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The Secrets of Raw Chocolate

The benefits of chocolate range from DNA protection to the production of healthy hormones. Raw Chocolate, also known as Cacao, has been long revered for it’s remarkable effects on brain function, heart function, as well as the endocrine system. This video gives you a powerful assessment of the benefits of Cacao.

In this video you’ll learn:

*THE #1 source of antioxidants of ANY food

*Why this food makes your brain work better

*The hormone people are missing out on that has them irritable and agitated

*The #1 mineral deficiency responsible for heart disease and where YOU can find it (Critical to know!)

*And much more!

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  1. Hello, I was at your last seminar where you mixed the energy drinks. You mentioned something about weight loss for a student who was in danger of loosing his scholarship. Did you say he drink apple cider vinegar and ate hemp seeds? I can’t remember and I really need to know. I have a serious weight problem (waist area) and need to loose badly. I also love eating raw chocolate with raw honey and can’t wait for the benefits!! I appreciate all you do for health!! Darlene

    ps. I purchased your book at the first seminar you hosted in Clayton!

    1. Hi, Darlene. I first want to commend you for stepping in and doing something about getting your health the way that you want it. It’s so honorable, and the most significant part is to continuously take action! What I recommended in that case was apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. He would eat the coconut oil straight a few times a day. And at different points in the day he would take the apple cider vinegar (ACV).

      It’s important to note that everything is body specific, so the amounts and the strategy are going to very from person to person. The ACV was so helpful because it’s building the hydrochloric acid and friendly flora in the digestive system. The reality is that most people are overweight because there digestive system is shoot and they can’t properly metabolize food. Since you live in our local area, I see clients several days during the week at my office designing body specific protocols to help them get the results they want with the least amount of effort.

      You can send me a message a if you’d like to work with me and help you get in INCREDIBLE shape this year! Coconut oil and ACV are valuable supplements, but you may be a high-protein type and need to design a diet strategy around that to work with your unique metabolism. If I can be of service, let me know. And thanks so much for contributing and taking action!


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