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TMHS 719: The Surprising Benefits of Cholesterol & Dangers of Statin Drugs

We know that heart disease is the number one killer in the US, claiming one life every 33 seconds. By association, cholesterol has become a dirty word in conventional medicine and in the media. But cholesterol itself is not inherently bad—in fact, cholesterol is a critical compound for human health, responsible for immune health, fetal development, hormone production, and so much more.

The rampant demonization of cholesterol has led to numerous problems like pervasive nutrition myths about healthy foods and the overprescription of statin drugs. On this cholesterol masterclass, you’re going to hear powerful insights from Dr. Jonny Bowden on the topic of cholesterol and heart disease. Dr. Jonny Bowden is a board-certified nutritionist, a best-selling author, and a nationally recognized expert in the field of longevity.

You’ll learn the truth about cholesterol, heart disease, and statin drug usage. This episode contains the best information about cholesterol, including its roles in the body, the problem with current testing methods, in which situations statins are an appropriate treatment, and so much more. Enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What cholesterol is and how it functions in the body.
  • The relationship between cholesterol and myelin.
  • An interesting fact about the cholesterol content in human breastmilk.
  • The role cholesterol plays in creating your sex hormones.
  • Why cholesterol gained a bad reputation & why it does not cause heart disease.
  • How observational studies work.
  • Why most statin therapy is based on outdated science.
  • Which population receives zero benefit from taking statin drugs.
  • Why statins were created, and what type of patient they were developed to treat.
  • The connection between statin usage and cognitive impairment.
  • Which biomarker can actually predict cardiovascular events.
  • How the pharmaceutical industry has created statin overuse.
  • What percentage of Americans suffer from insulin resistance.
  • The link between diabetes and heart disease.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Hi Shawn,

    After listening to this episode, I had to share a story.
    Several years ago, my husband went to a dermatologist to have a mole removed. This was somewhere between 6 and 8 years ago, as he as over 65 but still on my health insurance. They asked him what medications he was and he told them none. He gave the nurses a double bicep flex and asked if he looked like he needed medication. They all got a good laugh.
    About two weeks later, I got a letter from my insurance company. It said, ‘It has come to our attention that your dependent is over 65 and not on any medications. We recommend that he get on a statin right away.’
    Seriously, can’t make this stuff up. A doctor didn’t recommend it, the insurance company did. Naturally, we ignored them. (pun intended).



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