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Open Letter to Politifact and Other Fact-Checking Organizations


Thank you for extending the conversation with the Politifact article inspired by my post. The article said that I was contacted for a further comment, however I can’t seem to find any contact attempt. And I’d like to clarify some points in hopes that a true point of accuracy is reached.

Please note, I’m a research scientist, clinician, author of one international bestselling book and one USA Today National bestselling book. My books are in libraries and doctor’s offices all over the world, largely on the weight of them being well-referenced, evidence-based, and practical. I’ve lectured at, consulted with, or worked alongside colleagues everywhere from NYU to Harvard to the Cleveland Clinic and countless other educational institutions and patient care facilities. I’ve been in this field for nearly 20 years obsessively working in research, education, and training. I’m not just some guy on the internet. I take this work very seriously.

That said, the analysis done on the data I shared was remarkably rudimentary and deflected from huge pieces of data that could be helpful and even lifesaving for people. I’m not sharing this data to be controversial. I want face masks to be an effective protective measure. I’m sharing the data because it exists and it is routinely ignored or cherry-picked with a clear politicized-type slant. That’s not science and it’s not ethical. If you’re coming into it with your mind made up and an immovable cognitive bias, you’re going to miss the data right in front of you time and time again. If the goal is to be truly ethical and helpful, then I invite you to review these peer-reviewed studies and include them in clear language in the article.

1) An overwhelming amount of randomized controlled trials exist demonstrating that masks are ineffective in reducing the spread of viral infections. For example, this one published in the prestigious peer-reviewed journal the BMJ titled “A CLUSTER RANDOMIZED TRIAL OF CLOTH MASKS COMPARED WITH MEDICAL MASKS IN HEALTHCARE WORKERS” included 14 healthcare settings. The participants were randomized into three different groups: One group wore medical masks at all times on their work shift; a second group wore cloth masks at all times on their shift; a third group (the control group) were allowed general practice which included intermittent mask-wearing, instances of no mask-wearing, and significantly lower time worn when you analyze the rate of compliance.

The study found that the use of medical masks were not statistically significant at reducing rates of viral infection versus the control group (but there was a small potential benefit noted, which any scientist would be ok with noting–though the emphasis should be that it’s not statistically significant). But what’s most useful about this study, and what could be helpful to the public and our healthcare workers, is that healthcare workers wearing cloth masks were upwards of 13 times more likely to experience a viral-type infection than those wearing medical masks. The researchers cautioned against wearing cloth masks due to moisture retention and poor filtration, yet, our citizens, including children, are now advised to wear them for hours a day. And when Politifacts could be stepping up to protect them by AT LEAST cautioning them against cloth masks and using surgical masks instead, the data is ignored and focused on cherry-picking from the work of good scientists.

Another peer-reviewed study, a meta-analysis of 19 RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS published in The International Journal of Nursing Studies examined the effectiveness of masks in reducing infections in 8 community settings, 6 healthcare settings, and 5 as source control. The study results found that in healthcare settings “Medical masks were not effective, and cloth masks even less effective.” Very clear language. And, though there “appeared” to be possible benefit in the community setting, if you actually read the references that the evidence is pulled from (which takes time and the ability to actually process the fullness of the research) you’ll see repeated references like this one from Aiello et al. published in PLoS One titled “FACEMASKS, HAND HYGIENE, AND INFLUENZA AMONG YOUNG ADULTS: A RANDOMIZED INTERVENTION TRIAL” finding that although they “observed a substantial reduction in the incidence of influenza infection in the face mask and hand hygiene group compared to the control, this estimate was not statistically significant. There were no substantial reductions in influenza-like illness or laboratory-confirmed influenza in the face mask only group compared to the control.” 

Again, when I say there are no randomized controlled trials proving the effectiveness of masks in the real world, it’s not to be controversial. If you have the ability to actually understand the data then you’d know this to be true. And, if there happened to be small evidence found in RCTs demonstrating mask effectiveness, why then would you ignore the bulk of the data demonstrating that they’re not effective and, in the case of cloth masks, potentially increasing the risk of infections? Just because it’s inconvenient and doesn’t fit into your preconceived narrative, it does not mean that the data doesn’t exist. It exists. And I would hope that you’d have the honor and integrity to acknowledge that.

2) Addressing the studies on mask effectiveness in specific relationship to COVID-19. The article you did on the evidence I shared conveniently left out the CDCs randomized controlled trial that included patients with confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 revealing that over 70% of them reported strictly adhering to mask mandates and always wore their mask, while only 4% of confirmed cases were found in people who reported never wearing a mask. And (despite the relatively small percentage of them overall going out to eat and removing their mask) the control group, who did NOT go out to eat as often, still contracted illnesses even with their high mask compliance. Almost 75% of the people who got sick in this group reported always wearing their mask, while just 3% reported that they never wore a mask.

Of course, there are many variables that can sway this data in different directions. But the results of the study exist. Not only that, it’s reported by the CDC, the very source of evidence that so much of the news is pointing to. Yes, you can “fact check” and point out the variables that can sway the results of the study. But why not do that same thing for the cookie-cutter studies you use as affirmative evidence in your fact checking efforts? Like the study published in The Science of The Total Environment which is a COMPARATIVE STUDY that simply calls out a perceived pattern in mask wearing in different states. Finding patterns and making connections like that, WITHOUT evidence of what the actual intervention that helped was (like increased distancing, handwashing, lower rates of preexisting diseases, etc), is called a post hoc fallacy. These types of studies, that your organization is glorifying, are open to massive biases. And to knowingly post them to discredit real world randomized controlled trials, that use a SPECIFIC intervention to measure a SPECIFIC OUTCOME from that intervention, is unethical and not remotely close to efficacious science.

Saying masks reduced the spread of infections in that comparative study ignores countless other factors that could influence the outcome. And what about the two (versus seven) states with mask mandates that DIDN’T see a decrease in cases during the study period? Can you just explain that away? You can assume that the people wearing masks in the states that saw success were wearing their mask correctly and being honest, but when it comes to the other states and the real world RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIALS demonstrating that masks are ineffective, you can quickly pivot to the deflection point that these people weren’t wearing their mask correctly or not being honest in their reporting. At least be consistent in your deflection tactics.

The same thing holds true for the Danish Study which, again, demonstrates that masks are ineffective in reducing the spread of viral infections to a significant degree. The data that I shared (being able to decipher more poignant aspects of the evidence than someone less educated and experienced who may be “fact checking”) highlighted that participants who were reported to wear their masks “EXACTLY AS INSTRUCTED” at all times contracted SARS-CoV-2 infections 2.0% of the time versus the control group WHO DID NOT WEAR MASKS contracting SARS-CoV-2  infections 2.1% of the time. The infection rate, contrary to the popular narrative, is almost exactly the same. In fact, the researchers who did the work of orchestrating a RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL that you claim to be “scant” and hard to find, in a population where masks were not normalized and added as a measurable intervention, concluded that, “after analyzing a variety of different patient characteristics, we did not find a subgroup where face masks were effective at levels of statistical significance,” and “In this community-based, randomized controlled trial, a recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at levels of statistical significance, the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infections compared with no mask recommendation.” The evidence exists. At least have the integrity to honor that. You can talk about the controversial variables in a study whenever it’s convenient, but not use that same level of scrutiny on the truly “scant” data that exists demonstrating that masks are effective.

