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TMHS 390: Cleanse, Nourish, And Restore Your Body – With Guest Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

As we enter a new year and a new decade, there’s no better time to take in-depth look at your overall health. Our culture tends to laser focus on nutrition and exercise, but those are just two pieces of a larger, more complex picture. Your overall health snapshot encompasses so much more than the foods on your plate or the hours you log in the gym.

Most of us live a full and busy lifestyle, which overtime creates a state of depletion and burnout in our bodies. New York Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci knows firsthand the struggles of being overworked, overstressed, and feeling depleted. Her new book, Dr. Kellyann’s Cleanse and Reset was inspired by her personal anecdote of overcoming burnout and regaining her health. 

Today you’re going to hear about how a cleanse can help you beat fatigue and depletion, and leave you feeling vibrant and restored. Dr. Kellyann is sharing how you can feed your DNA the food it craves, and how maximizing your nutrition can help you function at optimum levels. You’re also going to learn about healing your gut, reducing inflammation, and becoming more efficient at burning fat. Dr. Kellyann wants to help change the paradigm around cleansing and detoxing, and I hope this interview will inspire you to feel your best in 2020! 

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to make flexibility and adaptability part of your routine in 2020.
  • How visiting a bookstore can help you identify your passions. 
  • What inspired Kellyann to pursue naturopathic medicine. 
  • How burnout is affecting many successful people today.
  • Why you should set strict boundaries with your devices. 
  • Common indications that your body needs a reset. 
  • How to eat in a way that your DNA craves. 
  • Why optimizing your nutrition can improve your brain function. 
  • The importance of supplying your body with high-quality protein.
  • How glycine can help you lose fat and simultaneously maintain muscle mass.
  • What collagen is and why it matters for human health and longevity. 
  • The three main principles Kellyann uses to help her patients feel better. 
  • How collagen helps with insulin regulation. 
  • The truth about detoxes, and how to think of them differently.
  • Two main reasons why drinking infused water can be so impactful.
  • The link between collagen consumption and healthy skin. 
  • How bone broth can be beneficial for achy joints.
  • The undeniable health benefits of gelatin. 
  • How dry brushing works, and why you should incorporate it into your routine. 



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Shawn Stevenson: Welcome to The Model Health Show. This is fitness and nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson and I am so grateful for you tuning in with me today.

Welcome to 2020. Wait, I'm not Barbara Walters I'm talking about the New Year. We're in a new decade, this is kicking off a new decade and wow, I mean, when we have the New Years happen it's right with opportunity but this is like the opportunity of a new decade, like what is your life going to look like 10 years from now? And it's just such a great time to be alive because we have access to so much opportunity, so much information. But the catch is it can also be a little bit too much.

And so in today's episode, we're going to talk about equipping yourself to really take advantage of this new decade and also how to avoid some of the things that can really take us out and prevent us from reaching our greatest and our greatest potential. One of the interesting things about this time of year is that so many people, and I know that likely you are feeling the same thing, this is a great opportunity to get my health and fitness on point, right?

This is when the gyms get flooded, the New Year's resolutions and that's amazing. But I never thought about before until this year that this is even a complicated thing just based on the time of year it is, specifically here in the US, it's wintertime, and if the weather is not being assistive in us accomplishing our goals and being a little bit of a curveball, that could be a problem, you know what I mean?

And I just saw my wife today going out, going to a little event she's got her— we're in LA but she still got her sweater on his, this long sweater, got the turtle neck jumping off, she's a fan of turtle necks, she likes to keep herself warm around the neck area, I don't like it, it feels like I'm getting choked by a very weak person all day, not a fan, all right. If you notice my style, I'm not going to wear like, even if you jump in with the suits on, that kind of thing, I might post some pictures whatever, you know, Instagram, if you follow me on Instagram @Shawn Model on Instagram, but even when I'm like doing TV shows, that kind of thing where I'm dressing up a little bit, I'm going with the open collar boy, I'm not doing the tie, I just like my neck free.

But my wife she was warm, cozy, had a turtleneck on, trying to keep it warm. The weather can be one of those things that is a little bit of a hindrance for folks that are trying to change their habits with their fitness and their exercise routines, it's just like, it's just one extra thing.

If you already haven't created the habit and the desire and even the healthy addiction to exercise and having the movement practices I don't think that a lot of people think about that, because if the day isn't going according to plan or it's raining or whatever it is, you can just be like, I'll just go tomorrow.

But once we have that ingrained in our psyche that it's who we are, it's a part of what I do, it's a part of my routine, my ritual it doesn't matter what's happening in the external world, I'm going to do my thing, I'm going to accomplish my goal for the day which is to move my body.

And of course, there are circumstances, shout out to folks in some of those areas where you can literally get snowed in, but we just adapt, if it's a part of who you are you find a way and you can plan ahead for what's to come, like you know that snow is coming, if you live in New England shout out to everybody in New England, you know it's coming so you have a plan in place for, "Okay, I'll get snowed in and I can't get to the gym, what am I going to do at home?"

Right, we got so many great things to take advantage of, from different apps and videos, shout out to my boy ShaunT, from Insanity, T. 20, all these cool programs, but you could do some stuff at home, you can get yourself a couple of kettlebells, it's endless possibilities of things that you could do right there in your own home.

So as we're pushing into 2020, I just want to keep that in mind that we need to bring flexibility into 2020, all right, we need to bring adaptability into 2020 because rarely do we have the perfect circumstances to accomplish our goals. And just a big shout out to everybody who is embracing this as an opportunity to take control of your health and fitness and make this decade the very best decade that you've ever had. And I'm so grateful for you making me a part of your life and allowing me to provide the tools and insights and resources to help you to accomplish that goal.

And so today we're going to be talking with a New York Times bestselling author, somebody just, she is just so full of energy and power and insight, and every time I get around her, my mental wheels just start turning and she just brings ideas to the table.

And she is somebody who just, you know certain people when you get around them, they elevate you and that's another big thing for this upcoming year is to get yourself around people who elevate you, not folks who hold you down or even keep you in that sameness, right. You want to strive for excellence, you've got to get yourself around excellent people. And to be that model for others so you can help to bring other people along with you, but if you're going to keep raising your game, you've got to be around other people who are doing the same thing.

And so I am really pumped to have her on the show today. And we're talking about a subject matter that a lot of people are utilizing right now, even for the last 2 years, especially this time of year when people are trying to do a detox program, and that word can be a little bit of water down today, with all these different products and things like that, but what it really boils down to is that this is a natural process that your body is engaged in every single microsecond of detoxification.

And this is how you survive, you could not literally survive if your cells weren't able to detoxify themselves and to eliminate waste, but you've got to understand that every microsecond you're creating waste, it's just a part of the process of your cells metabolizing, metabolizing oxygen and food and hydration that you're taking in.

All the stuff has to be processed and there is going to be waste products. And if this process gets hampered or degraded in any way, your body starts to in essence, if you want to think about in these terms, but just a trash can or a laundry hamper that just gets too much stuff in it, it gets overfilled.

And it becomes a little bit of a harder job to get rid of that stuff like you might need another hand, you might need some outside assistance to help the body to get back to baseline and get back to normal, that process of cleanliness. And so it's a very real thing and our systems can become a little bit sluggish is what I really want to bring our attention to. And so doing something more strategic and specific can absolutely be helpful and that's why I brought on our special guest for you today.

Now, in her program there is even space for utilizing some concentrated sources of deep nutrition, these concentrated superfoods, specifically for me it's these green superfoods, from real, whole food sources, low temperature processed, but also in a way that tastes good, all right. So I'm constantly getting Green Juice formulas for myself and for the people that I care about, I often give it as gifts and one of the reasons that I utilize Organifi is that it has Chlorella in there.

If we're talking about detoxification, that's why this one is so powerful and it really sets it in a league of its own. Listen to this: Chlorella it clearly proven to be a natural chelator, and what is a chelator? Well, chelator is a natural substance that is able to bind 2 things like heavy metals and to safely remove them from your system. And chelation has been used in conventional medicine for years for things like lead poisoning.

