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TMHS 121: Changing Our Relationship with Food, Overcoming Bulimia & Recipes that Will Change Your Life with George Bryant

Food matters.

Eating food is one of the most intimate things that we’ll ever experience in life. You are literally taking something from outside of yourself and deciding (consciously or unconsciously) to make it a part of you.

If we’re asleep to the real power of food, we won’t realize that every-single-thing we eat is changing every-single-cell in our bodies. Your genes, your DNA, your upwards of 100 trillion cells, are all in action to convert that chosen food into more you.

Now, here’s the real kicker of the situation…

You get to CHOOSE what you’re made out of. You can make yourself out of the most vitalizing, storied, health-giving foods in the world – or you can make yourself out of Honey Buns, Fruit Loops, Cheetos, and Skittles.

Grass-fed steak, bananas, or bagels… the choice is always up to you.

Now, that can be incredibly empowering, or incredibly scary depending on where your mindset is at.

Navigating this world of food today takes a special kind of awareness and heart. That’s why we brought on our special guest today, because he’s all heart, he developed awareness through experience, and he can make you a meal that will bring tears to your eyes (like that single tear rolling down your cheek seen only in a movie scene).

Our guest today is New York Times bestselling author George Bryant (also known as the man behind Civilized Caveman Cooking). Today is going to be a real treat because the Civilized Caveman himself is here to share his story and his secrets with you.

We’re going to talk about our crucial relationship with food, overcoming eating disorders, deeply impacting the lives of others, recipes that will change your life, plus a whole lot more.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How you can be a master in the kitchen in a lot less time than you think.
  • Why a “degree” is not the solution to helping people.
  • Why the food you make yourself and your family matters more than anything.
  • What a triggering event means in relationship to eating disorders.
  • What some of the symptoms of bulimia really are.
  • How George was able to finally overcome bulimia (this is a powerful story!)
  • Why authenticity, congruency, and vulnerability are essential to long-term success.
  • How to make S.M.A.R.T. commitments to yourself and others.
  • Why it’s important to speak up in order to gain support in our lives.
  • How our relationship with food shapes our life.
  • Why an obsession with eating healthy can also be problematic.
  • How our perception of food creates our experience of eating.
  • What some of the Civilized Caveman’s favorite recipes are (you don’t want to miss this!)

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  2. Shawn, you’re awesome. I am a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach, and your information keeps me thirsty for learning and never settling in my studies – this helps me be my best self in helping others being THEIR best self.

    I am wondering if you intend to make transcripts of your podcasts? I am an visual/reader learner and I would appreciate transcripts SO much. Seems like a few of your podcasts do have them, but not all.

    Keep up your genius work!

    1. Emily! Wow, what a powerful message. Thank you! As for the transcripts, it’s something we might circle back around to in the future, but not enough people were utilizing them to justify the cost (a pretty penny per episode lol) so we stopped having them done for the time being. I appreciate you so much, and promise to keep the good stuff coming!

  3. I am deeply greatful to have Shawn’s emails and podcasts to read and hear. Thank you for sharing your insightful lifestyle in the spirit of a truly gracious and helpful human being. Kindest regards, Elizabeth


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