For instance, there’s the ragtag compilation of OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES published in The Lancet that has become one of the de facto references for people who don’t actually understand scientific evidence. How hard is it to understand these are mainly OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES and COMPARABLE STUDIES? If you’re going to be a fact-checker, at least understand the difference and continuously note the fact that these types of studies are open to massive biases on a tremendous number of variables. And, if you truly have the integrity, you can actually READ THE REFERENCES of the studies you’re purporting as fact. Again and again, you’ll see that the evidence in these studies directly contradict each other and (often) disprove the assumption taken by non-educated readers.

For example, reference 5 in the Lancet study, published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that of 413 healthcare workers caring for the confirmed cases of COVID-19, 11 had unprotected exposure, yet NONE of them contracted the infection. And reference 31 from MedRxiv – BMJ/Yale finding that, “Compared to (not wearing) masks there was no reduction of influenza-like illness (ILI) cases or influenza (by wearing) masks in the general population, nor in healthcare workers. There was also no difference between surgical masks and N95 respirators for ILI or influenza.” And reference 60 from Emerging Infectious Disease detailing how a series of unmasked healthcare workers and household members were in close contact with an infected patient and didn’t get infected concluded, “This investigation documents that, under certain circumstances, SARS-CoV is not readily transmitted to close contacts, despite ample unprotected exposures.” Not to mention reference 7 from Science of The Total Environment stating, “Our results concur with a recent published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which indicated SARS-CoV-2 could not be transmitted by an airborne route, suggesting that airborne transmission is not driving the pandemic.” I could go on and on. To keep referencing this Lancet study, as if it’s remotely credible, is a clear indication of how inexperienced in understanding data the authors of your “fact checking” articles are.

Additionally, ignoring the data from the randomized controlled trials done in the REAL WORLD demonstrating that masks are ineffective, in favor of deflecting to observational studies NOT BASED IN THE REAL WORLD, where test subjects are putting masks on and off and coughing into an apparatus, is just as ignorant. Just like the study used to “debunk” the validity of the RCTs I’ve repeatedly shared, this study from Nature Medicine assumes the effectiveness of masks by having participants breathe/cough into a collection apparatus. This time it was a G-II bioaerosol collecting device. To repeat, this on and off duration of mask use and direct collection of particles neglects how viruses travel in the real world, how aerosols and droplets travel above, below, through, and out the sides of a mask, and how the duration of mask usage makes them exceedingly less effective. This study, again, is incredibly shortsighted and does NOT demonstrate how effective masks are in the real world. Which, for the final time, you can find an abundance of well-constructed, randomized controlled trials, conducted in REAL WORLD SETTINGS, demonstrating that masks are ineffective at reducing the spread of viral infections if you care to look. And if you’re truly dedicated to sharing the facts about what’s happening in our world to really help our citizens thrive, you’ll do it. Because the thing that has not been expressed is the THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating how we can reduce the spread of viral infections, decrease susceptibility, and decrease the severity of symptoms by optimizing sleep quality, having some regular movement practices, improving nutrition, and reducing excessive stress.

For example, have you reviewed the study cited in the European Journal of Physiology detailing how sleep deprivation suppresses the production and performance of our immune cells leading to immunodeficiency? Did you know that the very immune cells that defend our bodies against SARS-CoV-2 infected cells are made from the food, water, and oxygen you consume? You’d think these three things would receive more attention. Especially with nearly 80 percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients being clinically overweight or obese. But that’s science being real science. That’s science being solutions-oriented. That’s science addressing the real underlying causes and susceptibility to an illness.

3) The final thing that was left out of the data I shared regarding mask effectiveness was the overwhelming amount of evidence showing how haphazard mask wearing can be hazardous to human health. Like this controlled clinical study published in the journal Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control finding that within 15 minutes of wearing an N95 mask, healthcare workers experienced a reduction in volume of air displaced between inhalation and exhalation by 23%, it reduced the volume of gas inhaled or exhaled specifically from their lungs each minute by 25.8%, it reduced their volume of overall oxygen consumption by 13.8%, and their ability to expire carbon dioxide was reduced by 17.7%. How about you fact check that and tell the world about it? Really do something to help educate and protect people. Especially our healthcare workers.

You can also tell them about this study published in the journal Ergonomics finding that, even at low work rates, wearing a mask contributed to significantly higher levels of CO2 rebreathing… with notable side effects such as fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and muscular weakness. You do understand these symptoms are indicative of restricted breathing and the onset of harmful biological dysfunction? Just focusing on ONE of these warning signs being headaches, when encouraged to wear masks, this study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that nearly 52 percent of healthcare workers developed mask-related de novo headaches.

Again, I can go on and on. Every study that actually LOOKS to find negative side effects from wearing a mask finds it. It’s just a matter of whether you care enough to look. Then, using a simple cost-benefit analysis, we can determine how much of this is ethical based on the plethora of randomized controlled trials in the real world demonstrating the ineffectiveness of masks in reducing the spread of viral infections, coupled with the potential dangerous side effects of wearing a mask for extended amounts of time. Combine that data with the millions of people now required to wear masks for hours a day to be able to make an income to support their family, and children all over the country being required to wear a mask for hours a day to be able to go to school and get an education. Ask yourself if this is ok. Ask yourself if this makes logical sense based on real world facts and not assumptions. And ask yourself where you’ll stand on the side of history when all of this comes to light.

All best,

Shawn Stevenson

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  1. Thank you for researching and speaking the truth. Please continue to boldly stand up for what is right in the face of media who is tainted with corrupt politics.

  2. Thank you Shawn, I can’t even believe the great deception that is upon is. What can you expect when you live in an unhealthy society that they would believe otherwise when their Government tells them they are here to save them.

  3. I hope this is seen and read carefully by the intended audience. It’s becoming increasingly clearer these so-called fact checkers are out to silence anyone who doesn’t support the mainstream narrative. I’m so happy there are professionals like you who are willing to speak up and have the courage to tell the full story, even if that means being censored, threatened, or straight up harassed. I’m sure we don’t know half of it Shawn. Thank you for all you do! You, sir, are doing a great deed for mankind!

  4. Thank you for all you do, Shawn! I pray for you everyday and that your voice of reason is heard far & wide! I look forward to every podcast and share it with family and friends!

  5. It truly doesn’t matter how much information you provide to most people. Their minds are made up (for them by the mainstream media and worshiped cult figures like Fauci). 5200 reported deaths on VAERS by the jab and counting. 25000 serious injuries. Fearing a virus that primarily affects the very old and obese over an experimental jab with no long term studies shows you the power of fear to motivate people to do things to themselves they would normally never consider.

  6. Thank you from the bottom of the heart of the universe for all that you do. Much love, Shawn!

  7. Thank you so much for all you are doing! Insane we even have to be fighting for the freedom to be in control of our own health!

  8. Critical thinking at its best, thank you for the information. I look forward to your podcast every week. Preach!!

  9. Thank you Shawn! I am so happy that you are calling these people out. The main thing I love about everything you post is how well researched it is- and that you include all the references. When you did the mask documentary, you found articles that I believed were already suppressed because I could no longer find them in my searches. Thank you for all you do!

  10. So thankful you have continued to speak up about all these things. Your podcasts have continued to empower me and my family to take control of our health from the first one I listened to years ago up to the recent ones during the last year. To know your passion for this is to know that what you share is truly to help. I have shared many of your podcasts to people that are on the fringe of doubt in what they have been told by the media so they have a different perspective. Loved the article too on the negative perspective of the media – I told friends a couple months in to the shut down last year to stop watching the news. And that article confirms so much about fear and anxiety. Thank you – thank you for always using your platform for good versus doing what is easy.