And speaking of which, there was a study published in the journal International Immunopharmacology that found that Chlorella helps to reduce blood levels of lead. We've all heard of it, lead poisoning, all right, lead is one of those kinds of toxic compounds that in not even a significant abundance, but even at microdose levels can be very dangerous in our system.

Chlorella is able to help your body to eliminate that substance from your system, so it's a natural chelator, natural detoxifier and it's just 1 of the ingredients in the incredible Green Juice formula from Organifi. And again, it actually tastes is good, if you get Chlorella by itself— not so much, but in this formula it tastes amazing along with Spirulina, along with Ashwagandha, and things like coconut water and just those incredible flavors come together, it's something that when you drink it just feel cleaner inside.

So I'm definitely a huge fan of Organifi's Green Juice, pop over the check them out if you haven't already, add this to your superhero utility belt or 2020. Go to and you are going to get 20 percent off the Green Juice formula and everything else that they carry. That's,, you get 20 percent off everything that they carry. And on that note let's get to our Apple podcast review of the week.

iTunes review: Another 5-star review titled "Game changer" by EHNorquist. "The guests are informative to accent Shawn's upbeat method of delivering the message. Nothing but praise for this podcast."

Shawn Stevenson: Awesome, thank you so much for leaving me that review over on Apple podcasts, it really made my day, I appreciate it immensely. And listen, if you get to do so, please pop over to Apple podcasts and leave a review for The Model Health Show, I appreciate it so very much. And just whatever platform you're listening on, if you're joining us in the studio on YouTube, please make sure to leave a comment below this episode and let me know what you thought of the show. And on that note, let's get to our special guest and topic of the day.

Our guest today is Dr. Kellyann Petrucci and she and she is a New York Times bestselling author. Some of her books include "Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet," "Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Cookbook," "The 10-day Belly Slim Down" and "Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset" which is the new book that is available right now. She's also the host of the highly successful PBS specials "21 Days to a Slimmer & Younger You" and "The 10-day Belly Meltdown."

She's a weight loss and natural antiaging expert and she's also a concierge doctor for celebrities in New York City and Los Angeles. She's a board-certified naturopathic physician and certified nutrition consultant who did her post-graduate work in Europe which is a really cool story. Dr. Kellyann and is a regular contributor on Dr. Oz and appears on Good Morning America and other national news programs.

And she is here today to share her new work and incredible insights with us on The Model Health Show, so let's jump into this conversation with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. Where did you grow up?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Philadelphia.

Shawn Stevenson: Philly?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: I'm a Philly girl. Yeah, Philly, and then as I got older I spent most of my time in New York. But Philly's where— I'm a total Philadelphia girl, I went to Temple University, got my masters at St. Joseph's university, and then I went to Europe and I studied European medicine.

Shawn Stevenson: I had no idea.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: I'm all Philly. That's my street talk, that's where I come from, my father's a barber. So you know, I'm like a street kid.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, so that street kid, how did little Kellyann get interested in health and wellness?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: I started as Kelly, I only progressed to Kellyann as I matured in people started calling me Kellyann but as I grew up it was always Kelly. And so when I think about back then I always think about me as Kelly. And Kelly had a propensity and a proclivity to write and to figure stuff out.

And what I was always drawn to and on one of the things that my professor would say as I was older and I realized I had done, "If you want to figure out what you want to do go to a bookstore and see where you're drawn to." And to me, I was very young and I was reading things like it "The Diabetes Journal" with Mary Tyler Moore on the cover.

All my friends were reading like 17 and Teen Beat and you know, Teen Magazine all these kinds of things, me, I would go for these health journals. And my friends would always say, "You go on vacation and you're like pulling out health stuff, like health books," so it's in my DNA is really the answer. I didn't have a choice I was just lucky enough that I listened.

I listened to the voices, I listened to the signs, I paid attention to my body and I was able to follow where I was supposed to be. And I love to create, I love to write, I love to create IP and I love health and I love watching the transformation. I mean, transformation is incredible.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, it's everything. That was such great advice about the library, that's such a good—

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Bookstores, the library where you're drawn. So you tell young children or people that maybe feel aimless, "What do you like to read when you go to the bookstore?" If you're going to Barnes & Noble where are you heading? And that's often where your answer is.

Shawn Stevenson: Bookstores are the best, they are like you know becoming a dying relic a little bit but for me, it's just so much nostalgia. Do you remember the bookmobile by chance? Rolling up to your school?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Rolling up to the school that's like Sesame Street on steroids. I get this whole picture of Sesame Mister Rogers and all that goodness, it's like that's pure goodness, which is why I like, that's how soups always made me feel. I love things that are pure goodness and make you feel that goodness in your soul, that's what I am drawn to.

Shawn Stevenson: Hearing your story, and your friends again, they're checking out 17, you're looking at The Diabetes Journal I would imagine you were a little strange, a little different, a little weird.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: I am used to being strange.

Shawn Stevenson: And that, in and of itself is kind of opening for me just like where I'm going next with this question. What was it about naturopathic medicine for you, rather than the conventional approach to medicine? Because I know that again, transformation is a big thing, you wanted to help people?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: It's a great question, no one's ever asked me that. And that's something the people should know and understand. I could have taken the MCAT, I could have gone to medical school, I was very academically driven to succeed. But when I looked at all the programs out there, I thought I feel like medication and I always thought of medication as being emergent, emergency medicine.

I never thought that medicine was meant to get us well, there's a very big difference between something that helps you in the moment and something that truly gets you well. And I always had this vibe that I want to really do things in a different way. Disrupting is I think for people, you're either born with it or you're not, because basically, it's do you have a risk tolerance? Because when you go in and you disrupt, and you go against the grain, I mean, I cannot tell you the nonsense I heard, always.

And I look back throughout my life, I constantly was told, "This is not the right choice, this is not the right decision. Are you out of your mind?" Those kinds of things. And I didn't have the guidance, my parents never went to school, they never had any school. So it has to be something that within that you're so driven and I don't know if that came from me or where it came from, I have my inclinations, but there was always a driving force behind me. Because I think about, when I look through my life, I don't know how I ended up here, I shouldn't have, but I sure did.

Shawn Stevenson: I think, and part of the process was you healing yourself. And this even led into this new book today, but I just wanted to make this very clear for folks if they don't know this but they largely have you to thank for the ready-made bone broth that they can pick up at their favorite store or their natural grocer. Because this really didn't exist before you really revolutionized the game with the Bone Broth Diet.

And it was everywhere, you literally had the big Billboard in Times Square and it made me think of that puffy song and mace, bigger than life like down the Times Square. You had that going, you know, and you're like, you're being pulled in 50 different directions, you are a regular now on national television, the specials, flying coast to coast all the time, you're clout hopping.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: It is clout hopping because I'm so lucky to be able to do it.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, and for you, again, there was so much that came so quickly and you were one of the people that are very much equipped to do it. But even you hit a wall because of all of this on you. While again, you're like writing, writing books.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Still seeing patients.

Shawn Stevenson: So I would love if you can share the story because, for me, it was just like, just jarring to hear. And so it was one of those clout hopping occasions that something happened.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: It did. And so it you know, success is an interesting thing because once you get to a certain level of success as you and I were talking earlier, you have many doors that are open and this is where it's important in life to only do things that make your energy and your power, that keep your power and your energy inside of you and don't leak it.

And there are things that do that, you have to be very aware in life what leak power and with fuel your power, because you want that power within you and that's how you conquer. When you leak it out, you can't conquer. But the thing is that you don't even realize that you can't conquer. And so here's what happened to me, I started reaching a much higher level of success in a national platform instead of in an office, in a center.

And I had many opportunities. And for someone like me that I grew up with no money, Philly girl, my father was a barber and to have these experiences before me, I thought, "There's no way I can pass that up— wow, I'm cool now. There's no way I can pass this up."

