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How To Discover Your Superpowers

Is it a coincidence that superhero movies are smashing records at the box office? Today, our world has a deep fascination with superheroes. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Storm, The Incredible Hulk, and the list goes on and on.

So what is it about these characters that makes so many people drawn to them?

The answer to this question is what’s going to guide you to discover that you, yes you, have superpowers greater than anything you can imagine.

Superheroes are never “born” superheroes, they’re beings born with great potential. It’s the situations they find themselves in, the challenges they face, and ultimately the decisions they make, that determines who they become and who they are to the world.

Today, more than ever, we are drawn to superheroes because they possess many of the same qualities that we have within ourselves.

In a world where so much change is happening, so much danger, and yet, so much potential good, heroes are stepping up every day to share their gifts and make a real difference.

Many of the real life superheroes are men and women who have overcome tremendous odds to reveal the unique talents they possess. We identify with them, as well as the big screen superheroes, because we too have greatness within us. And if we’re put in the right conditions, if we’re given the right training, if we’re able to “flesh out” our gifts and talents, in our hearts we know that we can do something special…

If only we had the opportunity. If only we knew what to do…

In the recent hit The Man of Steel, as a young boy Clark Kent had no idea what his purpose was, or what he was supposed to do with his life, and many other people find themselves in that same situation. It was only through living, experiencing, making mistakes, and learning, that ultimately Clark figured out what his true purpose was. Because of all the things he went through, he eventually became the “Superman” that brought so much value to the world.

Similar examples of individuals becoming superheroes ring true across the board. What I’ve found, and what I’m going to share with you, are The 5 Steps to Discovering Your Superpowers. These are the unbreakable laws to discovering the potential that you have inside of you. By following these 5 Steps you’ll be able to reveal your unique gifts and talents, and uncover your ultimate purpose.

The 5 Steps to Discovering Your Superpowers 

Step 1: Always look for the opportunity to get stronger – You have to develop the gifts you have within yourself, and “life” is your training ground to do it.

You don’t get stronger, faster, better, more capable, unless you have resistance. The strength of your unique gifts and talents are developed just like a muscle. The more resistance, the more exposure, the better your results will be.

The challenges you face in life are not there to debilitate you and get you to quit. They are there to develop the qualities within you necessary to unleash the full potential that you have within yourself.

It all depends on your perspective. You have the opportunity to decide if you’re going to learn the lesson and grow from the struggles you face. At the same time you have the opportunity to turn away, not learn the lesson, and to keep repeating the same mistake over and over again.

The bottom line is: You get to choose.

Have enough presence and wisdom to know that the challenges you face are really opportunities in disguise. Look for these opportunities, be ready for them, because they are your direct path to uncovering how great you are.

Step 2: Overcome your fears – Why would someone reject their opportunity to learn from their challenges and eventually become a better version of themselves? The simple answer is, they are afraid.

We are all hardwired to fear the unknown, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. It serves to keep us safe, so it definitely has a purpose. Yet, at the same time, this hard-wiring can really sabotage us and keep us from progressing if we don’t see past the fear and allow it to run our life.

Notice I said, allow. That’s because fear is a natural reaction, but what you do with the fear is entirely up to you.

If someone is faced with an “incurable” illness, for example, the fear that they can’t get better might prevent them from taking action. Today, there are too many stories of people beating terminal illnesses to name. The difference for them is they chose not to sit back and accept the label that someone else had given them. They decided, instead, to face the fear head on, take action, and let the cards fall where they may. They realized something important which is: The only sure way to fail is to not try.

These are some of the common fears that others have overcome to achieve their ultimate greatness:

*Fear of rejection

*Fear of failure

*Fear of what others will say

*Fear of death (from terminal illness, to dangerous feats of courage)

*Fear of not being good enough

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” Overcoming your fear is a prerequisite for greatness. Every superhero has fears, no matter where they are in their life. So remember, fear may happen to show it’s face, but it’s always up to you what you do with that fear.

Step 3: Follow your heart – What would you do with your life if you knew you couldn’t fail at doing it? If you take an honest look inside yourself, what would you be doing with your life if you truly had the choice?

The reality is: You DO have a choice.