  11. I love how you examine all the facts and logically, calmly explain. I totally agree that we all have to work more in prevention of disease… looking at the food we eat and out daily activities. We need to figure out the underlying cause of things rather than just throw drugs at the problem . ( obviously that is the way most if our health care works now… and the reason we have the opioid epidemic, etc. etc. ) Great , logical article… keep on fighting for us all!!

  12. Your next book should be “Breathe Smarter” or just… “Be Smarter”! 🙂 Your work is amazing, don’t stop, can’t stop!

  13. I’m so so so glad you wrote this. It is well written and well thought out. I’ll bet you didn’t get a response though. It would break the narrative to pieces.

  14. Shawn’s research exposes the flaws in the way that the media and government has portrayed mask wearing at the time of COVID-19, and I hope that more people are exposed to the real science, not just what is being forced in society at the detriment of our health.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this information with the public. I wish more people would take the time to read it and help themselves… just another instance of what is happening and has happened in our country. Maybe if you packaged it up and gave it away free with a Big Mac in the drivethru… you would still have to have someone else read it for most because our society just wants a 10 second clip… immediate gratification. and so many will suffer because of that attitude. I will share this and hope to help make some changes. Keep going Shawn, we need more on the front lines like YOU!

  16. Thank you for your time and energy put into researching this topic. the information presented is real and important. it is not conspiracy theories or false information. as a society we need to stop relying on big pharma to treat our symptoms and instead learn how to be more healthy and resilient. we need to be able to examine all points of view as science is rarely absolute.

  17. Shawn Stevenson! You have delivered again. Your insight, wisdom, and delivery of vital information for our health and wellbeing is above the rest. It is the fact-checking truth bomb we need to wake up our communities and our country!
    I am a parent of two small children who recently received a library book called “Heroes Wear Masks” published by Sesame Street, a beloved children’s production. Weekly we ask our library for books and our librarian selects them, this is because our library remains closed here in Connecticut! Sad and interesting selection might I add. I read it to myself, and was saddened that this is the message the media and our government wants to send our children! Your research and reference to these very important research studies and publications shares the fallacy that our media, schools, and government has created to “keep people safe, “do your part!” It needs to stop and your words and writings are helping this very important fight.
    You know how we can do our part?, We can hug an elderly neighbor who has been alone for over a year and is now navigating the loneliness and fear pandemic (this is the pandemic that will follow), we can take our power back and harness the true healing we have INSIDE each ONE of us, by walking in nature (without a mask), fueling our bodies with the food that you gallantly share in your podcast and amazing book “Eat Smarter!,” SLEEP, laugh, connect with one another! BUT not once has our media shared this campaign. Real Heroes, such as yourself, share truth and question carefully! Real Heroes, take care of themselves and their neighbors with love, eat healthy whole foods, and visit the great outdoors.

    Thank you for bravely sharing this information, it is needed in a pandemic whose main theme is fear and staying 6 feet apart. You are a crusader and I look forward to listening to your podcast and sharing your wisdom with my family, friends, and in my mental health practice!

  18. I’m so anxious to know if the “fact checker” responded to your letter? They are probably a deer in headlights after reading it. It’s a shame that the good and true information isn’t being shared and that it’s being “fact checked” by idiots. I love your books and your podcast. Thank you for sharing the truth!!

  19. Shawn,
    This was VERY well written!!

    I found this fact quite interesting: ” healthcare workers wearing cloth masks were upwards of 13 times more likely to experience a viral-type infection than those wearing medical masks”

    Thanks for pushing back on the “facts.” Your commitment makes me very happy.


  20. This message was fire. Will be sharing with friends and family. Do you have any content on Narcolepsy? I would really love some solutions on what to do if you have Narcolepsy, and just any ways you can combat it and restore energy. That could be an idea for a next podcast episode!

    Thanks Shawn

  21. What an amazing letter. Shawn, your podcast has really changed the way I look at health and has given me the confidence to be an advocate and share what I’ve learned to other people. In the last year, especially, I have used what I learn from you to clean up the food I buy and prepare for my family and the products we use. I appreciate all you and your team does at TMHS.

    It is a real shame that science is being so censored and politicized. What a disservice it is having on us as citizens, especially our children. I don’t think anyone is quite prepared to see what the aftermath of all this will be. That being said, I am hopeful for the future. I will be sharing this open letter to my friends and family in an attempt to shine more light on this topic.

    I would like to echo many other commentors with a request for an episode on vaccination and if it’s necessary. Keep doing an amazing job!

  22. Shawn, I’ve been following you for years. Your stance on the events of the past year has been refreshing. I am so encouraged that you truly follow the science and are not willing to compromise and give into the false narrative that has been relentless this past year. I also appreciate the way your present the information in a non-emotional, logical, and rational way that allows me to easily share it out with others. I appreciate all of your research and look forward to your continued insights into health and wellness. Thank you for everything you do!

  23. Thank you Thank You THANK YOU for this well written evidence based break down!! You, Shawn, are such a spectacular person. Love this, love your podcast, love your commitment to the human race and planet 💗

  24. Thank you for all the work ‘behind the scenes’ allowing us to see what really is going on, for stepping up to be the voice. My biggest thing has been switching off social media sites and listening to real research from people like you that care about us as humans and not what will get us more seats, wins etc. We need to do more for our children and the future world. Reading this has opened my eyes more to how much of the information that we are being told is inaccurate. I will be sharing this in the hope that people start to listen.

  25. Shawn thank you so much for your content! It has helped me in so many ways. That podcast with Dr. Bruce Lipton when you said the best pharmacy in the world is your own immune system blew my mind! And that fear of getting sick is what stresses you out, which in turn makes you sick. That was so empowering to walk away knowing that! This article will definitely be shared with friends and fam. Does any of your content address Narcolepsy? I was just diagnosed in October and really looking for things I can do to combat that. If you have any knowledge to pass on about this topic maybe that could be a podcast episode! Thank you bro, you have literally changed my life.

  26. Thank you Shawn for sharing the real scientific truth. I am so grateful that I found your podcast recently. You share so much good scientific health information in a real and passionate way.

  27. That was riveting!!! It blows my mind that so much of this is so biased, then couple it with social media becoming a more dominant news source than the actual news. Real education like this is what people need to pull away the veil of ignorance.

  28. Fantastic information, thank you for making it public, I am definitly sharing this. I had no idea there were so many studies done on masking wearing! I’ll admit, I had no idea that there was a significant difference between medical masks and cloth masks when it came to humidity. I value your art of fact checking and researching, you are one of my mentors and I am absolutely loving your new book Eat Smart. I purchased it on audible, but I quickly realized I wanted the print version for highlighting, notes, and referencing. I’m so excited to read your Eat Smarter & Sleep Smarter book too! I would love more content surrounding viral infection protection/prevention and immune health, but one area I am personally interested in learning more about is supplements. You touch on it in your Eat Smart book, but I would love and in depth break down on what suplements you should or shouldn’t take, why, and more on how taking supplements impacts your liver, etc. As a family of 5, me, hubby, 2 teens, and one pre-teen, we spend a good chunck of change on supplements yearly. I often wonder if I’m doing it right and making the right investments. There are times when I wonder if I should put more money towards buying a certain food organic, grass-fed, etc. and go through the process of incorperating it into our weekly diet or saving in that area and purchasing a high quality supplement that won’t go bad in my fridge instead. It’s very time consuming to do all the research for this stuff, so thank you again. You’re work you share on all your platforms is highly valued, we are tuned in and paying attention so please keep it coming. Blessings!