And I was around all these other really interesting entrepreneurs and what I didn't realize is the weirdness in me, all my life was that entrepreneurs have a weirdness about them that fuels them, their mind, their brain patterns are very different and it was really that I wasn't weird growing up, I was an entrepreneur, and I just didn't know that at the time.

And so I had all these opportunities and as an entrepreneur, you want to go for, you want to go for. And I didn't have the circle of influence around me that was really able to— I had great coaches, don't get me wrong, but I didn't have the circle of internal influence that was able to really guide me in the way that I needed to be guided. So I said yes, yes, yes, yes, of course, yes, yes, yes, and that old adage where it's so much more powerful to be able to say no.

Well, I certainly found that out firsthand to be true. So I said yes, I was running around like crazy and as women, I think, in general, we feel like we have to be everything to everyone. And I am really just seeing women for so many years in practice, this was a central theme. This was a central theme even with aging with women, it's like we've got to get better about this aging thing. So these were the things that really depleted women I saw.

And so I wanted to help these women, I wanted to take this revolution and really foom, go global with it. I picture the UN and I want to get bone broth to all of these children out there that are dying every 6 seconds because they don't have nutrition— I have an answer.

So I had all these global ideas and notions and I kept trying to move forward and forward and forward until life as it is, will not allow that, that's not going to happen, it's against natural law. So here's the interesting thing and this is what I want everyone to really know and I don't care what you're doing right now, I want you to stop what you're doing and understand that what I'm telling you is based on my mistakes and I want you to learn from me— you cannot be robotic, you cannot go from thing to thing to thing and numb your body. We have lost connection with ourselves.

And this whole book and the premise of this whole book and the reason why I'm so passionate about being here with you, such a strong, strong audience that you have of really smart people and it was so important for me to be here today because I want everyone to stop what you're doing and ask yourself, look in the mirror— how do you feel about yourself and are you connected or have you lost that connection?

Because when I think about it, somebody that's a health leader like myself, if I've lost connection it is pandemic. Because my whole job is to, I'm in the solutions business, it's to solve problems for people who have these problems and all of the sudden, I numbed myself going from thing to thing to thing.

And that led to a big problem which was I leaked more and more and more of my immunity, of my power, of my clarity, leaked it, leaked it and leaked it, until one day, normally, a normal flight, I was going from LA to New York and I really felt unwell when I got up, but really unwell, that something is really wrong, I got to get to the airport, got to the airport, I got on the plane I was like, my heart feels like, it feels funny, I'm not feeling right.

So we got up in the air and when we got up in the air I felt even worse. I was like, "Oh no." So a woman next to me, and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you she was in the middle of putting a cookie in her mouth and I turned to her and I said, "Hey, I'm Kellyann, I'm not on any medications, I have no known health problems, I don't feel well, I'm likely going to pass out. Will you please get help if I do?"

That was the last thing I remember, that I was in the back of the plane on the floor and I had the flight attendants surrounding me, packing me with ice and I hear going in and out of consciousness over the loudspeaker, "Is there a doctor on board," and I thought, "Isn't this damn near ironic?" Yeah, you have a doctor on board, she's in the back passed out.

But there was a lovely man who was a medical doctor, he was on board and he sat with me the whole time, he was my angel, he was unbelievable he was on the flight for a class reunion, thank goodness, flying back for a class reunion and at the end when we were landing they had to sit in the backseats, and he turned to me and he said, "Kellyann, we got to know each other," it was hours.

He was taking my pulse, making sure he was hydrating me, all this kind of stuff, and at the very end, he took my hand and he said, "Kellyann, do you know you're burnt out?" And even then I still thought, "No, no, no, I'm not feeling well, that'll pass." And you know, so one thing led to the other and I had to get it together, and I did, and I had to figure stuff out and I did.

But what I want people to understand is it took me a while to get myself up and running again and now I feel better than ever. But I had to really take that time and address a lot of things in my life. Not just running around, there's other, you have to address everything that could leak your power. I don't know how else to say it other than that.

There are many things in our life, I talked about them on the PBS special that's associated with the book, people in your life. The people in your life are really important because that's a hit that you get every day, all the time because your body will express itself as a result of the environment that you put yourself in and stay in.

And if you're staying in an environment that is really making your cells unhealthy, it's going to react in a way that you don't want. Even all these electronic devices, I love my devices, I love them, I love everything about them, but we have to have boundaries with them, they can't be our best friend. We have to have boundaries.

There are all kinds of things. I talk about food and nutrition in the book, the nutrition is a big part of the depletion, there are many things that deplete us, but what I don't want people to do and really the take-home message is I want you to stop and figure out how can I plug back in, if you're feeling any of that exhaustion, if you're feeling like, "Oh my gosh, my joints are always achy." "I notice my eyes,"—

And here's what's interesting, Shawn, I went back and looked at a lot of the photos that I had during that time period. It was so obvious I was going down, it was so obvious because life left my eyes and they were very sunken in. I was really feeling that depleted to the core feeling. So if you look at your eyes and you see that and you have constant bloating, these achy joints or you have autoimmune issues, there's a lot of different signs and indications that you need to reset your body and figure out, you have to straddle the horse, there's more than one thing.

I talk about nutrition in the book, we talk about other things and yes, nutrition has to be addressed but there are other areas. You have to look at, really look at yourself, look at your life, look at the environment that you've put yourself in.

Shawn Stevenson: Absolutely, that's such a powerful story. And I think that with us being so busy and kind of disconnected, we come to accept those symptoms as being normal, and it's not normal. But there was this really kind of interesting, funny moment when you were just coming in and out of consciousness, I think somebody had your ID and they were like, "No, that can't be her," because they saw your age on the ID.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Well, what they do is they pull up your manifesto, I guess, and they had it on a white piece of paper. And they were saying, "This can't be her, this cannot be her." And I was half-dead, but I didn't look my age. And I said, "I'll take it, I'll just take it," but I remember thinking, in and out of consciousness I felt a little smile go on my face. Because I thought, "Oh my gosh," and they really sat there, there were 3 of them and they sat there in a semi kind of conflict argument, "There's no way this can be her, was there any seat-switching?"

They were profoundly aghast at my age and that, and in my most depleted state, and everyone can do that, because your genes will only express what you give them so you can have the best genes in the world, but if you don't put things in your body that allow it to express itself, it doesn't matter. Anyone can do it is my point.

Shawn Stevenson: I love the title, it's "Cleanse and Reset," I'm pretty sure that 99.9 percent of folks now have heard about cleanses and detoxing and things like that, it's kind of pressed in a culture. But I think they've lost a lot of their essence and they are missing some really key things, that it's so funny, these things, I applied in my practice when I was running my clinic, but I haven't seen them in book form before which I was really pleasantly surprised to see.

But I wanted to start with something really interesting that you start the book off with and it's the research showing that even if we try to eat right, so many of us are still deficient in a plethora of different minerals and vitamins and vital nutrients, things like that. You mentioned John Berardi did the study on it I recently, and so I just was messaging him back and forth—

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Oh you were?

Shawn Stevenson: The last few hours, yeah.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: We don't realize that so many of us, and we hear little things about this, but when we think we eat we think we're fueling our body and the thing is, it's genetical, there are foods that work better for a body. The New England Journal of Medicine says this, not just me, there is research out there that talks about, "Hey that was what changed everything for me," why I went to ancestral based medicine it's when I saw that article from The New England Journal of Medicine and it talked about there are, "Hey guys, are foods that work better for your body, here's what they are," and it's basically as we talked about many times, a hunter/ gatherer type of foods and I thought, "Okay well that's interesting."

So if you have foods that work better for your body, this is what your DNA wants, this is what it's craving and the longer you go without these types of foods, the more your body will deplete itself. And we're doing much better, by the way, at getting these foods.

There are so many voices behind this message now, there wasn't 5 years ago, and 10 years there certainly wasn't, but now there are so many voices behind this, we've gotten so much better. And I want to applaud everyone on that. However, I don't know if people really realize, the food that you eat and the cellular communication that actually happens, so when you eat foods your cells start really communicating and talking and the biofeedback mechanisms and all of these things that go on in your body, you can use food as a way to serve you or not. I mean, it's really very powerful tool.

