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Aspartame: A Sweetener to Die For

Eighty-five percent of all complaints filed with the FDA are for adverse reactions to aspartame, including deaths.

There are also 90 plus different symptoms reported in the complaints, everything ranging from blindness to insomnia.

With a product being so obviously dangerous for human consumption, why is it still in our food supply today?

Well, the first key is to really know what you’re dealing with… What is aspartame REALLY, and why is it so damaging?  Where did aspartame come from, and how do we avoid having our friends and family fall victim to it?

These are the important questions answered in this exclusive interview, and these are the answers that will help you protect your loved ones from this deadly product.

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Do you know anyone who has had health challenges due to consuming “diet” sodas or other products sweetened with aspartame? Let me know in the comments section below.


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  1. Sucralose
    There are studies to say that sucralose can affect your gut microbiome, this is in many foods we consume such as protein powders, would you suggest avoiding this, and does it mitigate the effects of probiotics?


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  3. Wow. I really like getting my water in with the assistance of the flavor packets, i.e., Chrystal Light or Great Value (Walmart). I’ve been under the weather for sooooo long, there may be a connection. Always very lightheaded/dizzy & tired ALL THE TIME, & OVERWEIGHT! So farewell to my little flavor packs. I’m going to check out ‘Natvia’, that I saw on Tea Lover’s comment.

    1. Sarah, everything happens for a specific reason. Your body has been giving you the feedback that you need to do somethings differently, but we ALL get caught in our patterns until we get a new insight. So glad that you found an inroads to a solution for you. It’s an honor, and thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Shawn,
    I would like to thank you for speaking with me on Monday. I have completed my homework assisgnment by watching your videos. Thanks again!!!!! These are the most informative and factual videos I have ever seen.

  5. for 3 years now i notice every time i would drink soda or some sweet drink i would get nauseous and want to vomit…………???????; and no doctor would explain or diagnose. I believe Aspartame this artificial sweetner is the reason i was having this issue, because when i drink juice using natural raw sugar or honey or fresh squeez juice i would not get this nauseated sick feeling. Thanks for sharing this info Shawn i really appreciate it. i will share this info with everyone i know. It was the Lord that lead me to your website 🙂 be bless. keep up the good work. Andi

  6. Sucralose is the same problem ingredient Arseen and Lead (PB) chemical close to pesticide and age n orange

  7. This is exactly why i use exclusively Natvia. It is the only sweetener i trust. According to their website it is all natural and almost zero calories. I use it without any worries to my health. It tastes great as well!

  8. I’m speechless..i’m one of the blue packet ones. With an open heart, I will share this with my loved ones. This is hard to digest but thank you for helping us, hands down you are the best Shawn!! Love the intro such a great song and very appropriate.

  9. OMG! who know that this “sweetner” was so harmful. I think what the most scariest thing about it is that I know alot of diabetics who use it…… that definitely can not be good for their condition. Thanks for spiting that knowledge Shawn much Love!


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