  29. Truth. Keep speaking it Shawn. As a certified Health and Nutritional Coach and student in the process of obtaining a Master Trainer Certification it’s intriguing how science, physiology and biology can be overlooked (I put that euphemistically) when there’s profit and power to be obtained. Health clubs mandating masks during training in face of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and the fact that TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) can be hindered by restricting one’s oxygen long term. All this makes no sense unless viewed from a political and ulterior motive standpoint. There’s a limit to hormesis if that’s anyones argument. Human beings were simply not designed to be masked 24/7 and it’s illogical to believe that doing so would not have in some way, shape or form and detrimental effect on our biology. Health and medical proffessionals are literally having to throw out what they’ve learned throughout their education to in order to make sense of all this and to believe what the biased and less educated fact checkers assert. Shawn…you rock sir. Thank you for what you do.

  30. Thank you for spreading truths in this time where lies and propaganda seem to be ruling the agenda. I admire the work you’re doing and the risk you’re taking in pursuing tackling these issues.
    I am trying to do my part in spreading this word even further by encouraging others within my family and friends to read your work and challenge what we’re being told by the media and politicians.
    Thank you.

  31. Wearing a mask not only does not help stop contracting any kind of virus, but also puts people, particularly children at risk of respiratory conditions if masking is gonna be a rule continuously.
    There should be an un-masking of ‘fear’ initially.
    I also would love for you Shawn to speak into ‘excessive/obsessive/compulsive sanitization . From what I have learnt, it can only support in reducing the strength of our immune system to combat even minor kind of germs. Don’t we naturally need some healthy bacteria to keep away the dangerous ones?
    It worries me to see how some parents throw ounces of those drops into kids forcefully making them use it.

  32. Ya’ll heard that mic drop right?????
    Thank you Shawn as always for coming correct with the research, facts, and references to back it all up! Thanks again for highlighting the key many seem to be missing: that the mask has been paraded as this magical shield when the truth is far from it. As is the norm in our society, focusing on masking symptoms (pun intended) is the “go-to”, rather than focusing on and finding solutions to the root cause. Because of your voice, we continue to keep our eyes open and honest and for this I am truly grateful.

  33. I have followed you for a while now since before the virus hit and have listened to your podcast and watched your videos and researched some of your research. Love ya! I work in a large healthcare system as a nurse and when this all began tried and tried to reach out to as many people as I could so spread the word on actual research supportive evidence of masks. I sent your video to the director and cno of my hospital. I was ignored. I sent more emails. Finally cornered the CNO and the only answer they gave is that it would be too detrimental to go against the grain of what others were doing. I have continued to educate people on my unit, my patients, and other staff of the importance of true health and actually researching answers instead of being “TOLD” especially by media what is right. You were discussing the side effects of the mask and isolation long before anyone else and I have seen it all first hand. Our kids are being so impacted in such a neg6way right now. My kids have grown up knowing the importance of real health and how to obtain it. Thanks you so much for your continued efforts. It’s more appreciated than you will ever know. And I’m finishing your book now!!!!! Love it. Thanks Mallory

  34. I discovered your podcast and your books a few months ago and the knowledge and perspectives you share have been truly life-changing! Throughout this pandemic there have been so many illogical and random practices mandated and forced upon us that make absolutely no sense yet the simple things that DO make sense (that you so eloquently share on all your platforms) get no play. Yet people are shamed and made to feel they are uncaring, ignorant, and/or selfish for questioning the efficacy of wearing masks. I am 100,000% with you on the fact that the bigger underlying health crises (poor nutrition, poor sleep, obesity, compromised immune systems due to these underlying risk factors) should be at the forefront of all conversations regarding preventing the spread of Covid-19 and all the other equally deadly and more rampant diseases plaguing the world, as well as future viruses and outbreaks. But those critically important messages get zero attention while the media continues spinning their fear-mongering narrative of social isolation and mask wearing as being what MUST be done to save lives. Thank you for your careful research, your courage to stand up for what needs to be said and done to truly save more lives!

  35. Thank you for sharing your expertise on this matter. It frightens me to think of all the medical problems that lie ahead, on a variety of fronts, from what has happened in this past year

  36. I truly appreciate the research you have done to support your findings of the science behind mask wearing! It is a “breath of fresh air” hearing from someone who is not just speaking their voice to be heard but backing that voice up with valid statistics and studies. You have no political agenda, just an agenda of helping others live their healthiest and best life possible. Thank you!

  37. Absolutely fantastic presentation of clear, undeniable research, in a language most anyone can comprehend. Preach on brotha!

  38. I admire your work so much. This frustrates me to no end-the focus on things that aren’t at the crux of the problem. I guess I don’t fully understand the why of it. Why isn’t the truth being told and talked about in mainstream media?

  39. Thank you so much Shawn for the effort you have put into this. I know it’s not easy to go against the narrative and you have done so methodically so that us laypeople can understand the science. I watched your documentary about masks back in the summer and upon sharing it with my friends, I had one person say: “even a .1% reduction means less people will die” and that seeded doubt in my mind. But as you mention, it is not statistically significant and that is only for people who wear their masks “exactly as instructed.” I wish we could have an observational study seeing how many people actually wear their masks as instructed. And even if we did, as in the case of the RCTs you mention, we would still not find masks to be effective. Thank you for sharing!!!

  40. Thanks for sharing your findings! You do an awesome job of breaking down and explaining hard to read reports! Thank you for putting your neck out there and sharing data that is not part of the narrative! As a teacher who is required to wear a mask…. I appreciate your voice of reason! Maybe the higher ups will see the facts and start eliminating their mandates.

  41. Thanks Shawn, for your letter, and not being afraid to speak out about this important information! I appreciate your podcast and books too.

  42. My mom started her career working in a surgical unit in the 1980’s. Surgical masks are worn to attempt to protect the wearer from blood and other liquids splattering during surgery and to attempt to keep the surgeons mouth bacteria from getting on cut open flesh and blood. They were never created to prevent illness in someone else. The only reason this has gone on for this long is because doctors (who know better) are afraid to lose their licenses for speaking out. Public health organizations who are in bed with our governments are a menace to society at this point.

  43. Shawn, I appreciate this so much! This is an important conversations that needs to be had.
    I’d love to learn more about the effects of long term mask wearing on children, not just physically by psychologically too.

    You’re the best! Keep doing this good work man!

  44. Thank you for everything you do Shawn! I’m an avid listener of your podcast and follow your work. I really appreciate your ability to share research in an easily digestible way and you’re not afraid to share your findings even if they go against the mainstream messaging. I did listen to your podcast where you review these studies and findings so i can’t pinpoint something new that I learned but I enjoyed re-absorbing the information nonetheless 🙂

  45. Thank you so much Shawn for not giving up and continuing to battle these people on this subject. I can’t imagine the frustration you must feel at times.

  46. WOW Shawn you never cease to amaze me! Very thorough and well written. If people do not see your passion in doing extensive research and simplifying it for everyone to easily understand, this world is regressing. You have been godsend in my life and I know there are others that feel the same. You have come so far in your career as a science educator, health coach, author, motivator, and advocate for many, you continue to stand your post and unlike many who are bought out, you are priceless. You are such a great role model of what authenticity is. I have shared this open letter to family and friends hoping they will share it with others. You are special and you continue to mark your legacy here on earth. I am grateful for doing all the work for us! You truly are incredible!

  47. I am so glad I read this article and confirm that my common sense was not wrong.

    It’s refreshing to see someone actually talking about the real issues behind this pandemic.
    I have followed your work for some time and I can tell you truly care.

    The biggest lesson is that we are responsible of our own health, not the doctors or the government. Taking responsibility and making better choices is the only real protection against any virus.

