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TMHS 164: Sex, Drugs, And The Sleep Revolution – With Arianna Huffington

There’s a battle going on for your health. Never before in human history have we had so many things vying for our time and attention. And never before have we had so many things that pull us further and further from our natural state of health and well-being.

Arianna Huffington has become a voice on the frontline leading the charge to take back control of our health. Her winning battle tactic: great sleep.

Arianna was noted at one of The World’s 100 Most influential People by Time magazine and she’s using her platform of influence to help spark The Sleep Revolution.

Your body undergoes the greatest transformation from your diet and exercise while you are asleep. It’s the ultimate pillar of health that actually makes sustainable change happen. Today you’re going to learn how sleep impacts everything from your sex life, to your physical appearance, to your performance at work. Plus, you’ll get proven tips to become a talented sleep warrior so that you can be skilled at getting the best sleep of your life.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The amazing story that enabled Arianna Huffington to create the Huffington Post.
  • What inspired Arianna to become so passionate about sleep wellness.
  • How the industrial revolution became the catalyst for our modern day sleep problems.
  • Why Arianna says that sleep deprivation is the new smoking.
  • Why melatonin is actually a big player in fat loss.
  • What Arianna’s evening sleep ritual looks like.
  • Why we need sleep to metabolize stress.
  • Why you might want to consider changing your relationship with your alarm clock.
  • The shocking impact that common sleep medications have on your body.
  • What role our dreams play in our lives.
  • How sleep is intimately connected to beauty and sexual attraction.
  • How our food choices impact our sleep quality.


Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  2. Hi Shawn
    Thank you so much for all your information you have provided to the public! I just finished listening to your podcast with Arianna about sleep and loved it. It made me think about what you would recommend for new parents with babies? How would these new families combate the sleep deprivation that comes when having a newborn? These poor moms and dads have such a demand on them to keep up with life and their other family members all while missing tons of sleep? Thank you for your input=)

  3. What about people working different hours like nurses,emergency workers,police,people working night shift and mothers with babies.

    1. Miro, great question. I addressed this in-depth in Sleep Smarter in Chapter 6. Do you have a copy yet? Bottomline, with the World Health Organization and other major entities confirming that overnight work is a class 2A or stronger carcinogen, there has to be something done about this. Shift work is an entirely different story from mother’s with babies. I talk about that in a new episode of my other show, The Good Dad Project.


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