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How to find a Natural Spring Water Source and other Water Alternatives

In episode one of the Health Unprocessed Show we covered what the best drinking water is, why it’s important, and how to avoid making dangerous mistakes in your water choices. In this episode we are talking about HOW to actually get the best water.

You’re about to learn a great resource for finding springs in your local area, plus some smart alternatives if you still think that finding a spring is outside of your reach.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why finding a natural spring is outside of people’s paradigm.
  • How springs determined where our ancestors lived.
  • The spring I found that has proven antidepressant properties.
  • What amazing website you can use to find springs in your local area.
  • Which company sells spring water bottled in glass.
  • What tactic is used to treat spring water without using chlorine.
  • Why it’s 100% natural to have microorganisms in your water.
  • An inexpensive way to get reverse osmosis water from local grocery stores.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

* – Online spring water data base

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  1. Shawn,
    I love your show. I’ve learned so much.
    The water in my town is disgusting. It’s like drinking from a pool. I think I’ve finally decided to get an RO filtration system. Can you recommend one that is relatively cost effective?

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  3. Hi Shawn, hope your well, I’m a bit late in making a comment, but it’s because I’m trying to read as much info from you as possible as I value your help and vast knowledge.
    I’m eager to learn as much as I can, I’m searching for glass bottled water here in the Uk until I check out the possibility of R O systems, had to do research on RO’s too as I just didn’t know what the heck they were lol, but I’m learning all the time.
    Also I’ve looked into distilling water system’s, and I’ve read that if you add pink salt (which I use all the time in my cooking) it replaces the minerals, lost in the distilling process apparently.
    Anyway another great podcast Thanks.
    Take care x

    1. Carol, with you being proactive, I know you’ll uncover the best of the best water source for YOU.
      Keep me posted on your spring hunting!

  4. Hey Shawn…

    I am so blessed with water… our gym and organic shop provide us with FREE filtered clear water… so we are able to fill our vessels as much as we want… SO LUCKY!

  5. Sweet! Thanks for the resource! Now i just need to learn how to balance our water after running through an RO system , maybe you can help us all with that too!?? Thanks again, great show!

    1. Dean, you’re right there with me! Tomorrow (11/30) we’ll be releasing the most epic, incredible, power-packed episode of The Model Health Show, and it’s all about water! In it, I’m interviewing the person who taught me so much of what I understand about water. You’ll get the specific answer to this question plus a whole lot more. Look out for it.

  6. Another great episode Shawn! I tend to shy away from bottled water due to the environmental impact but I’m a fan of Mountain Valley’s glass bottle concept. Will have to check it out, thanks for the tip!


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