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TMHS 36: 4 Steps to Ensure a Disease Diagnosis Doesn’t Kill You (One of the Most Important Things You’ll Ever Hear)

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re going in to the step-by-step actions you need to take if you, or a loved one, is diagnosed with a disease. Most people are surprised to hear that an estimated 225,000 deaths per year are due to conventional medical treatment of traumas and diseases.

It’s more important than ever to be aware of your body and the rights you have when you step into a hospital setting. Iatrogenesis has consistently been the 3rd leading cause of death, right behind cancer and heart disease. Iatrogenesis is derived from the Greek iatros meaning physician, and genesis meaning created. We have millions of well-meaning health practitioners in our world today, but it’s your responsibility to know what actions to take first so that you’re not leaving your health up to chance.

Being armed with the information you’re going to learn today, you’ll be able to make strong, intelligent decisions. From this point forward if a disease diagnosis or trauma happens, you’ll know what specific actions to take. This episode is literally going to save lives. I know this for certain.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  •  What 2 general situations you’ll be in when you receive a diagnosis.
  • Why getting a disease diagnosis can be a positive experience.
  • What a diagnosis means (the truth).
  • How a disease diagnosis can change how you identify yourself.
  • A simple language shift that can help you break free from the disease.
  • How the cells in your body are controlled by your internal “government”.
  • The shocking statics showing placebo cure rates.
  • What the placebo effect is.
  • How the dose-response curve for placebos compare with real medications.
  • Other things (besides medical changes) that placebos can affect.
  • What the nocebo effect is and how it impacts your life.
  • The tragic nocebo effect story of Sam Shoeman.
  • How we give away our power and the responsibility for our health to others.
  • The 4 steps to take after you receive a diagnosis.
  • What questions you need to ask after a diagnosis.
  • Who you need to consult with immediately after getting a diagnosis.
  • You’re #1 responsibility after you receive a diagnosis (you MUST do this).

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D.

* Lissa Rankin, M.D.

* The Fat Loss Code

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