It may sound strange, but one of the most courageous things one can do is follow the true calling they have within their soul. Often times we unknowingly conform to what society has deemed to be responsible, acceptable, or “safe” for us to do. Many people put their passions to the side so that they can better fit into what society expects of them.

The opinion of your friends, family, and teachers are all valuable. However, this is YOUR life, and it’s your chance to do something special with it.

There are unique gifts and talents within you that only you possess. There is no other person just like you, and there never will be.

It is your right (and in many ways your duty) to develop your unique capacities and share them with the world. So many people have changed the course of history because of the decision they made to follow their heart. If Thomas Edison would have listened to the nay sayers and the people who thought they were helping him by telling him to quit, the world would be in a much darker place (literally).

If you take a look at any of the great figures throughout history, you’ll see that they were faced with adversity and they often did things that had never been done before. Remember, just because it’s never been done before (within your friends, family, or the world) does not mean that it can’t be done. You just have to be the one who’s willing to make it happen.

We are living in an incredible moment in history. It’s a time where you can make a difference AND make a living by following your heart and investing in what you are passionate about.

It’s one thing to be responsible, but it’s quite another to forfeit your purpose. Many great teachers will tell you that the universe conspires to help you live your purpose. But it takes for you to step up and say yes to it, and begin to move confidently in its direction.

Step 4: Ask empowering questions – The human mind is set up in such a way that it MUST seek out answers to the questions it’s faced with.

Questions automatically focus our thinking. By asking the right questions you’ll be better able to uncover the answers you’re looking for.

The big issue is that most people are haphazardly using this power we have within ourselves. They’re constantly asking disempowering questions like:

*Why me?

*What’s wrong with me?

*Why won’t anyone help me?

*Why can’t I catch a break?

*How come this always happens to me?

And by default, your brain searches for data to help answer these questions. Why you? Here’s a list… What’s wrong with you? Here’s a list…

You’ll keep finding more reasons “why you” and have your mind focused on your flaws instead of your potential greatness.

Asking the right question is the quickest way to changing the answer you receive. To become empowered in your mind, body, and spirit begin asking questions that serve you and move you forward rather than pulling you back. When you’re faced with a challenge, or just an uncertain situation, try questions like these on instead:

*What’s right about this?

*What gifts or talents do I have RIGHT NOW that can help in this?

*How can I have fun doing this?

*What is it that I need to learn from this?

*Where is the gift or blessing in this?

*What qualities are wanting to emerge in me as a result of this?

By asking empowering questions you are changing the way your mind operates. This is something that takes practice, but it will pay off endless benefits along the way. To reach your superhero potential you have to be focused on solutions instead of on problems. Use the power of your mind to uncover the answers you need to fulfill your mission here on the planet.

Step 5: Be willing – The path of greatness is not always a walk in the park. You’ll need to overcome obstacles, develop your strength and skills, protect yourself from adversity, and make tough decision when everything is on the line.

The greatest asset of the superhero is the willingness to do what is necessary. The superhero is willing to be the example, to fight for what they believe in, and to never give up.

The road is usually tough at first. When you break out of the mold and start following your dreams, often times it can feel like an uphill battle. But rest assured, if you stick to it, and you follow the steps provided to you here, you will reach the top and the road gets much easier from there.

The challenges in your life are there to help qualify you for your success. You would not appreciate or understand the significance of your accomplishment if you didn’t have to work for it. Remember: the prize is never about what you get, it’s who you become in the process.

So whatever your unique mission is, be willing to say yes to it. “With great power comes great responsibility”, and the power within you is great enough to change the world.

Questions: What challenges have you faced that helped you to become the person you are today? What superhero do you identify most with and why? Please share in the comments section below.

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  1. I didn’t have an easy life growing up. I was diagnosed with ADD and age 9 or ten because of my birth mom with her drugs and alcohol, but my mom now is a mom I could never replace because she is getting me through everything and when my brother was born 9 months after me and after that I had a lot to take care of because my mom was working long night when I turned 11 and I didn’t really have a dad but she did all she could to keep us going and healthy…love you, mom,,.

  2. My parents divorce. That made me realize I need to provide for myself and not count on others. My husband and child being sick, I feel partly responsible if different choices were made. I am trying to get my family well and strong both physically and mentally. So I will have to let you know how this will help me at a later date. This is BY FAR the biggest challenge in my life to date. I know we will come out stronger and happier. As far as superhero, I guess the hulk because I’m usually calm but can get a temper, I just need to learn to use it for helping others.