  48. Amazing- thank you for taking the time to research, find the truth, and communicate it so well. Thank you for leading us to a world of more truth and love! You speaking out is creating change and I will be sharing this with my family. Thank you!

  49. Thank you for sharing actual facts. They’re ridiculously hard to find these days.

  50. I stand with Shawn Stevenson in support of real world data and peer reviewed science instead of politically cherry-picked “facts” that fit the social media controlled corporate agenda of the day. The censorship of real science and scientific voices is criminal. Lives hang in the balance. People deserve to learn all the available data for themselves, including NEW data and even studies that come to differing conclusions. NO ONE knows what the long term impacts will be of forcing people to wear masks and cloth face coverings for hours on end for an entire year (and counting). But these studies Shawn has compiled suggest we might be facing a far worse health crisis than covid because of this obsession with face masking. It has to stop. Thank you, Shawn, for everything you do!

  51. Thank you Shawn for speaking up and reaching out! We are greater together and many, maybe then will they take notice. Disinformation is rife today and that is our enemy. To wake up is an honour I wish on all our brothers and sisters so that we can fight back and take what

  52. Finally, someone I trust speaking out against the suppression of information and scientific data that doesn’t fit a political agenda. Well done. You are well documented and have done due diligence. You deserve to be heard and respected for your stance.

  53. As always, your work is well presented and well researched. I have been listening to you since your first podcast, and I always learn something new. Thank you for all your hard work.

  54. Amen!Shawn! I work with children on a daily basis and firmly believe we all need to breathe real air, germs included, eat more -freshly dug veggies/dirt or at least walk barefoot in dirt/ earth on a daily basis, love more w real hugs and physical interaction to include facial language, sleep well and repeat! Your messages are spot on and I thank you for being true to our needs as we journey through this life to our real home in heaven.

  55. There is so many great points here! People need to be made aware! Something I would be interested in seeing more information about is covid cases in relation to the gyms. Gyms are still open where I am (under strict protocol) and not a single case has come out of there. But, other places aren’t so lucky and have their gyms closed completely. Why the difference from province to province or state to state? What do they base this on? So many people need the gyms not only for physical health, but mental health, as well. Thank you for everything you do Shawn! Keep working hard and showing up as you do! You are amazing!

  56. Thanks for speaking truth, thanks for living your talk. I will pass this information on.

  57. Interesting. My 4-year-old grandson is required to wear a mask at daycare. Of course all of the little ones are wearing cloth masks.
    Also, if masks are so effective, why are my friends still getting strep throat, colds and pneumonia?

  58. Excellent letter!! You are really good with words Shawn! Much of this content I have seen already via your Instagram posts or emails. The study stating the percentage of people (70%) who became sick that ‘always wear a mask’, that should be enough said! I have quoted that study numerous times since you shared it months ago. Also the study done on 11 healthcare workers who were exposed while “unprotected”. I wonder how much fear plays a role in these numbers, as I know fear can suppress immunity in a big way. Cheers! Keep spreading the facts! Thank you for the effort you put into getting this information out there, and in a way that we all can understand!

  59. Hi Shawn,

    Im new here, but I was brought here by someone posting on Instagram. I am trying to figure out a few claims that you make in your above argument. I am open to discussion, but I am confused and I am seeking further clarification. I welcome any challenge to anything that you feel I mispresented in the following.

    First, Can you please show how you can claim, from the BMJ findings in the first article you discussed, that wearing a cloth mask is worse than wearing no mask? The BMJ report clearly states that the majority of the control group wore masks the majority of the time and chose to wear the medical masks more frequently than the cloth masks. In fact, the report states, “It is also unknown whether the rates of infection observed in the cloth mask arm are the same or higher than in HCWs who do not wear a mask, as almost all participants in the control arm used a mask” (Page 6).

    For the IJNS study, you quote the results portion of the study as “Medical masks were not effective, and cloth masks even less effective”, but this is a mischaracterization. The results section states right before your quote, “Randomised controlled trials in health care workers showed that respirators, if worn continually during a shift, were effective but not if worn intermittently.” The following portion on medical and clothed masks also refers to the criteria. Could you please show me in what study cited where masks were not effective, or cloth masks were not effective in a healthcare setting when worn properly?
    The study, to which you cite in your argument suggests that proper mask-wearing in the community can be beneficial, particularly for COVID.

    Your reference to the Danish study suggests the findings stated, “In this community-based, randomized controlled trial, a recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at levels of statistical significance, the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infections compared with no mask recommendation.” The actual quote you were trying to cite “In this community-based, randomized controlled trial conducted in a setting where mask-wearing was uncommon and was not among other recommended public health measures related to COVID-19, a recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, incident SARS-CoV-2 infection compared with no mask recommendation”. Two sentences after your cited portion is the following “The findings, however, should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infections, because the trial did not test the role of masks in source control of SARS-CoV-2 infection.” Would you agree that this study was comparing the effectiveness of mask usage compared to no use in areas where social distancing was being enforced and followed?

    If I get an answer on these issues that I have brought forth, I would be more than happy to follow up with potential other issues regarding this article. Thank you for your time!

  60. Thank you so much for being a fearless leader Shawn! Hearing the other side is so important and the least we can ask for is that both sides be made known and be considered. I appreciate your educative approach and the hard scientific data to back it up!

  61. I took a lot of grief from countless people over the original mask video last year! Never did I lose faith your words and proof is a testimony to so much that is just wrong with the world today! Stay in the game man the world needs this information more than ever.

  62. Great article Shawn. Yeah it’s tough to tell people that wearing a mask has no statistical significance in reducing the spread of COVID. The evidence clearly shows this, but you have mainstream media and social media all pushing this agenda. You never hear the media tell you that simply washing your hands and not touching your eyes, nose , and mouth will greatly lower your risk. Additionally, you never hear them say to do weight bearing exercise, supplement with Vit D and Vit C., sleep, hydrate, get adjusted. They never tell you that most people who have died from this are obese, diabetic and hypertensive. It’s sad that our government, big pharma, big media, CDC, and others are pushing this false narrative to keep people in fear and control. Just follow the dollars of this whole pandemic. Keep up the great research my friend. Yours in health, Dr. David Lask with Ask Dr. Lask Wellness in St. Louis.

  63. Thank you for putting this out there and sharing the truth Shawn. Please don’t let up. You’re doing the right thing.

  64. Thank you for offering answers and research. It’s such a crazy world we live in and difficult to know what to believe these days. I’ve been following the CDCs recommendations even for my 2y old, but even those have been so varied. I do wish there would be more focus on improving our health and immune systems.

  65. Thank you! It’s so important to have this data clearly explained and ready to share with anyone who will listen.

  66. Absolutely fantastic information! Thank you for the passion behind your research into this. I will share this Open Letter with my family and friends. Thanks again..

  67. It is a crime that this information is being suppressed by the cdc, who, our government and the media. Please continue to try sound the alarm regarding the fiction and fear tactics being used. Any truth about the “vaccines” being forced on us would be very helpful too.
    Watch your back.

  68. Thank you for the arduous work in revealing how ridiculous mask wearing has gotten. It’s voices like yours that are helping people stand up for their health, like actually treating the root cause and not the symptom, and finally stray away from the herd. People are such sheep these days, and to their own detriment. Most people are following the leader, even if that leader jumps off a cliff; people are doing it willingly and giving up their right to question everything and think freely. I would really like to see you dive deep into the vaccine controversy. I think it’s absolutely WRONG for a government to tell you what to be afraid of and then magically offer a cure, only to profit off of the fear and naivety of its people. I think so much needs to be cleared up about this, just like with masks. I applaud your work and will continue to support your voice since you are in this for the well-being of all.

