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TMHS 019: Eat Like A Dinosaur – With Paleo Parents’ Stacy Toth

In this episode we’re happy to welcome author Stacy Toth from Stacy is on the show to share important strategies to help you and your family eat better, feel better, and live better starting today!

In the real world it’s not always easy to feed your family the way that you might want to. With work, school, extracurricular activities, and basic family time, things can seem to pile up on you pretty fast.

This episode is all about helping you successfully manage your family’s health, implementing simple tactics to make your life easier AND taking care of your own health and fitness along the way.

Stacy is going to share her story of how she went from being dangerously overweight and struggling with her health, to being happy, healthy, and in the best shape of her adult life. Stacy is not only doing this herself, she’s got her entire family on board (including 3 young sons) and is now reaching thousands of people worldwide with her amazing cookbooks, podcast, and popular website. Get ready, because you’re about to learn a ton!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How food intolerances can be passed on to your children.
  • How testing “14 sleeps” with your family can radically transform everyone’s health.
  • What protein found in milk may be a big contributor to chronic diseases.
  • How allowing your kids to be empowered in their food choices helps them to make better decisions themselves.
  • A simple question you can ask your kids when they don’t feel well to help them identify sickness “triggers”.
  • How to give your kids snack options that help them to feel cool during school lunch.
  • Why making gradual transitions may be better than going all in right off the bat.
  • Why “sticking to your guns” is the most important part of improving the wellness of your family.
  • How to immediately start upgrading your kids favorite food options.
  • The 3 essential steps to changing the way your family eats and feels.
  • Why shooting for perfection is a huge barrier to sustainable progress.
  • Why having emergency “go-to” places for food is important.
  • What having a plan does for your family’s health and why most people don’t have one.
  • How to set your family up for success in the food choices everyone makes.
  • How to avoid giving your kids a lifetime struggle with food and diets.

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