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TMHS 116: Smart Preparation, consistency & the Champion’s Blueprint with Dr. Jeff Spencer

Legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant said, “It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

Great success is not a mere accident. Smart preparation is what tends to set incredible achievers apart from the rest of the pack. Having the audacity to create an intelligent plan can stack so many conditions in your favor that it seems impossible to fail.

The trouble is, creating a plan and finding the right blueprint can be an arduous task if you haven’t been there before. If you haven’t seen what’s on the other side of the goal you’re chasing after, then mapping out the right steps to get there might be tricky. This is where a cornerman like Dr. Jeff Spencer steps into the picture.

Dr. Spencer has had the opportunity to work along side and coach many of the greatest performers of our time. Olympic Champions and cultural icons alike, they have sought out his expertise to help them breakthrough and get to the next level.

It may have been breaking out of a slump, or it may have been creating a calculated plan of action. Regardless of what was needed, it’s well known on the champion’s playground that Dr. Jeff Spencer is the man to call.

I’m honored to be able to share Dr. Spencer’s wisdom with you today. You are going to learn, without a doubt, that there is a specific blueprint (a Champion’s Blueprint!) that will help you to achieve all of your goals and reach your fullest potential.

Benjamin Franklin stated simply that, “If you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail.” This is why what you’re about to learn today is so valuable. So, tune in, take good notes, and take full advantage!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Dr. Spencer came from extremely challenging conditions to be one of the most sought after coaches in the world.
  • How Dr. Spencer discovered a formula that anyone could use to replicate success.
  • Why some people do great in some areas of their life, but struggle in others.
  • What 8 specific steps every prolific performer goes through to achieve at their highest level.
  • Why The Champion’s Blueprint begins with legacy.
  • The critical keys people miss when creating a vision of their ideal life.
  • What an emotive force is and how it relates to goal achievement.
  • Why simply having a positive mindset can be misleading.
  • How preparation can make our biggest challenges seem easy.
  • Why taking a smart inventory will help you to achieve your goals faster.
  • The difference between Human Nature and Champion Nature.
  • What happens when your greatest moments become your new normal.
  • Why your growth and improvement can create negative kickback from your family and friends.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Awesome interview with Dr. Spencer!

    He’s full of wisdom, knowledge and is a great teacher 🙂

  2. Awesome awesome interview with Dr. Jeff — truly exciting and beneficial information. Start with legacy — it is important to teach this to kids early in life… I wish all parents could become aware of this.

    ~~ Ida Regena Butler


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