  69. Thank you for not being silenced and sharing your findings! Hopefully more will start sharing their voice because of your example. My child is being made to wear a mask while dancing at competitions and it has been very difficult on her and has put me in a tough place to allow her to continue dancing. I myself recently gave blood and found out that I have antibodies, and was never sick. I have worn a mask, because it is required everywhere and I had followed the rules and apparently still ended up getting it.

  70. So much gratitude for you and the work you are doing speaking the truth Shawn! The podcasts you’re putting out are empowering and your new book Eat Smarter is straight FIRE!! I shared your documentary on mask science wayyy back when, and this open letter expanded on your arguments in an even more convincing way! Sending this to everyone I can. KEEP IT COMING!

  71. Like I ALWAYS said Shawn…we gotta make sure “Follow the Science” doesn’t translate to “Follow the Science WE WANT you to follow”!

    How can we stand to be truth seekers if we can’t take the larger picture into consideration?

    Arguably if we opened our minds to other solutions that are peer-reviewed and not based in theoretical models…I believe we wouldn’t be operating from a place of fear.

    As much as I want to be furious at the people in office and public health officials, I also have to take into consideration that they are operating from a place of fear when it comes to holding their careers and the spectacle of how they’ll look.

    Thanks again for giving me hope Shawn. Much love to you and the fam.

  72. Thank you for continuing to shed the light on the importance of a healthy immune system and life style rather than living in fear, masking up and sheltering in place. I have been arguing this since the beginning to anyone who will listen. So glad that you have a platform to share you knowledge with so many. Please keep up the good work! Your voice is needed now more than ever!

  73. Shawn, do any of these studies include people who wear masks that haven’t been infected with SARS-CoV-2? Wouldn’t there be a lot more people getting infected if everyone didn’t wear a mask? I completely agree with you that the government should also be addressing the fact that most of the people that have been infected have underlying health conditions and that getting healthy should be a priority but most people already know this and still don’t change their lifestyle. I don’t have any underlying health conditions and eat as healthy as possible, but I still wear a mask any time I’m around someone outside of my household just to be on the safe side.

  74. A friend forwarded your email to me and I couldn’t agree more with your message.
    I also agree with what Niki said: “It is very sad that we continue to be spoon fed a political agenda and cannot rely on getting factual information from this countries leadership, the CDC, the media or our healthcare professionals.”
    What drives me crazy is how willing so many people are to believe what they’re being spoon fed. UGH!
    I, too, will be anxious to hear what you have to say on the quote/unquote “vaccine”.
    Keep up your noble work. More of us need to hop on this train. 🙂

  75. One of the things I love so much about your podcast, and about the Mask Facts documentary, is how beautifully researched everything is and how easily accessible the studies you refer to are on your website. Your work saves me a lot of time in my own work, so thank-you SO much for all that you do!

  76. Thanks for your courageous service to help our society, nation and world a healthier place. Bringing light to how science should be viewed and used to create unbiased thought and understanding especially around our health. This letter should be read by so many to increase resilience and overall health. It would be amazing if our country shifted our thinking to how can we be more resilient to this virus and then see how it impacts overall health.

  77. Everyone heard that mic drop right?????
    Thank you Shawn as always for coming correct with the research, facts, and references to back it all up! Thanks again for highlighting the key many seem to be missing: that the mask has been paraded as this magical shield when the truth is far from it. As is the norm in our society, focusing on masking symptoms (pun intended) is the “go-to”, rather than focusing on and finding solutions to the root cause. Because of your voice, we continue to keep our eyes open and honest and for this I am truly grateful.

  78. In addition to my previous comment (not showing as of or I would’ve replied to it instead-hopefully I did it right), I would love to hear more on your thoughts and any research you have done with regards to the vaccines that have come out.

  79. First of all, thank you for all that you do, Shawn. As a longtime fan, I appreciate you “pushing the gas pedal” and standing up for what is right and true, especially in a time when it seems that everyone is still acting from a place of fear and disinformation. I must admit that I found the whole COVID thing to be scary for a while, mostly due to so many unknowns, but listening to you, along with doing my own research, helped me to understand that we are being lied to and manipulated for reasons both financial and political. As a yoga teacher, I come from a place of believing 100% in the capabilities of the intelligence of my body and how very important it is to keep our health at the forefront of everything that we do, despite a constant barrage of health stealing things in our modern lives. I appreciate that you are of a like mind and provide information to help us keep taking good care of ourselves, and I love to share this knowledge with clients, friends, and family so that we may all continue to stay healthy and well. Keep it up—I know you will!

  80. With all due respect I believe there is just a plethora of misleading & misinformation out there that anyone can find any “scientific” study they want to fit their bias & propensities. As a RN who has been hand washing, gowning, gloving & masking up for the last 25 years to cut down the spread of infection I’m quite biased in their efficacy. When caring for Covid positive patients I was immensely grateful for the proper PPE & negative airflow rooms & the protection I felt they provided to me. As for the general public there are far too many variables & far too many that wear them incorrectly anyway. I agree with what is the point of that bandanna or buff your wearing across your face? So many are fixated on the mask issue when it’s not supposed to be the be all & end all. It’s a tiny part of the big game of avoiding crowds, good hygiene & healthy habits. These are evidence based practices we’ve taught our cancer patients undergoing chemo for years. Our society values profit over health & has turned it into a commodity. That is my fact that I see everyday with my own two eyes. I work in a hospital that has become so focused on getting patients in & getting them out then the care that takes place in between. I’ve grown tired of everything being so profit driven. The masks or no masks it’s not worth the argument for me. It’s not why we are in this mess. We practice more Sick Care then Health Care. There is growing socioeconomic disparities in health that lead to higher death rates among minorities. But the conversation we chose to talk about are masks & their usefulness.

  81. Shawn,

    THANK YOU for bringing the truth to light! As someone with a scientific background, seeing the suppression of real science is maddening. People think that reading a research article is the end all be all and that’s that… without looking to see who funded it, what kind of experiment was conducted if one was done at all, if it was randomized and controlled, and if it addresses ALL of the data collected. Cherry-picking data is NOT science. I’m a huge fan of how you present the real science because you make it easy to digest and understand.
    Then how you went through the “fact-checkers” sources and one by one obliterated and debunked them… #applause. It takes an actual scientist to “fact-check” science! And I have not gone through the cited sources to be able to speak to this intelligently so I appreciate that you did!

    My hope is that EVERYONE reads this and regardless of their political viewpoint, can see that we’ve been duped. We are guinea pigs in a political war.

    If the government truly cared about the People, they would be sharing as much info as possible on how to support our immune system, reduce the severity of symptoms when sick, and medical interventions that actually work in a clinical setting. Just imagine how many people would’ve been saved if they actually cared?

    You are a BOSS, a SCIENCE BOSS!

  82. Thank you for sharing this information! It is so nice to hear “real information” and the exposure of carefully selected public information. I’m somewhat concerned about the lack of exposure to other viruses and bacteria that builds our immune system. Do you think this will have an impact on the the general public’s health? How would you suggest counteracting that possibility? Thank you!

  83. Once again, you have done a fantastic job of bringing the truth to light and educating us about our well being! Facts are facts and when proven scientifically, they make even more sense! Thank you so much for taking the time to research this important and relevant topic and sharing it with us … keep up the great work!

  84. Thank you for sharing this and working so hard to provide unbiased education. A lot of smart people are being silenced and ignored. I appreciate your courage to speak up. Thank you for putting this out there!