There's a lot of backstory behind your life, the environment that you live in, your experiences, all of that. But everyone really needs to know there are foods that work better for your body, and when you flood your body with them what happens is your brain starts working very differently. Have you ever seen that movie, it was a movie out, it was on Netflix and I forget the name, but it was actually very good and the guy took a pill and all of the sudden he started seeing things differently, it was a pharmaceutical company.

Shawn Stevenson: "Limitless."

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: "Limitless." He takes this pill and all of a sudden it's like, foom, the matrix of the world becomes so clear to him and he start, he just goes and his brain is functioning really high. Do you know that you can actually do that? You can actually make yourself really high-functioning, I call it bionic, I always tease and I say, "Let's get bionic here, people, let's get bionic." And there are steps and measures that you can take.

And I actually took the time at a certain point in my life and I said, "What are the things that make me feel bionic? What are the things that don't? Because I'm ready to elevate my life now. How do I elevate my life?" Well let's think about this, one of the things that I was doing was I wasn't allowing a lot of the right people in my life.

Okay, so now moving on, I am going to qualify and quantify people that I'm going to let in my orbit. Little things like this, you know, with food, how much am I really, I'm on the go so much and I'm preaching all this about food and soups and carrying the stuff around, how much of this am I really applying? And you have to strategize this and once you initially strategize, like Cleanse and Resetting your body, once you initially strategize, it takes its own life form.

And you don't have to think about it so much because you change your relationship with food, you have a different connection with food, it's very different. So when you cleanse and reset, and it's really important because you want to cleanse and reset and you can only reset by upbuilding the body. So I try to revolutionize concepts from a need met.

A lot of people nutrition they'll ambulance chase, so they will say, "Oh, this is flying, there's a peak and trend in this, I'm going to hop onto this, there is a peak and trend in this I'm going to hop onto that." That has not been my strategy. My strategy is to supply and need met. And so I thought, well you know, there's a lot to cleansing.

But I don't feel that it should be depleting, I feel like it should reset your body to a higher level, that should be the outcome. You shouldn't leave the cleanse and feel depleted or feel something for a day or 2. It should be something that you can carry on into your life and really use some of the systems and methodologies that you've used from the cleanse, and that's what this is about, this is about upbuilding your body, upbuilding, upbuilding, always think about that.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: So it's like depletion to decadence, you have to think about it like really taking your body into a state of decadence.

Shawn Stevenson: I like that so much. And so a part of that process is again flooding our bodies with all of these different nutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, all that good stuff. But a big part of it that you don't see and most kind of conventional cleanses is the emphasis for providing your body with efficient, high-quality protein and how much that matters in the process of detoxification, assimilation, all that stuff.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: I am being particular about the kind of protein and why I choose some of the sources that I choose. I love glycine and one of the things that I talk about in the book is the use of collagen powders to make some of the shakes that are a part of this upbuilding. And the reason why is because of the studies that I've seen, and there are great studies that show the detoxification effects of glycine and glycine is one of those amazing amino acids that help you sleep better at night.

This is what I found with bone broth, by the way, and it was so attractive to me. It helps you sleep better at night, but yet it gives you more energy during the day. And the best thing about glycine, in my opinion, is because people lose weight in a different way. You know how when you do a lot of cleanse you get that stringy look, I call it saggy-baggy. Great, you lost weight. Now you're saggy-baggy. It doesn't have to go down like that, there's more than one way to accomplish this. And how about if you lose weight but you maintain your muscle mass?

So you lose body fat and maintain the good stuff. That's a tricky thing for the body, but there are ways to do this. And so I find that with a lot of bone broth and with a lot of the collagen shakes out there because of the studies I found on glycine it does accomplish that. And they did a study and it showed that I think it was 14 percent more body fat was lost by those that were supplemented with the amino acid glycine as compared to other amino acids, and I think it was like 27 percent more of body fat or something.

Shawn Stevenson: And even maintaining their lean mass like you said, that's the secret.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Okay so let's say that again. You just nailed it. The secret is, can you hear that— the secret is when you want to lose weight, you want to do it smart. Do you want to look sexy or do you want to look older? There are ways that you can lose weight that actually age you. And then your skin cells, they're like these bouncy balls.

A lot of diet programs take out what you want, a lot of the really big commercial programs I see this with, when I examine what they're doing in their strategy, in their system, I think, "Oh my gosh, how can that possibly work?" This is not an anti-inflammatory gut healing, insulin-regulating system, it is not. So what happens as a result of that? It's the skin cells become deflated instead of bouncy.

And so when your skin cells start to deflate, you don't have that vibrancy, you don't walk into a room and people say, "Wow, your skin glows." Anyone can attain that, you can, you just have to put the right stuff in your cells and your eyes get ding, ding, like that white and you feel energized. It just, it makes a difference.

Shawn Stevenson: Ah, and again, I wish I would have known this 15 years ago when I was doing my juice cleanses, you know what I mean? And again, there's value with all the micronutrients but protein is such a big player here. And so one of the things that you highlight is collagen.

So we know about things like collagen peptides, things like that, but specifically, you share these superpowers that it can help unlocking the cleansing process. So first, can you share a little bit about what collagen is, why it matters and then let's talk about these superpowers.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Sure, we talked a lot about upbuilding and upbuilding the body. You have to think about collagen like this, collagen is one of the main protein stores of the body. And the interesting thing is, it's like the glue that holds us up. So one of the things about aging and really losing your health it's downgrading your body and the things fall.

Well, think about collagen like the glue that holds us together. So it's really important for your muscles, tendons, ligaments, all of that, it's all the components, so many structures of the body. And here's what's interesting at about age 20 you start losing this collagen, this priceless collagen, little by little every year.

Shawn Stevenson: About 1 percent.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: About 1 percent and early studies are showing us that, hey listen, when you start replacing your collagen with a lot of these nutritional collagen products like collagen shakes, you start upbuilding this matrix again. So this is really important and we talked a little bit about glycine, the amino acid glycine, and the value of burning fat and still holding on to your lean tissue. Well, glycine is a really valuable part of this collagen matrix, it is very restorative to the body.

Shawn Stevenson: That was what really struck me, was the fact that we lose about 1 percent for the average person each year, but the great thing is we can, our body really works on like a kind of a hierarchy system, and it will utilize the stuff that we give it, but over time, if you're not providing the raw materials, it is just doing kind of like a patchwork job.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: It's doing a patchwork job.

Shawn Stevenson: It's like, it's taking care of the most important stuff that it has to but your skin might not be as important as what's happening with your neurons, for example.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Perfectly put, that's exactly what happens. And so the collagen, it's very valuable in a lot of ways. And also I was saying that when I was in practice, people were always trying to get this hit of protein and they had so many adverse effects, it would make them bloated, it would create new skin problems or acne or they say, "This just blows my gut out, I can't have that."

So what I love about collagen, it's a dairy-free source of protein and is low allergenic, meaning that it really, across the board, I don't see people having problems very frequently at all with collagen. And so I love that, so people can really use that and not have those after-effects that you have with so many.

So collagen I think is important to get in your diet because it's again, it's something that we lose over time and we do have the power to start rebuilding that and regardless of really what any study shows, I can tell you from working with this for a while now, I absolutely see a difference in those people and their skin and how they feel when they use collagen. There's definitely a difference that I hear and see.

Shawn Stevenson: So one of the superpowers that we touched on is fat loss and protecting of your lean muscle mass, which is a game-changer in and of itself. But another one which was interesting and I didn't know much about this, was its ability to make your cells more insulin-sensitive.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Yes that is so key, so I always say there is no program that I would put out that does not reduce inflammation, heal the gut and help you become a natural fat burner. They're the 3 principles that if you want to feel better and you want to look better, whatever you're doing has to accomplish those 3 things.

And if I were to take all of my patients, put them in a football field and say, "Which are the ones that were better, which are the ones that were healed, which are the ones that got what they wanted?" And I will tell you it's those that healed their gut, reduced overall inflammation and became that natural fat burner.