  3. PS. My Lil superhero thru all she has been thru. Has not frowned or been negative . she smiles and is sweet to everyone and everything despite even the Dr.s poking prying. She don’t bitch about pains or all her favorite foods that she can’t eat anymore. She is remarkable

  4. This here thing called life is an important test. And if you dont believe in someone or something you might want to start believing in God , islam, buddah a rock something because you will blink and it will all be over. My journey thru LIFE has been way diff than most I know. Some get tests daily, even hourly, some hardly get tested at all… and have easy lives Idk why. But what i do know is that I get tested hourly as of late and do not no why I am still alive but I never say ‘why me’.

    I never watched superheros as kid and I no nothing zero about them now but what I do no is that if there is a real SUPERHERO walking this earth its my four year old wingless angel SYDNY RAEN ECHO BLAIR.!!! LIVING THRU A SOLID YEAR OF UNKNOWN CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING IN OUR HOME AT 2 YEARS OLD TO ALMOST DEAD, then AGAIN PLAGUED WITH ECOLI AT 3!! I am trying to be her SUPERPAPA and help her not be sick anymore get back to who she was and me back to Being able to hold and run and play with her like we USED TO…. all we have now is pics of what used to be TIL THE TESTs wrecked me and my girl bodys and quality of life…our body’s have completely freaked out . BEEN TO MORE DRs more scans mri than a pro athlete… Nothing doctors can help .

    I used to be able to juggle being a musician, djing, makeup artist hairstylist , on on on .., now i can barley get thru a day . i dont feel sorry for me. I do for my kid bc i chose for her to live there….i feel responsible everyday when i see her like this.., so im off to figure the f%cking thing out lone wolf. Most days im so ill death would be appreciated most days. Seriously… i always say since this nightmare that the imbalmers and make up artist are gonna have alot of work bc when i die i will have a joker smile that they cant cant crack off my face. Sad but true. I hit a wall hard till……
    My journey took a wild twist recently tho. Linking up with the kind super smart dr. Shawn is what my lil girl calls him. And his lovely wife Anne. Things have improved some already in a short time mentally and physically. i am more hopeful than i ever been before….now working with These two super humans they are true healers no bullshit. so there you go they are my super heros man and wife duo who heal the sick!!!!!

    I’m so grateful that we met and they are included in my journey now. Now we are getting hugged by knowledge food, love direction, positive energy ect…. I am looking forward to life now not death and I am on a pursuit of happiness!! Nothing less!! Thank you. FYI this comment box is jumping on my tablet so if this is not making sense thats why and im recovering from a virus i got from syd as you no syd she had 106 temp 3 days ago you helped alot with. add that to our wonder full test log..I never look at what’s next . I try and count my blessing before bed and not my negatives daily.

    Much love

    1. Daryn, few people have been through the challenges that you and your family have. Everything you’ve said about Sydny is TRUE and easy to see. One thing to know, and to take with you is that it was never your fault that she got sick. You would never CHOOSE to live in a house that poison is being breathed everyday. You have to let that go.

      I repeat this again: You MUST let that go.

      You are a great man; a great human being. And carrying that burden around in your spirit is only holding you back. It’s not your fault, but it IS your responsibility in what you do now with the mindset and actions you take to be the person/husband/father that you’re here to be.

      I’ll support you as a fellow SuperPapa and watch as you turn this huge barrier stone into a momentous stepping stone.

  5. P.S.
    I connected the dots. =)
    I am flawed. The supers are flawed. There are events that caused struggle, fear, weakness, vulnerability in their life, just like in mine. They have those who come against them, even though they are good. Just because they have super powers, that does not mean challenges cease. They over come their obstacles through hope, strength and belief. They harnessed their true nature and that is what made them super. Their “disability” made them not average. Which in turn, gave them the ability to not BE average..but SUPER. If they have the ability to do all these things with all these frailties and processes- so do I. As a matter of fact, so does EVERYONE else.
    Thank you for this wonderful article. You are just brilliant and bright. I love these! You are like no other out there man. I tell ya. Wonderful!