  85. You are doing great things for this world and we need more powerful voices such as yours. The truth shall set you free and yet we are being lied to, misled, and herded. I am still in the beginning of my journey to overall health, vitality and fitness and I am overwhelmed by what I am learning! Thank you for your thoroughness and dedication!! All the best, Jenn.

  86. Shawn, so grateful you are not giving up! Too many have been silenced! It is and will continue to be an uphill battle to make people understand that they are responsible for their health. Not their doctor and especially not the government! Keep doing what you are doing!

  87. Wow! What an amazing response. Since I started my health journey, I have been alarmed and disappointed over the unreliability of some food labels & general misguided health information out there. I am grateful for Shawn and others who stand up for what is right & put the health of others above all else!

  88. Fantastic article! Thank you for all your hard work in researching this important topic. This masking has to STOP! The TRUTH matters and your way of bringing it to light is brilliant. Keep speaking the TRUTH!

  89. Thank you for being the voice of reason! I have read about the ineffectiveness of masks previously on Dr. Mercola’s website. We need more health professionals like you to come forward with truth backed by science. And it doesn’t hurt that you also debunked the debunkers who have no business writing about health topics and are only parroting the popular narrative being pushed at us.

  90. Shawn, thanks for going against the grain and publishing this information. It can be scary in these “cancel culture” days, thanks for being brave!

  91. I am surprised at the lack of efficacy of cloth masks. In the beginning, I think everyone was just trying to work with no information, but we should be allowing regulations to evolve as the science is.

  92. As always Shawn, you are spot on with that scary data and science. It has seriously been exhausting to try and wade through all the information out there and try to figure out what is accurate. I love your work because you site the facts and the data behind it. If you say it is true we can take it to the bank knowing it is correct. I never worry about the information from you being biased. I have heard you talk about when you were wrong and changed what you were doing when you learned something new. The problem is that people don’t want to learn. They want to be right, which is the sad validation in this letter. The “fact checkers” aren’t interested in facts if it doesn’t fit the agenda. It’s sad and our health is going to continue to suffer because of it. Keep up the good fight. The Model Army is behind you!!

  93. I so commend you for continuing to speak up on these issues, Shawn. This has been such a hard conversation to have, because we’ve gotten so attached to one particularly narrative. I myself often struggle to find the right words to open a conversation about this with loved ones – not to change their minds, but to share what else is out there and let them make their own decisions.

    Your work has helped me immensely over the years. I super appreciate you Shawn 🙂

  94. The question you posed which I would like answered is if face mask have been scientifically proven to be ineffective in preventing viral spread of an illness then why the insistence that we wear them. What is the agenda? Thank you for your work to bring us truths Shawn.

  95. Shawn- can’t thank you enough for all the work you’re doing and for being a trusted source I can turn to for information. When the pandemic & lockdowns started (can’t believe this was basically a year ago!), I was definitely in the boat of so afraid to go out, wiping everything down with disinfectant, not wanting to be around people- and I felt totally misinformed. I decided to see what you were saying on “The Model Health” show and did a complete 180 on how I was thinking about the pandemic. Beyond the fact that you give hard, research-based data, I feel like everything you talk about makes complete logical sense! Instead of spending the last year in fear, I lived my life! And I totally thank you for this. Thanks for the knowledge and the actionable steps to stay healthy. Appreciate you!

  96. I’ll admit, I am not politically minded, and have not been following the debate or seeking the facts around wearing masks vs not wearing masks, but there is enough information and references in this article to really make me question what is readily available in the media.
    “Fact checking” information via cherry picking the data and research in question is only providing people with half of the truth, and I agree, it is highly unethical and not doing anyone any favors.
    Thank you Shawn for speaking so eloquently to stand up for people like me who lack the knowledge and resources to fight such a big fight.

  97. Shawn,
    Your thorough response is an example of what draws me to you and your research. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around a political agenda that suppresses and filters information that is for the good of the people?

  98. Thank you for everything you do, Shawn! It’s people like you who are making a difference. I watched my parents get sick and pass away in nursing homes within a year of each other, my dad in 2018 and my mom in 2019. I then vowed to learn more about health (functional medicine). I became a certified primal health coach in 2020. I am finding a lot of information is being “censored” out there. And it’s even more evident now with COVID-19! The media and politicians are skewing the data and causes fear mongering. More people need to know what is actually going on!

  99. Shawn you are amazing in the work you are doing to simply get the truth out there! THAT is what we all need to make decisions for ourselves. IF the masks were as useful as people are being led to believe this would have all been solved long since, but getting people healthier isn’t really the true objective with this whole situation. It’s been political and to keep people in fear. Keep up the great work! We appreciate everything you are doing to get the truth out 😊

  100. Shawn, I have been following you since you started your podcast and continue to appreciate the research you do and the knowledge you bring with your research. You have helped me to improve not only my life but the lives of many people I care about. Thank you for your candor, ability to keep things in layman’s terms and most importantly your nonjudgmental ways.

    Appreciate you bringing our attention to such important issues in a responsible manner and for continuing to sound the call to fix the cause and not just the symptoms.

    Stay strong!

  101. I’m from Ferguson and found you because of a Podcast you did with Autumn Calabrese. I appreciate the fact that you make the scientific studies understandable to those of us that are not in the science community! Pre-Covid, Dec 2019, I weighed the most I ever had and felt horrible. I started Orangetheory then Covid hit. I went back to Beachbody and lost 25+ pounds, have less than 10 to go – which may or may not happen. Trying to get my gut health better still but am positive it is the key to better health! It’s really sad that those in charge don’t want to help America but really want to keep America sick.

    I look forward to your podcasts! Thanks for all the time you put into them.

  102. Thank you for the information Shawn, would you be able to send more information about Menopause. It is a struggle for many women and we don’t have answers.

  103. Shawn,
    I can’t thank you enough for your work. You prove time and time again that you genuinely care about the health of humans. Your work ethic in research is impressive. I’m also saddened by the behavior of those attempting to debunk the information you work so hard to present. I doubt anyone would take you up on it, but I would love to see a public debate on the issue. I believe it is easily important enough to warrant one.

  104. Thanks for standing up for truth Shawn! We owe you a debt of gratitude for looking out for us.

  105. Really enjoyed reading the article Shawn, thanks for always giving us accurate information to keep ourselves and our families safe. We’ve been wearing cloth masks for the past year only because we are always social distancing and avoid crowds and people but we should invest in some medical masks for times we will be near people. I live in Texas and is funny because the CDC recommended that double masking is more effective then Texas calls off the mandate. Glad to see that many people are still being responsible and wearing masks. The effects of wearing masks with rebreathing CO2 and having negative symptoms makes me sad because my 5 year old started school during Covid and hes been in a mask daily at school. The school actually put up plexi/windows at their desks so they can allow them to remove their masks time to time which is great! Thanks again Shawn. I cannot explain to you how much I appreciate all that you do, you have truly changed my life for the better and you have taught me so much! Thank you for making me a superhuman! Love you and Ann and your beautiful kids <3

  106. Thank you for sharing this information. Truly wish more people would listen to the truths.

  107. I’ve learned the hard way that the purpose of western medicine is to allow, or even encourage, us to contract illness so that the “health” industry can make money off of treating our symptoms. It really is in their benefit to make sure our illness is never cured. Because of that, I spend a lot of time listening to and learning from scientists and researchers, like you Shawn, who are trying to disseminate the truth about our bodies and what we should really be doing to care for ourselves, stay healthy, and live longer, higher quality lives. Even so, this is the first time I’ve seen any data showing that mask wearing doesn’t work. For the past year, I’ve been believing that wearing a mask in public is a foundational key to keeping me from catching the virus and to now find out it really hasn’t mattered at all leaves me, once again, disappointed in the political mechanisms of our country. Please create a coalition of scientists, like yourself, that’s so big that the truth can be disseminated to the mainstream population without being suppressed or twisted, a coalition so full of integrity that neither money or politics can divert it away from providing service to mankind through the sharing of scientifically proven truths. We all deserve to know the truth.

