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This Spice Can Lower Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar In Check

So many times we miss out on the solutions hiding in plain sight.  Recently Dr. Mercola released an article touting the substantial power of cinnamon to regulate your blood sugar levels.  Cinnamon is a versatile herb that’s long been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.  It’s one of the highest sources of antioxidants of anything known, and it’s usually hiding unsuspectingly (and unused) in the back of your cabinet.

Dr. Mercola sited a 12-week study involving 58 type 2 diabetics.  By implementing just a half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day, the test subjects had significantly lower HbA1c levels, and significantly lower blood pressure as well.  HbA1c is a test that measures the substances formed when glucose attaches to hemoglobin in your blood.  This is known as glycated hemoglobin, and regulating this number is a key in sustaining normal glucose levels.

With any intelligent strategy to reverse diabetes, it’s important to structure a diabetic diet plan that emphasizes removing the cause of the diabetes, as well as adding in potent anti-diabetogenic foods.

One of nutrients found in cinnamon that was not mentioned in the article is chromium.  Chromium is a trace mineral that’s involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates fats and protein.  Chromium is proven to enhance the action of insulin and ward off low blood sugar symptoms.

Cinnamon is a powerhouse spice to extend your energy levels from food and to help you to burn more fat.  It’s easy to add-in, as it’s a delicious spice with sweet and warming notes to it.  Try adding half a teaspoon of cinnamon into some of the following dishes:

*Superfood Smoothies

*Protein Shakes



*Almond milk

*Green smoothies

*Raw Desserts

*Savory soups

*Indian and Thai food dishes

*Your favorite herbal Teas

We strategically added cinnamon to several recipes in my book The Key To Quantum Health.  You can find numerous delicious recipes from nearly all of the categories above inside.  With our high-stress, busy world we need nutritional strategies to help power us through the day without constantly crashing ourselves down.  Take the easy step of adding half a teaspoon of cinnamon in each day to get all the benefits of this phenomenal spice.

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  1. Thanks for posting Shawn!

    I found that the only way to make Spirulina taste good in a smoothie is by adding cinnamon. A little Orange Juice, Cacao and Cinnamon goes a long way in making any green smoothie taste good 🙂

    Mad Dawg Mills

    1. Now we’re talking Ian. Cinnamon in a green shake is a MUST. You’re probably doing what I’m doing and making the green smoothie so green it’s almost black! That’s when you know you’re hitting the chlorophyll button all the way down. The real definition of “Tastes Great : Less Filling”

  2. Thank you for that information Shawn.
    Adding cinnamon to yogurt is good!
    or with a mashed up banana.

  3. That makes a lot of sense. Today is special because I reached my lowest weight/lowest bodyfat % of this year 2010. The more I learn and IMPLEMENT what I learn, the more results I’m getting. I had great success this time of year in 2009, and one of the things I was doing often was having cinnamon. I used to actually buy cinnamon applesauce and then sprinkle more cinnamon in, making it darker. I have ALWAYS loved the taste of cinnamon. Sometimes, I would combine pumpkin spice, allspice, and cinnamon as my favorite combination and put it in things such as applesauce, cinnamon applesauce, or over nearly any flavor icecream and stir it up well. Sometimes I would get the opportunity to that combo in other dishes too. But those were my top fav’s.

    I also consumed a lot of raw apples during that time which seemed to speed up my results. I was far more active and weather was perfect for landscaping/yard work. Yard work is either my number one or tied for number one weight loss exercise. It may have something to do with being in the sun, or the pace of activity, or that I’m usually perspiring and replenishing fluids often, or just being in the outside air. But my cinnamon intake was higher (up to half a teaspoon per day) during that time. So after reading this wonderful article, I can’t help but wonder what results I’ll get if I once again incorporate that into my juices and such and homemade applesauces. The best part is this superspice is pleasing to the pallette!

    1. Excellent Job Seth. You’ve cracked one of the codes that many people miss out on, and that’s just getting out and LIVING LIFE. Moving around doing work/ play outside is THE way to get our bodies in perfect health.

      There’s so many factors that you touched on that were right on the money: Sun (Vitamin D), perspiration (detoxification of the lymph system), change in pace of activity (working fast AND slow twitch muscle fibers), and water (the driver of nature). And you’re like me, I LOVE the taste of cinnamon, and adding in the pumpkin spices, FANTASTIC! It’s fall, so we’ve got pumpkin and squash to add it to in soups, desserts and more. Thanks for the contribution.


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