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TMHS 139: Winning The Weight Loss Race Together – With Drew Manning

There are not a lot of positive messages in the media today. Even when great information that provides a lot of real world value for people shows up, it’s often disguised in sensationalized story; something that makes you watch but doesn’t necessarily make you think.

I’m so proud of the friends in my life who, as of late, have been making their way onto major network television. They are great people and great teachers who are sliding their messages of positivity and health into the mainstream and it’s really amazing to witness it all.

No one is more fitting for this mission than my friend Drew Manning. Drew has been on my show before and absolutely blew me away with his story. He started off as a typical gym-going, strict diet-eating, protein shake-guzzling “fit” person working as a personal trainer. He eventually found that he couldn’t relate in a deep way to a lot of his clients’ weight struggles, so he decided to run an experiment to change that. Drew took it upon himself to gain over 70 pounds in the course of six months and the transformation that took place was shocking!

Not only did he look like a totally different person, but he thought and felt like a different person, and the veil that disconnected him from understanding his clients started to be lifted. Drew knows that his stint being significantly overweight pales in comparison to those who’ve struggled for years with their weight. But it opened up the bridge to understanding, and his small experiment caught on like wildfire.

Drew proceeded to lose those 70+ pounds over the following six months (with immense struggle and heartache) and the experience was properly dubbed the Fit2Fat2Fit experience. Now, nearly 5 years later, Drew’s experience is being duplicated by fit trainers from all over the country, to put themselves into the client’s shoes for a bit in hopes to find more empathy and a better way to help people become the best version of themselves. After listening to this episode, make sure to set your timer for Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What drove Drew Manning to do his fit2fat2fit experiment in the first place.
  • Why Drew decided to put the time and energy into making his experience into a television show.
  • What other trainers experienced as a result of following Drew’s fit2fat2fit experiment.
  • How patience can play an important role in seeing some of our biggest goals come to fruition.
  • Why your goals get so much more juice when they involve helping other people.
  • Why there’s a lot of judgment and misunderstanding between people who are overweight and people who are fit.
  • How your body becomes adapted to your environment.
  • How more people can finish “the weight loss race” together.
  • Why we tend to not value our health much until we lose it (this is powerful!).
  • How people can lose their identity when their body composition changes.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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