  6. What challenges have you faced that helped you to become the person you are today?
    Loss of caregiver. Poverty. Trauma and abuse. Homelessness, Instability. Not being heard. Addictions. Lack of education. Having a lot- losing it all. Failed marriages. Having children at an early age. Loss of my own business and independence. Fear. Lack of support, care, acceptance and protection.Co-dependency. Low self-esteem. Low self confidence. Lack of self care. Overweight to obesity. Eating Disorder. Lack of truth and trust. Lack of love. Lack of protection. Some thing taken; some things given away. Not feeling “normal.” Hiding my true self. Waiting. Excuses. Procrastination. Anti-depressants.Not understanding. Not willing to see. Knowing why but not caring. Putting others and other things on the “to do list” without making sure I was on it. Injuries. Degenerative Disk Disorder. Sensitive system. Excluding the Source; our creator instead of including. Abandoning myself. Believing in the negative over the positive. Creating detours and distractions. Arguments with reality. Denial. Not believing I have abilities that can help others. The challenges I faced and face bring about qualities I see in all super heroes, and make me realize though I am human, I am able to use these human experiences and human actions to do super things to help others.

    What superhero do you identify most with and why?

    In actuality, I identify with pieces of various supers.
    Wonder Woman with Truth, strength, compassion, forgiveness, female. The Hulk with always being angry and feeling anger is too big and uncontrollable. Super Man- strength, super hearing, and ability to “see through” things and people. Loyal. He was the sign of hope for people from Krypton. Above all else, he was human. Iron Man- His heart (all that entails with real life electromagnetic energy and his arc reactor). Imperfection and powerful. Creative. Intelligent. Funny. Honest. However, my closest to heart is Batman a.k.a. The Dark Knight. Loss of caregivers. Fear. Philanthropist. Sometimes puts others first even when he should put himself first. Has imagination. Uses his money and intelligence for good. Reliable. Vulnerable. Humble. Dark. Believed in the GOODNESS of people. Protective. Guardian.
    In sum a quote from the movie “The Dark Knight Rises”..”Batman is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he’s not a hero. He’s a single guardian, a watchful protector. The Dark Knight.”

    Above all else the thing I relate to all super hero characters is they are humanitarians.

    1. EVERYONE needs to read the first part of your post and see the obstacles that have become your stepping stones. Amazing share, Jennifer.

  7. “Challenges you face are really opportunities in disguise.” This has been one of the most important realizations of my life. I am on an intense journey of self discovery and awakening. Suddenly glimmers of light have sequentially flickered on in my consciousness fully allowing me to view life through a completely different perspective. First came Eckhart Tolle. He taught me about my ego and being able to look at the world with no labels. To see things as they really are rather than what we have always known them to be. This freed me from the material things in my life that I realized I have no need for. I looked around my home at all of this “stuff” and thought, “What is all of this??” I was shocked to see how clever marketing ads had sucked me right into purchasing a ton of unhealthy or useless products that benefit me in no way…. Crazy.

    Eckhart Tolle confirmed everything I always wondered about. Every single person I have met recently, you (Shawn) included, has carried an extremely important message for me. I have fully received each message and it has pumped me up and made me feel unstoppable. I’ve always felt that I view life differently than those around me and questioned everything. In voicing my thoughts and ideas I was told that I was silly and live in a world of imagination. Read minds? Can’t happen. Levitation? Impossible! Now I am realizing that all of the people who rejected my ideas and theories are in fact in denial of the amazing potential we have to offer and what we are capable of. Not their fault, we have been told these things, programmed to believe we are ordinary when we are actually EXTRAORDINARY! I am not discouraged by this, in fact, I look at it as a challenge to spread the truth to the rest of the world as quickly as possible.

    The Superheroin I relate to the most would have to be Phoenix (Jean Grey). She has faced many dark times and tragedy in her life and was able to overcome them all. My life has been one of extreme ups and downs. I have battled major depression and anxiety disorder since I was a child and had to deal with abuse and death more than anyone should have to. I know that this is the case with many people. I am not alone in my suffering. Phoenix experienced a rebirth, which I feel I am experiencing now. She possesses the ability to read minds, fly through space, levitate, project energy onto others to boost them up, talk to animals among many other amazing things. In reading this masterpiece I now know for sure that I can do anything I put my mind to and that it is not silly to believe we are capable of possessing super powers!! I believe levitation will be possible with becoming lighter. Through drinking Spring Water, eating Superfoods and letting go of all bad energy will ultimately enable me to levitate while in meditation and eventually be able to control it as a easily as I do walking or slicing vegetables with my hands. Same is true for reading minds and emotions. I have always known I can do this. Being in tune to what others are thinking and feeling and knowing what to do and say in order to boost them up or help them in whatever way they need. I know now that I am not crazy! ;-P What I have been thinking and feeling is true! How glorious a sensation!