So this whole idea with insulin is very important, this carrier of sugar to the cells you want that to be burned off, you don't want to carry it back to the liver, and what happens is when you have this overabundance of insulin, which is actually a hormone when you had this overabundance your body becomes very confused, it confuses the body. And it does not work efficiently.

So anything that you can do to help your body be very sensitive and transport this valuable hormone correctly, you're going to function in that bionic level. This is a key component. So you have to make sure what you're doing actually, well, make this happen, you have to make this happen. So that's another reason why I love the delivery system of collagen and the shakes and all of that, because it really helps with that insulin regulation.

Shawn Stevenson: It just hit me just now that our society overall, like we're becoming less sensitive.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Very much so.

Shawn Stevenson: Because of all of the influx, right? And the body's doing the same thing with all the influx of sugar and kind of processed foods. And even if we're eating real foods but we're just bringing in so much that triggers insulin to be secreted and we lose our sensitivity. We want to be more sensitive, like Ralph Tresvant, I don't know if you remember that song.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: So you know what I think— I think this is all about awareness. I think in pictures. People ask me all the time about television and I think the reason why I've succeeded in that medium is because I think in pictures. So when I talk, I'm talking in pictures because that's how I think.

So if you want to have success in health or diet or anything, you should really train your body to think in pictures. You have to think about that insulin. So I go through when I'm thinking about eating and all that, and by the way, I'm Italian and that is code for, "I like to eat." And I like to have fun and I'm telling you I accomplish that, I go out to eat all of the time, so don't think that you have to be a stick in the mud not have any fun, you can even have fun with this cleansing and resetting thing, you really, really can.

When you start getting in this zone, and there's only one way to get into the zone, so if you just took one piece out of everything we're doing right now and just could picture that, wow I don't want that, picture like a car driving up to your cells and dumping stuff, "Oh my gosh I don't want that truck to be flooding over because I know when it floods over it's going to go on my waist."

Say hello to belly fat, that hard stuff that we can't get rid of no matter what, that is probably one of the number one things that I see, or that I saw for many years, which is why I wrote the book "The Belly Slimdown" because I thought, "Gosh, women are struggling with this." It's that one little key thing we just talked about, just a little, tiny thing. You change that and a lot gets better.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, the belly fat is a classic sign of insulin resistance, specifically the visceral kind of fat.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Visceral fat, and that's the dangerous fat.

Shawn Stevenson: This is so important that you brought this one up in regards to collagen and supporting the body with proteins during the process if somebody is undertaking cleanse of any type, and especially with the Cleanse and Reset program, but it helps to support the detoxification process, in and of itself.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: It really does. When we think about detox, I think we're trained as a society to think we've got a slug cayenne, we've got a slug lemon and cayenne and I'm not putting anything down, understand, I am talking about paradigm here. And I'm asking everyone to examine cleansing 3 through a different lens. Look at it through a different lens, think about it along a different paradigm and understand that you can do this gently. Here's the difference— you can look at cleansing as an all balls out, I'm going to just do it and then I'm going to cleanse. Or you can put little things into your life that are going to cleanse you beautifully and lightly every day.

What is the throughline of this book? The throughline of this messaging is this— toxins out nutrition in, that's got to be a conveyor belt. That has got to be going on in your body at all times, and there my friends is nutrition in a nutshell. Let's keep those toxins out nutrition in, constantly vying, constantly going in your body. So how do we do that?

We do that by doing light cleansing every day and abundance of nutrition, nutrition that has the ability to upbuild, nutrition that has the ability to detox at the same time. So one little trick, these lemon waters, these detox waters that I talk about in the book Cleanse and Reset, I talk about these detox waters. It seems so benign, it seems like, come on what can that do?

You would be shocked, just adding some of these fruit-infused waters in the morning, what a difference they can make for 2 reasons— they are lightly detoxing the body, they're starting out and they are doing a little light cleansing in the morning, and also a lot of what's going on in the body it's starving and crying for hydration. We're very depleted from hydration alone, so starting the day with some of these waters is very helpful.

Shawn Stevenson: I love it. One of the things that I want people to understand is that, and you just said it, nutrition in, waste out, toxins out, detoxification. This is a process going on all the time and I just want to make sure that this word isn't just something flashy but this is essential for our overall health and survival, our body is always running processes of detoxification, their genes controlling these processes.

And one of the big things that we've got to understand is that there are certain amino acids and proteins that control those genes, and what they're doing and here's the thing— we have these essential amino acids that I was taught in a traditional university setting, glycine is not one of them but it helps to regulate certain genes that are responsible for detoxification.

So they say that it's nonessential, and I'm glad that you pointed this out, is just a really a misnomer, right. All of these proteins are really essential. If we're talking about not just surviving, but really being the best we can be.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: We're finding this out more and more, science is learning more and more. Just as I said earlier that when I first started messaging and I first started talking on a national scale, since then we have gotten so much better at understanding our genes, understanding epigenomic behavior, understanding all of this. We've gotten so much better, but we can be even better.

Shawn Stevenson: Absolutely. One of the other superpowers, you touched on this already, but I'll just mention it here is helping to lower inflammation, strengthening the gut, we'll probably come back to this several times, but number 5, I just want to reiterate this, is how much collagen can have an impact on our skin. Because our skin, when people see you they're seeing your collagen, they're seeing the proteins that you've eaten.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Pure collagen.

Shawn Stevenson: Or lack thereof.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Or lack thereof. And so there's a study done, I thought it was very impressive and this study showed at the end of the treatment period a group taking this collagen had an average of 21.1, 20.1 reduction in eye wrinkles when compared to the placebo. That's really good. I mean, wouldn't you want to head yourself on that bet?

So we're doing so many things. When people, I am not against any of the things that women and people do to look younger, if it makes you feel better, you can't defy or deny how that plays out in your life when you just feel better about yourself. What I'm saying here, Shawn, is that's great, whatever you choose to do with any kind of other treatments, but what about foundational beauty, what about that? What about starting with foundational beauty? That is the underpinning, that is the underlying thing. So if you really want to be beautiful it has to start with that.

Shawn Stevenson: So Powerful.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: It has to start with that. So everything I'm talking about and everything I believe in, and everything I— I am in the media all of the time, they don't book you when you come in like you're dragging, they don't want that, they want someone who looks the part.

And isn't it nice when you can create foundational beauty through delivery systems that are very easy and that you actually enjoy? You know, I call this a 5-day program, kind of winding back to the book a little bit, it doesn't have to be a 5-day program. You can do one day, you can do 2 days or you can say, "I added this when I was doing that cleanse and reset, I added this, boy, that made me feel good," and you start learning what makes you feel good.

You don't have to go balls to the walls, that's what I'm trying to say. You have to just understand a couple of elements and understand that your body is desiring your body has desires and the more that you give your body what it truly wants, what your DNA is begging for, the better you're going to feel and the younger you're going to lock.

Shawn Stevenson: So collagen is one of the many components in bone broth?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: We start talking about bone broth, you better get a sleeping bag because we're going to be here all night. I can talk about bone broth till the cows come home because to this day was what, how many years, 3 years since I've been on your show?

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: I love it even more. I see even more since it's become so revolutionized, I see even more benefits. Because people write in all the time, they write into the private Facebook, they write into, they DM me on Instagram, I hear all these stories it just doesn't stop. They just come in and they flood in and I'm more in love with bone broth now then I was 3 years ago.

I just knew bone broth, I knew there was something to it and even though I had this Swiss medicine training I had very interesting and different kind of training, which is why I started writing all these books, patients would say, "Oh my gosh, I never heard of that, I never saw that. Why don't you write a book about it? You should be writing a book about it, I've never heard this before."

