means the world to hear when people are able to be empowered and turn their health around.

      All the best!

  5. Shawn,

    Thank you so much for another informative and amaztastic podcast. This podcast really resonates with me as i have just started to exercise again after 7 months, i became to comfortable in my relationship and because of that i became lazy, lethargic, aggressive and a bit of a burden.

    My father passed away recently and the event has had a huge impact on my life, he was my guide and my hero and i know he wanted the best for me and i owe it to him and to myself to always be the best i can be (health wise and personal wise).

    Since i’ve started exercising and eating healthy again i have noticed a difference in a short time, i am more energetic, focused, positive and have more drive for life and all around me.

    Thank you again for all your knowledge and time if there were more people like yourself we would all be in a better healthier state.

    You Rock

    Roberto (AUSTRALIA)

    1. Roberto, this means so much to me man. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your story. I know for sure that your father would be proud of you.

      Much more greatness to come!



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