    I’m inspired to focus my energy on developing these gifts while continuing to discover what other gifts I may have that have not been tapped yet. Most importantly I know I am not alone in how I have been feeling all these years. It is a phenomenal feeling to know we are all SUPERHUMAN, SUPERHEROES! Thank you again Shawn for sharing your wisdom with us all. The messages you have shared are promoting my positive visions and aspirations of Peru and of saving the Amazon Rainforest and subsequently the world. I know now more than ever that I am on the right path. Namaste to you all. xoxoxoxo

    1. Amazing and inspiring share, Becky! You really are stepping in to your powers as a true superhuman-superhero!
      Thank you so much for sharing your courage and light.

  8. Shawn-

    As you know, I was extremely emotional after reading this article. So many aspects of encouragement, inspiration and blessings rang true.

    You know my backstory, and dealing with the (NOT my :-)) illness years ago had me thinking “why me”, because I listened to the labels. I overcame that and finally had to tell myself, “enough, I’m DONE with this”. It wasn’t until I met you (and your lovely wife 😉 ♥) that the power of those words really resonated. I am forever grateful. Through challenges there is strength. TRUTH.

    I have been thinking long and hard of which superhero I most associate with and I am coming up blank. I was always the one who flew under the radar—the quiet, but greatly caring and nurturing person. I never saw myself as being “great”. I was always someone’s daughter, sister, girlfriend, co-worker, etc., but never really knew who I was and followed expectations. This really caused some distress over the years. I know now that there IS greatness in me, as in everyone. It may not be as pronounced as in some, but it is still there and shines. That quietness, nurturing quality is NOT a bad thing, as I once thought. It’s all how you look at it. 🙂

    So, as far as a superhero, is there one that throws the protective shield? I keep thinking of Bella from Twilight, but I highly doubt she is of superhero status. Stop laughing, because I am. 😉 haha

    Absolutely LOVE “the prize is never about what you get, it’s about who you become in the process”. Sums it all up. Powerful!! ♥
    -xo T

    1. HUGE smile on my face right now… Traci, it’s the ones that fly under the radar, that truly listen instead of talk, that give instead of always looking to get, who end up touching the lives of so many.

      At the end of the day, you get back so much in return and your voice travels right through to the heart of people. Here’s to you, superhero!

      Oh, and Bella, unexpected, but I get it lol… and hey, she can kick some butt when she needs to 😉

  9. Hi Shawn,
    Thanks for your story, it was a timely reminder for me.
    A bit over four years ago my little brother passed away for no apparent reason. He was a healthy 26 year old man one day- dead the next. A full autopsy was carried out which revealed nothing, except to say that it wasn’t murder, suicide or drugs.
    Due to a family breakup I wasn’t allowed to see my brother for 13 years, but had been back in contact with him for around a year before he died, for which I am eternally grateful. After he died, I was utterly devastated. Days blurred into weeks as I couldn’t make sense of his death. The thing that upset me most was there there were so many things he wanted to do, and didn’t get a chance to do any of them.
    Then one day the little voice inside said to me ‘Look for the silver lining, look for the silver lining.’ I decided to search for something, anything to make myself feel better. All I could think of was that there was no evidence to suggest that he suffered when he died, and it helped to focus on that.
    I couldn’t let his death be in vain, and an idea started to emerge in my mind. My brother may not have had the chance to achieve any of the things he wanted to do but damn it, I was still alive and I was going to stop talking and start DOING.
    I had always wanted to join the Army, but had every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t. (too old, too fat, too unfit..) But I had to at least give it a try. So I started with that. I worked my butt off (literally) and finally passed the fitness requirements. I breezed through the psych, medicals and aptitude tests, and then I was in! I couldn’t believe it! This gave me the start I needed to keep trying things that I didn’t think I could do. I left an unhappy marriage, learned to fly an aeroplane and even completed a marathon!
    I realised that my brothers death was a huge blessing in disguise. Although I would have him back in a heartbeat, his passing was a kick in the butt for me to step up to the plate, grab life with both hands and squeeze every bit of goodness out of it that I can.
    This year I have travelled overseas for the first time, renovated my house and started a new business with 2 friends which we all feel in our hearts is going to be very successful. It is a slow process getting it up and running but since February we already have over 500 likes on our Facebook page and our website is coming together nicely.
    Although I have done the legwork, I am so grateful to my little brother for encouraging me to make the most out of life.
    Oh, and when I did my basic soldier training, I came away with an award- ‘Most outstanding soldier, 15PL 2010’ Talk about icing on the cake!
    Keep smiling 🙂
    Rach. xx