Well the same thing with bone broth, I have to tell you, it's the same thing it's so revolutionized now and people are getting so many benefits. I said you know I don't want to talk about anything else but bone broth for a while because I have to make sure it's back on the table. And only then will I talk about anything else. I want the bone broth to be on the table because I can't believe what I'm seeing.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, and again, thank you so much like go to just cafe like they've got bone broth on tap.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: I was on a little island in Florida, never in my wildest dreams would I think that a little tiny shop in Florida, did I ever think I'd find bone broth. So you've got to be kidding me. A shelf with all this bone broth on it, I mean it's just people know. People know and you cannot get that to happen because shelves talk, they talk and you cannot get shelf space, it's brutal, you cannot get shelf space if you don't have a really sustainable product. And I have to tell you, it's only because of its ability to transform, it's only because of its ability to transform that it is transcended globally.

Shawn Stevenson: Can you talk about the glucosamine and chondroitin in that respect?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Yeah. So they did a study and there was a certain drug that came out and it was supposed to really help with joints and all this kind of stuff.

Shawn Stevenson: Celebrex, I was on it.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Okay, so I can say the word, okay. So Celebrex. Do you know that bone broth is found to be more effective? We know about Celebrex and what happened with Celebrex, but it's found to be more effective. I mean this is a great way to build up and get your joints strong.

If you are dealing with achy joints and you're watching this program and you have achy joints, you better tie your shoes right now and go get bone broth, go make it, go get a chicken carcass, stick it in some water in a pot, throw in some carrots, celery, onion, I don't care, you don't even have to get glamorous about how you chop them up, just chop those suckers, throw them in the pot, simmer that suckers and watch what happens. Watch what happens.

Because you're building naturally this matrix in your body that really, that synovial fluid, everything, it's building that up. Your body needs this kind of hydration. The nucleus pulposus in the spine, that desk, we have all of these disks and different things and balls and sockets, all these different things in the body and you want to keep flooding it with like different levels of lubrication and that gelatin in there, that jiggly stuff you want to get all that in your body and just heal, and nutrify, and restore and rejuvenate. That's why I'm so pumped up about bone broth because it does accomplish that.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, you know for me, I was just 20, 21 years old and dealing with basically arthritis of the spine. And Celebrex was one of those, and I had no idea that there was another option. And then I see the research with compounds like glucosamine and chondroitin, which again, all of this stuff is synthesized like a lot of times we'll try to make a supplement out of this but you could just get it from the real whole food source.

But I had no idea that food can be so healing. And you know, when I was going through this process, the side effects, the negative effects of something like Celebrex like I had restless leg syndrome before there was a thing, I would just go to bed.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Wow, I did not know that.

Shawn Stevenson: Why won't my feet stop. It just felt like my legs just wanted to get up and go and leave me. And I'm just like, what, just stop, what is wrong with me. And it wasn't until a few years later that restless legs became a thing, but that was one of the side effects of the medication.

And as well as gut problems, damaging your microbiome versus healing it. And so one of the things you also mentioned was gelatin and you've got a study in here that found that the intake of gelatin was able to increase hair diameter by an average of about 10 percent and there was another study of folks wanting to improve the health of their hair specifically, and also their nails too.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: You can't defy the research on hair and nails for gelatin, you can't defy it. I mean, I can go on any news program that has the most stringent medical team and it passes through because you can't deny that. So even if you want better hair, nails, all those kind of structures, but think about it, step into the common sense corner for a moment— think about that, if we know there's been money put into research and we know what strengthens hair and nails and you know the constituents of hair and nails and the connectedness and the connective tissues and all that, doesn't it then make sense it's healing a whole lot of other stuff? There just hasn't been the research money thrown at that yet. So if you're out there and you're listening, you've got some bucks, let's do some research.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, absolutely, it's so important. And so there are so many other things I want to talk to you about because it's beyond even nutrition, this is important, we're infusing this into the body but part of the Cleanse and Reset, there are some other aspects for us to address and even things to avoid. And so we're going to talk about those things right after this quick break, so sit tight we'll be right back.

I was just riding in the car with my family it was my wife and my 2 sons, Jorden who is 19 and my youngest son Braden who is 8. And Jorden was talking about how in his last year of high school he was getting that coffee hitter, like I had no idea that from time to time he would pick up a little bit of that crackbucks, Starbucks.

And he was just like, because he's not really one of those people that likes coffee necessarily, but he was just like, "Some days, you know dad, you like get up and you are just like, 'Well, not today', but then you have that coffee and you're like, 'Today, today is the day'."

And it's so funny because when I was in high school I never saw anybody drink coffee, but before Jorden got his first car, I'd drop him off at school every day and I would see the students just walking in, holding their crackbucks cups, right. It's just like it's being bred into our culture at younger and younger ages.

But the reality is, cultures throughout the world have been enjoying and utilizing coffee for centuries, right, and in childhood. And it's only recently that this mass production. mass quantity, lower quality has become so pervasive.

And so now, not only are you getting the conventional coffee, but you're also getting a lot of toxicity along with it, the mold, the pesticides, the herbicides and this is creating an atmosphere where the benefits, the potential benefits of coffee are now going down and people are just going to it because it's a source of caffeine or it's a source of sugar, right.

Because a lot of people don't even truly enjoy coffee, they love the stuff that's in it, right, the sugar and the cream and those things. But for me, and what I've been really directing people to because I was just not a fan of coffee, is let's get coffee but let's upgrade it, tremendously, by utilizing some of these powerful medicinal mushrooms along with the coffee.

And I do that through Four Sigmatic, and their incredible mushroom formulas, their mushroom coffee. Now when people hear about mushroom coffee, medicinal mushrooms, they might come out, "Well, what kind of mushrooms are those, Shawn?"

I'm not talking about psychedelic mushrooms, I'm not talking about culinary mushrooms; I am talking about the category of medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms have been utilized, again, literally for centuries and this one, in particular, has documentation from over 2,000 years ago with Cordyceps and now today, what is so beautiful is that we have our clinical evidence to affirm the efficacy that our ancestors knew about many, many centuries ago.

And so this was a study and this was published recently in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, tested 30 healthy test subjects for 6 weeks to record the effects of Cordyceps on their performance and their sport.

And the group that added Cordyceps to their daily regiment had twice the oxygen intake of the control group and this oxygen again is essential for supplying nutrients to your cells, for preventing fatigue and buildup of lactic acid. And another study done by the same group showed that there was an overall 9 percent increase in aerobic activity, in aerobic performance from taking and utilizing Cordyceps.

Now, this is real whole food, Earth grown nutrient sourced ingredient, this isn't a hyper stimulant which caffeine in and of itself can be. And what Four Sigmatic was able to do is to reduce the amount of caffeine and add in another natural adaptogen and supporter of your energy that really helps to create this balanced energy.

You'll never have those crashes or these strange, crazy coffee jitters that you can get when you utilize Four Sigmagic. So pop over there, check them out, get your hands on some, like yesterday. It's, that's, you get 15 percent off the Cordyceps coffee.

The Lion's Mane coffee, if you really want to focus on that mental fortitude because the Lion's Mane mushroom, this was from the University of Malaya found that Lion's Mane is able to actually create new brain cells, that's right, it has neurogenesis capabilities, literally the creation of new brain cells, and it is found to be neuroprotective and now it's being studied for use for traumatic brain injuries as well.

Wow, like you can't get that from crackbucks, but you can get that from Four Sigmatic. Alright, so pop over there, check them out, for 15 percent off everything. If you're not a fan of coffee, they've got the mushroom coffees and they're just straight mushroom elixirs as well, so whether it's Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Reishi, you can get the real thing.

Dual extracted, you're not getting this from other companies, they are doing a hot water extract and an alcohol extract to actually get all the nutrients you're looking for. Alright, so pop over there, check them out, Now back to the show.

Alright, we're back and we're talking with New York Times bestselling author and dynamo Dr. Kellyanne Petrucci. And before the break we were talking about the infusion of nutrients to assist the body in detoxification, but there is also important point to something to reduce or even avoid which is this influx of sugar, which for if somebody's doing a juice cleanse, for example, and they're just knocking down green juice—

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Sugar is sugar is sugar. My friends at Whole Foods, Whole 30 taught me that, I mean years back. They examine this and it's absolutely on the money, sugar is sugar is sugar. I'm not saying don't get vegetables, I'm a huge proponent of fiber, a huge proponent of everything, all the phytonutrients that it offers.

