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What’s The Best Source Of Protein?

This is one of the most popular videos from The Model Health Program.  It’s answering in depth the big question of “Where do you get your protein?”  In this video you’ll learn about:

*The #1 amino acid used by the human body, and what food contains the highest source of it

*The most important thing to do to AVOID wasting 50% of the protein in your food

*The #1 source of protein found in any food in the world! (Many people don’t know this)

*What foods have complete proteins AND antioxidants in them

*All this and more!

Leave your questions or comments below and share what your favorite protein Superfood is!

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  3. Hemp seed, oil and and protein don’t digest very well in my stomach and makes me sneeze. What are some other good protein powder options that aren’t milk or soy based?

  4. This morning my chiropractor and I happened to a conversation about this very subject! I believe it was far more than a coincidence that no more than and hour later, I happened to find a link to this page. I’ve been around 90% raw for over a year now and wondering if I’m getting enough protein. I’ve decided to purchase some hemp protein powder and get back into the delicious art of smoothie making thanks to the information in this video. As far as my favorite protein superfood, I have to go with goji berries. I love the taste of them and love how they help with my eyesight. When I’m reading from books rather than illuminated computer screens, sometimes my eyes start to hurt and go a little blurry. If I eat just a handful of goji berries, my eyes work like new again!

    1. Amazing tip on the Goji Berries Amy! Personally, I’ve been using a lot of spirulina lately… It’s like my body is really craving the protein. Last night I had “Original Style” Guacamole with some spirulina mixed in… WOW! We also came up with an incredible “Green Cheeze” recipe. Today we just decided to begin posting up some new recipes for people to try, so that they can really learn fun ways of incorporating these awesome foods.

      1. Rad!! I can’t wait to get my hands on those recipes : )
        I need a good raw hummus recipe so I can use it in wraps instead of the cooked store bought kind. I’m hoping the hummus you mentioned in the video will be one of the recipes you post. I looked at the three brands of spirulina that Whole Foods carries today but they are all marked as “vegetarian” and not vegan. I may be starting a new job soon that requires me to be 100% vegan and am wondering if spirulina goes against it?

        1. That’s a great question Amy. A lot of people wonder about whether or not the “super algaes” would be classified as vegan. To really be straight about it, it’s one of those things that’s up to the person’s individual perspective. It’s a fine line when you get into things life algaes, mushrooms, and krill. From my years of research I would classify the super-algaes (spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae) as vegan (non-animal) products. ALL food stems from the action of microorganisms. Whether someone is a strict vegan or not, spirulina is a valuable food that’s been used as the primary protein source for civilizations that inhibited places like the great Mexico City for thousands of years. The reason the packaging would say vegetarian, rather than vegan is simply not updating the labeling in response to the updated knowledge of the people who are buying.

          I will DEFINITELY be sharing that hummus recipe in the upcoming weeks. In the mean time, the hummus from our local health food stores are always still really great foods, so enjoy, and keep sharing your insights!


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