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TMHS 672: How Your Thoughts And Emotions Impact Your Physical Health – With Dr. Will Cole

TMHS 21: Dressed to Kill – The Dangers of Wearing Bras & Constrictive Clothing with Sydney Singer

In this episode we’re happy to welcome the author of Dressed to Kill, Sydney Ross Singer. Sydney and his wife Soma are a Medical Anthropology team doing groundbreaking work in the study of culturogenic diseases.

Sydney is on the show today to share some critical information about breast cancer that most people are totally unaware of. Can constrictive clothing that cuts off circulation and proper elimination lead to breast cancer? Sydney’s research has proven that this is a myth-shattering and conclusive yes.

For this episode I ask that you put your disbelief (not your bra) to the side and just listen to this interview with an open and reasonable mind. Breast cancer itself is a sensitive issue. And when we bring culture and sexuality into the mix it can definitely be a very “hot button” topic to even take an honest look at.

I promise that at the end of this show you’ll be glad you took action to understand how the clothes that we wear could be causing major problems with our health and the health of the people we love. This is a classic episode for sure, so listen in and enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why our society has largely accepted that breast cancer, tumors, and cysts are normal.
  • What a Medical Anthropologist is and why they have an advantage understanding diseases.
  • What a “culturogenic disease” is and why it’s so difficult to treat.
  • Why cancer statistically has very little to do with genetics.
  • The critical insights on how 95 percent of all cancers are triggered.
  • How accepting that genes cause cancer drives people to give away their control.
  • The most important question you need to ask if you’re ever stricken with a disease.
  • What the indentations and marks left on your body from bras are telling you.
  • What your lymphatic system is and why it’s important.
  • Why lymph nodes should NOT be removed.
  • How bras cause lymphedema.
  • What wearing a bra has to do with menstrual pain.
  • The Harvard Study showing that women who wear bras have over 100% higher cancer rates.
  • What “training bras” really do to young girls.
  • The 15 year study that showed bras actually caused breast sagging.
  • How early puberty is actually causing higher breast cancer rates.
  • Why bra makers are changing their design because of this pioneering research.
  • What to wear for breast comfort during exercise.
  • Why the exercise you do needs to match up well to your body shape.
  • How thermograms can show the heat/inflammation caused by wearing bras.
  • Why tight clothing on women AND men can be very problematic for health.
  • What some great alternatives to wearing bras are.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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