What I'm saying is you have to balance that out with other things, that little cascade that we talked about insulin resistance versus sensitivity and how you want your body to be sensitive, I told you, if you could just cut out that one little piece don't listen to another thing that Shawn and I say, just cut out that carve out, that little thing and man, is it going to go a long way.

You are defeating that by doing a lot of the traditional cleanses and what I want to do is revolutionize change of paradigm and way of thinking about how you can still cleanse the body and not feel depleted, not feel deprived, but feel a level of decadence. Fell level of decadence.

You're thinking, well the delivery system in here, the shakes and it's these you know, the green drinks and the lemon, it's a bone broth, where's the food, I'm going to be hungry. Here's what's crazy about food and nutrition. As humans when we are not getting our needs met, what we do? You're in a relationship you're not getting your needs met, you got one eye on that person the other eye is looking around.

You're looking around because it's normal for the body, my needs aren't met, I am not satiated so I'm going to look around, I'm looking around. Your body does the same thing, you eat food, it doesn't get what it needs, cravings and crashes. Hello cravings and crashes, so you eat something and if you are experiencing this, I'm telling you now why, you eat something an hour later you're grabbing more food, your body is not satisfied.

That is why that happens. When you are getting the foods that your body needs you are actually satisfied, you don't, you're not looking around, it's like any other premise of the body in life. When your needs are met you're not looking around, your body does the same thing.

Shawn Stevenson: I have this statement that chronic nutrient deficiency leads to chronic overeating.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Yes! But I don't think we're talking about this enough. I mean, we really aren't. And I think the challenge here is for people to think that they're not live their best life when they have to white knuckle their way through these kinds of foods. That's what really has to change. It's like any other level of excellence when you are experiencing the learning curve or the tough part at the beginning, your success begets success, we talked about that in the beginning. It's the same thing with food.

Sometimes you're re-introducing some new stuff and you're re-populating the gut, that's a lot of what we're trying to do here, we're trying to re-populate the gut. And you have to give that just a moment in time, it doesn't have to be a long time, just a moment in time to allow that success to start happening and allow that connection between your brain and your hearts and your desires. You have to allow the desire to form and your desires will change and you will form new thoughts, new desires in different connections if you just can go through that learning curve.

It's like learning a language or anything else, allow your body to do what it's supposed to do. What is it supposed to do? Well, in the process of re-populating your body and re-populating your gut, we are then trying to reduce overall information, heal the gut, become a natural fat burner. That message, it will never change with me, those 3 things are the premise and the gold that we are seeking to achieve success.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, there are some specific things that I want to touch, this is so rich. Number one, just to lean back on the juice again, it's not that these things aren't valuable, just be mindful of the sugar content, and especially store-bought versions of these juices where you can't really control things.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Oh my gosh, I have to tell you, I did a commercial and we examined in the commercial, we took all of the store-bought green drinks, it was alarming, some of these green drinks had more sugar than Coca Cola, sodas, things like that. Be very wary— leery, is that the word?

Shawn Stevenson: Both.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Yeah, wary and leery, okay, we're both. Be careful, be cautious, because again, sugar begets sugar, begets sugar, so you have to be able to balance these out. You're looking for more natural sweeteners. I like things like monk fruit, that's a great take away for people.

Monk fruit is not one of those sugars that are going to create cravings and crashes and problems. Try to stick to these natural sweeteners because a lot of what you're going to get in the program, they're not naturally sweet. But if you do need to add something you want to add something that's not going to cause cravings and crashes.

Shawn Stevenson: What is monk fruit, it this the fruit that meditates?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: It's a fruit and it's so exquisite, it's just the right, and I talked at Dr. Oz about this all the time and we are like jamming out but we both agreed that monk fruit is the fruit, is the sweetener of the century. A lot of people like stevia, a lot of people don't, there are things that stevia, you can bake and cook, there are things that you can't. But what I like about monk fruit is that you can bake and cook and do all kinds of things and it doesn't break it down. So it really is something that if your listeners say, "I would like to have something once in a while," that would be my sweetener choice.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, perfect, perfect. So you said repopulating the gut, supporting gut health. I just want to touch on that really quickly, it's such a big topic, we talk about it quite a bit, but you make it an effort to talk about, you're not removing solid but blending things, blending soups, things like that because of the need for various fibers to support our gut. Let's talk about that.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: And not only that, but just so you know, fiber we don't talk about this part of fiber that it regulates your insulin. So we talked about that little piece I want everyone to carve out about becoming that natural fat burner, that missing piece that we have to pay attention to when you and I were talking about insulin regulation, sensitivity versus resistance, fiber actually helps us in that means, it helps us reach that avenue there by stabilizing your sugar. So I love that, I love fiber for just that. I forget your original question it was—?

Shawn Stevenson: Just bringing in those fibers specifically like resistant starch for example.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Oh my gosh, we're talking about the gut and re-populating the gut, that's where we were. And I want people to also get this visualization— I want them to understand that we have all the cells, we actually have more of these microbes than we do cells in our body, that's really kind of startling, if you think about that.

So we have all these microbes in our body and we want to give them the right soil which is prebiotics that we've been hearing about, things like onions, garlic, asparagus, these are all types of foods that are like a prebiotic soil, they are the soil. So you want them to have a nice place to live these microbes and not only do you want them to have a nice place to live, you want to give them the opportunity to replenish in a very healthy way.

And that's where things like bone broths come in. Because it helps, it helps soothe and heal and get everything working. And your intestines like 20 plus feet, your intestines and they're a small, relatively like a small narrow tube, so you think about it like this, you want things that are going to cleanse you and not clog you. This is essential like these are some of the things that you have to think about, that's why I like the whole idea of cleansing and resetting, so the cleansing part is getting things to move through this colon to in your intestines to rebuild.

And then the resetting part is, okay, now I know what to do, I'm not aimless anymore the channels and gate to my body are starting to listen, they're starting to work for me and not against me. Okay, I'm starting to reset now, I'm starting to feel that those channels are really working; how do you know? You know because you don't have achy joints anymore, you know because you don't have that annoying bloat, you know it because you don't eat one little particle of food and you get the belly over belt.

You know it because your skin starts looking better, you know it because your eyes start looking so much brighter. It's who you become. See, these are all about who you become. Who you become. And this isn't saying well, you know, I like who I am now, great, that's wonderful, but don't you want to be the best you can be? This is all pulling you towards that, you and I talked earlier, success comes from you, not to you.

So you have to make some of these hardline choices and the question becomes, so if we're talking about success and diet or success and achieving what you want for your body, what are you willing to do to get it? I had to ask myself that question and you and I were talking, I was like, "Okay, well alcohol, that's little devolving, that's not going to achieve this," and I really loved it, I love that part of my life. But you have to ask yourself what are you willing to do to get success?

Shawn Stevenson: Thank you so much for sharing that, it's awesome, I'm loving this so much.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Me too.

Shawn Stevenson: One of the other aspects of the book that you talk about that helps in the cleanse and detoxification process, but this is like a life reset, but things that can support us and specifically in the book you add this section more ways to keep your body clean, sexy and healthy for life, and the different dimensions of our health and keeping ourselves fit and healthy outside of the paradigm of food.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Okay, got it, yes.

Shawn Stevenson: You know, for looking at things like— what are some of those things?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Yeah so I love dry brushing, so that's one element. Dry brushing people don't talk about, they don't know about, this is a very prominent tool used in naturopathy or naturopathic medicine. And it looks like a brush with a long handle and it's got natural bristles on it and this is a way to really go about, I call, I talk about it in the show toxic exit points.

And what you want to do is exfoliate the body and allow for your skin, which is such a toxic exit point, you really want it to be clean of all those dead skin cells. Allow those toxins to come out and it's one of the best beauty tools out there. I mean, a lot of these Hollywood people they're all dry brushing, they know all the little hacks, so this is one of the things that is used all the time and I love that.

