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The Lap Band Deception

The number of Bariatric Lap-Band surgeries have been rapidly increasing every year.  It’s a clear indication that many people are VERY serious about losing weight, but the actual cost of lap-band surgery may actually be their own life.

New reports are showing more and more of the long-term effects of this procedure, and the results are unsettling to say the least.

This exclusive interview is a must for anyone you know who is struggling with their weight and looking for new options to help them get there.

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In this interview you’ll learn:

*Why the lap-band procedure results in the MAJORITY of patients needing surgery to deal with complications and failed function

*What’s been discovered as the biggest deficiency is people who have bariatric surgery

*What 3 keys you can employ to get some significant weight loss and avoid the surgery if you choose to

*How to help a loved one (or yourself) when they are making the decision to have bariatric surgery

*And more!

Here is the video mentioned in the interview (warning this is graphic surgery if you have an uneasy stomach).

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  1. I really thought about going this route but I am so glad that you shed light on this issue. There is a bunch of people at my job that have done this and yes they got the results but at what cost?! Thanks Shawn once again because I was really looking into getting this procedure done. However, I didnt because I felt uneasy about it.

    1. Rose, I want to commend your courage and heart to choose not to obstruct your body in that way. You should be really proud of yourself for standing up for what’s real and natural. I know that it’s been tough, but the reward is there for those who position themselves to achieve the results they want.

  2. Shawn,
    I am so glad that you talked about this! I know so many people that have taken this route with weight loss and someone very close to me recently had this surgery. My sister thought that this was her last resort. I really tried to talk to her and help her but she couldn’t “see the forest for the trees.” She has lost weight yes but her body has problems ingesting nutrients. She is vitamin D deficient and her body is not absorbing calcium. It is very upsetting because she hasn’t really changed her eating habits at all. I could go on and on and on about this and you are correct that this needs to be talked about. Thank You for discussing this because it’s a real issue in our society.



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