    1. Such a powerful story, Rach… this really hit my heart. Just to be able to find the good in something tragic, to be able to use it as fuel to TRULY start living your life, you are, indeed, a superhero, Rach! Thanks so much for sharing!

    2. Wow… Rachel… This is soo moving I loved what you said “grab life with both hands and squeeze every bit of goodness out of it”. Yes, reminds me nothing is guaranteed in this world and to live each moment with gratitude in our hearts. How you turned it around and created such a powerful meaning to his death is so inspiring to me:-) Thank you for sharing..

  10. The greatest challenge I face is motive. What is the driving force behind my decisions? For a long time I allowed others to control me even if they weren’t even trying. I went through existence trying to make sure I was liked by others around me instead of just doing what was best for myself in the grand scheme. I went along at times without giving any thoughts to what my purpose even was/ is. I guess the best way to sum it up is my biggest challenge is ME and what I choose/allow to dictate my behavior. Its a daily battle and I’ve learned to enjoy each small victory. I JUST HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN I WAS YESTERDAY. MOVE FORWARD not in reverse. TO the 2nd Question, Got to be the HULK. I’m a very calm and intellectual person and I don’t like to be angry and seldom do I get worked up… BUT WHEN I DO… I can run through walls.

    1. AWESOME, share, Casey! That motive is as simple (not easy) as being honest enough to say what you truly want. It’s your desire, whatever it may be, and that is OKAY. It could be something grandiose, or it could be just making a difference for one person. “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” Whatever your unique motivation is, uncover it, allow it, and lock it in to drive you to achieve!

      I love what you said, ‘I just have to be better than yesterday. Move forward, not in reverse.’ And so it is!

  11. Funny that you should ask what superhero I “identify” with. I like superhero action movies, but mostly just for fun entertainment…I have never really felt strongly drawn to a superhero or could even tell you one that I would identify with. I really admire real-life superheros who have achieved greatness ‘against all odds’.

    1. The real-life heroes as you’ve described are my greatest inspiration too! Funny thing is, we’re seeing more stories on the big screen about real people who took empowered action and changed the world. Just watched “Chasing Mavericks”… real story of a real hero who inspired the lives of so many. You’ve got to check that one out!

  12. Seeing my mother’s drug addiction tear us apart when I was 5, Identifying my fathers dead body through pictures at age of 10..after he was murdered by a police officer, Feeling alone all the time, getting put out of school twice, and not counting the suspensions, going to jail during my freshman year of highschool… I was facing 30 years in jail for something I didn’t do… being homeless during the latter part of finishing college… sleeping in my car, to sleeping in abandoned apt, or sleeping on someone’s couch. As a child, I was more like the incredible hulk because I was quiet, shy, didn’t engage in any drama until I was challenged then I would explode…either it be good or bad…. Now, I don’t know.. But I do feel like IM SUPER!!!!

    1. Ronnie… WOW. Thanks for sharing that. The quality of a person can be seen very clearly in their actions. Today you are a leader, a teacher, and someone who genuinely cares… If people only knew your story, they would put their excuses to the side and CHOOSE to be great. You are a true inspiration. Much respect for developing the strength and courage you have demonstrated!

    2. Yes indeed Ronnie… What you have shared is so powerful. Incredible to come through it all and to be the person you are today. Thank you for inspiring other around you that anything is possible, just have a strong will.


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