Meditation is another thing and you're thinking meditation for cleansing and reset— yes and here's why. Because you have got to put in the forefront of your mind, again, let me get back to success comes from you, not to you. You have got to put in your mind's eye view at all times what it is you want, so if you want to have a hop in your step, if you want to say, "I don't want to be bloated anymore, I want to lose some weight, I want my skin look better, I'm aging like rapid-fire, how do I stop this," you've got to draw it to you, it's a big aspect of all of this going on.

So you got to get your mind right. So what I say is I learned a lot of this from Merry Morrissey, and I want to make that clear, this is her intellectual property not mine. But I call it something a little different and what I say is create your own television show. So I have a television show, Kellyann, and every morning I shut my eyes and I do my television show. I talk about where I'm going to be in 3 years from now, where do I want to be, and again this is from Mary Morrissey.

Where do I want to be in 3 years from now? And I picture every aspect of that and I make sure I have it in my energy field. You have to do the same thing with this, you put that picture of your transformation, you lock it in your mind and make sure that's completely familiar to your cells.

Shawn Stevenson: I love it so much. One of the other things I was so happy to see, we've just done a little bit on this topic is play.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Oh, this is something I had to learn. I had to really learn because you get so passionate, you and I are like really passionate about what we do. And sometimes you can almost lose yourself in this passion when you get on everyone's nerves, because all you think about is you know, the structure of your business, you're constantly in that mode and you have to sometimes step away from that mode and do some play.

What is it that makes you come alive, what is play to you? For me, I love going out to dinners with like these be fun group of people, going out to dinners, little things like that. Actually walking on the beach exercise with headset on, all these things that bring me great, great pleasure. You just have to find out what brings you pleasure, and you've got to stick it in your life.

No matter what, I don't care, you have to stick it in your life, pleasure. It's really about pleasure. Because again, don't forget your cells are listening and the messages that you send to your cells, you know what they say, they say a lot of times you train people how to treat you— well you train your cells how to treat you. You train your cells, how to treat you, so train it right, let your body work for you and not against you. That's all.

And you start feeling positive, it's really about being positive. I don't care what's going on in your life, I've had some horrific things go on in my life. I understand I understand it's not always easy. I've been through it, trust me. What I'm saying is you have to keep the light around you, you have to be connected to your source, stay in that connection at all times, do not disconnect, stay in that connection of light, when you stay in that connection of light.

And I know I'm like an evangelist about this, but I feel so strongly about it— stay in that connection of light and it will serve you, it will serve you. Because the more you stay in this, the more you stay in this, the more of that success will come to you from you, from you, from you to you, from you to you.

Shawn Stevenson: We started this off, even as pretty much as soon as I walked into the studio door and we started talking. But right now, especially with all the opportunity that all of us have access to, there's so much going on, there are so many things vying for our attention.

Part of this process of resetting is, and this is the thing, people can hear it in your voice, you got that fire, right? But it's taking that fire and intelligently, strategically directing it and putting the fire out on things that don't matter as much or don't matter at all, that we tend to get sucked into and so—

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Gnats, I call it gnats. You have to let go of the gnats. There's a lot of things buzzing around you in life you've got to be riding the horse, you've got to be the one in control, you've got to be the rider of the horse, not the horse. You've got to be the one in control and the only way that you can control your life because I will tell you, the world, people around you, they will send you down the rabbit hole.

This has to be your life, your vision, how you see it, how you see yourself, that's how you create self-love, by the way. You start not loving yourself, when you are not who you want to be, when you are not on your own trajectory. That's when you start losing confidence and you start losing faith and unfortunately that confidence and faith, you end up losing that in yourself.

You end up, so if you want to have self-love and you want to be able to understand how you need to nurture yourself— by the way, I had to learn this. I am trying to pull everyone listening out of the tunnel, I was in a deep, dark tunnel with a ton of success. And I had to pull myself and literally yank myself out of the tunnel and I'm trying to do that for everyone listening. And I'm not saying it as the person, the academic, I'm not seeing it as the doctor, I'm not saying it as that health transformation person.

I am telling you as a friend, I am saying this as a friend, I am saying this as someone who's been there. These are the tools, these are all of the things that I had to learn. And I learned things by the school of hard knocks unfortunately and it's okay, I don't regret any of it, but I've been through it and you can do this and so much of this is a mind play, just know the gnats and just don't— that's the gnat, fling it, fling it right off of you, right off of you and get yourself back in your television show. Bam, this is me, this is my life, this is my television show, I am focusing on this.

And that's how people like Jennifer Lopez, we talked about, that is how she conquers and annihilates and rules and when I say this, it doesn't have to be, you don't have to build this big empire, I am not saying that. I'm talking about conquering and ruling, what is of value to you? What means something to you?

So if you feel like you're so far away from it with your health or with your financial life, or with your personal life, no matter what it is, I'm trying to say is you can attain this by all of these little principles that we're talking about now, you can start to attain this, you have to realize it's a mind game, it's all a mind game.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah, we can attain it and we can start by attaining Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset. And can you let folks know where they can find your book?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Sure, so you can find a book just about anywhere, but the Cleanse and Reset can also be found on my website, I hope everyone takes a look, a lot of great information and recipes on there at, no E at the end,

Shawn Stevenson: Perfect. I just loved hanging out with you, I always feel good , I feel such a good energy, you give me like, you get my wheels turning, you get excited and just thank you for coming to hang out with me.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Oh my gosh, you know I love your show, so it's been a thrill, thank you.

Shawn Stevenson: Thank you so much. Everybody, thank you so much for tuning into the show today, I hope you got a lot of value out of this. I'm just really pumped, whenever I'm around her, she just really gets my wheels turning like I said, and I've got so many ideas going, but I know one of the big takeaways for me is a big affirmation talk we heard today, is to really focus my energy, and 2020 is about focusing my energy, saying no to the things that pull my energy away and saying yes to things that add to it, we all have that opportunity.

And I love the analogy she gave to you be the rider of the horse, not the horse, all right. And that's what tends to happen, unless maybe it's a genuine pony, or whatever situation, but generally, we want to be the rider of the horse and kind of directing our lives rather than letting everything direct us. And so for me, just taking time to reset, taking time to maybe clean up our diet and do some things a little bit more strategically when our nutrition is a topic that we're concerned about is of the utmost importance, and all of us have the opportunity to do this.

It's so funny when I think about reset I think about a lot of times even if you're having a tech issue, turn it off, turn it back on. I guess that fixes like 90 percent of problems, you know what I mean? So just taking time to stop, cleanse, reset can be the thing that makes everything work better. So again, pop over there check out the book, Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset, and you can pick it up on her website and we'll put the links for everything in the show. And of course, you can tag us in this episode and let Dr. Kellyann and myself know what you thought about the episode. What's your Instagram?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Dr. Kellyann, and listen to this— Petrucci. So I've got the whole monty but you'll get a lot of good stuff, we have a lot of initiatives coming out on Instagram that are going to be really fun, great info, so Dr.KellyannPetrucci. Just remember, Italiano.

Shawn Stevenson: Yes, I love it. And you're one of the few people I follow and stay up to date on what you're doing, it's such cool stuff. And I'm just pumped for this new book and again thank you for coming and hang out with me.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci: Oh, it's such a pleasure.

Shawn Stevenson: Awesome. Everybody thank you for hanging out with me and again, share this episode out with people that you care about, and we've got some epic stuff coming your way so make sure to stay tuned. Take care, have an amazing day and I'll talk with you soon.

And for more after the show make sure to head over to, that's where you can find all of the show notes, you can find transcriptions videos for each episode and if you've got a comment you can leave me a comment there as well.

And please make sure to head over to iTunes and leave us a rating to let everybody know that the show is awesome. And I appreciate that so much. And take care, I promise to keep giving you more powerful, empowering, great content to help you transform your life. Thanks for tuning in.

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