  108. Shawn, Unfortunately the politics gets in the way of science. Clearly the CDC has kept changing their stance on masks because they know the science and are just supporting mask wearing as a symbol. That symbol is in part to create a visual that we are doing something (even though it is not effective) and also as a means to exert control over us. Fauci is the worst and is just wants to feel important. Too many state and local governments are drinking the misinformation kool-aid.

  109. Great article! You wrote “Because the thing that has not been expressed is the THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed studies demonstrating how we can reduce the spread of viral infections, decrease susceptibility, and decrease the severity of symptoms by optimizing sleep quality, having some regular movement practices, improving nutrition, and reducing excessive stress.” How does this information become more main stream for people to hear? Love your podcast and I share episodes with friends and family all the time.

  110. Shawn, you always present material in an easy to understand fashion. I appreciate that you spend so much of yourself to deliver valuable information. Like some others, I am curious about your thoughts on the vaccines that we are almost being shamed in to taking. Again, many thanks!

  111. Shawn, thank you , thank you for speaking truth in a time where sobfew are doing it. It blows my mind how people have stopped thinking for themselves and refuse to look at the facts. No one is reading , just listening to the highlights someone else is giving them. Thank you for putting together an informed piece. God Bless.

  112. Thank you Shawn! I am not very popular among many of my family and friends. From the very beginning of this COVID “experience”, something did not sit well with me, so I dug a little deeper. That is how I found you Shawn. I listen to your podcast, I have both of your books, Sleep Smarter and Eat Smarter and I feel your passion in everything you do! Thank you! I have never watched the News, but many of my friends, family and colleagues tune in at least twice a day. My heart is heavy when I hear what is being shared by the mainstream media. These are fear tactics and now ‘they’ have successfully been able to control us with their brainwashing tactics. Seeing everyone wearing masks continues to trigger me. And now the vaccine! Why are we not being told to strengthen our immune system and trust that it will do it’s job. Why are we not being told to eat healthier and why are we never reminded that sleep is important! Thank you Shawn Stevenson for your heart! Thank you for all that you do to keep our heads above water in this crusade for honesty.

  113. Great points – I love how Shawn points out the actual steps we can take to improve our health!

  114. Hi Shawn,
    I think you are very brave and a leader: you show us the way so we may follow. I wholly agree and aware too on the facts you present. Thank you for reaching out and showing there are more of us. I wil answer your call and support you.
    Best, Remy

  115. I really appreciated this article. I work in a hospital and always wear a mask for most of my shift (just not while eating lunch). I like learning new information on this topic and look forward to more of your articles. Thanks!

  116. Great stuff!!! Keep up the hard work now matter how much backlash you get!!!!!

  117. Shawn,
    Thank you for uncovering, then sharing science backed truth behind wearing masks. I always wondered, how wearing a mask covering your nose and mouth inhaling your breath could ever be good? Thanks for the information and stats on how harmful and exhausting it is on our bodies.
    We could all breath a little easier if one by one we shared your message. You really are a “smart” gentleman.
    Live Intentionally,

  118. I saved your youtube video you first did on mask, how they are ineffective. I work in healthcare and I have to wear an N95 every day. I wish “the powers that be” would follow the science. Thanks for your continue honest information.

  119. I didnt realize how ineffective the mask were. This has opened my eyes. I feel that the solutions of building our immunity through sleep quality, daily exercise (walking), eating high quality foods, and stress management should be talked about more. Immjnity is definitely the real under armor. Thank you Shawn!

  120. Thank you SO MUCH for talking about this important information. TOO MUCH valid, scientific data is being tossed out in lieu of political agendas. The voice of truth, and more importantly science, must be heard. People need to hear both sides – not just one doctor who is overpaid and paid off telling people to now wear 2 masks. Thank you Shawn!!!!

  121. This is just pure gold- Thank you Shawn for sharing this. People are just blindly following norms of wearing masks and using tuck loads of sanitizers and forgetting the very crux of the matter- Health & Nutrition! Instead of eating healthy and fresh, taking additional supplements like Vitaminc C, zinc etc and taking care of their stress levels to start with, they are really getting brain washed by all the information loaded on them from various sources. I mean masks can be worn as a safety net in crowded places etc but its prolonged use I feel takes a toll on your body- specially with the restricted air flow. People believe more on vaccines and masks as a better solution than their own body’s defense mechanism. Plus, every country has their own set of COVID rules with multiple PCR testing etc- feels like every one is making their own rules and citizens have stopped questioning such norms and regulations.
    I just hope things get clearer and better in the coming months and people really focus more on themselves in terms of their health and their daily habits.

    Much love to you & thank you for the share

  122. It is so great to read such an article! Unfortunately, voice of common sense is heard less and less recently. Politics is everywhere… Thank you Shawn for sharing your opinion openly, you’re a great role model for me since I first read your ‘Sleep Smarter’ few years ago. Big hugs from Russia! 🙂

  123. Keep up the good work Shawn, I wish there were more people like you.
    I truly cannot believe the amount of suppression that has gone on this past year, not to mention censorship.
    Your articles and podcasts are so inspiring, I love your passion. I have learnt so much from.

  124. Nowadays you are my ‘go to’ for all things health & especially COVID related. Your only agenda is getting scientific based facts out to the public after you have spent many, many hours of your time researching, researching then researching some more. If only the same could be said for our media channels, who these days I choose to ignore. The information we receive from them is solely based on who is paying the wages!

  125. Thanks so much Shawn for everything you are doing.
    I cannot believe the suppression taking place currently.
    So many of your articles and podcasts are so very inspiring and I have learnt so much more as a result.
    I wish there were more people like you!

  126. Great article. Somehow we all knew that mask were not effective from the beginning. Because most of us have …common sense. So maybe, in the future, it would be much better to rely on our common sense than on what media or politics are trying hard to shove down our throats. 😉

  127. Thank you for sharing this informative article. I stand on the side of wearing masks. I’ve lost too many members of my family die od this virus. If theres an ounce of prevention I can take to keep myself and my elderly parents safe I’ll take it.

  128. Thank you so much for sharing this insight and data! I totally agree with your assessment. We can’t manipulate the data just because we want it to be a certain way – it’s just not right. Keep sharing your research Shawn! We need it.

  129. Science needs to be explored, not censored and shut down. Explore, talk, think and use the scientific method to find the truth. Thanks for questioning and digging into it instead of going along with what is convenient.

  130. Thx Shawn for pointing this out!!! You are the second person who has pointed this out that I have come across!!! Thx for stopping by the S2S podcast because as soon as I turned it off I ordered your book Eat Smarter! It was good and very well researched!!!

  131. Great article that shows proof of science experiment that make sense and shows mask are ineffective and the political control said politicians and media weaponized through their propaganda.

  132. Although there are so many variables, more studies should continue and facts presented for all to see. Covid-19 isn’t the first and won’t be the last contagious disease. The more knowledge based on science we have the better. More people need to be educated on preventative healthcare, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mental health with help of people like Shawn so they can live their best and healthiest lives possible to have the best chance of fighting diseases when they are spread. It’s never too late to start or start again in building a healthy lifestyle. Carpe diem.

  133. I’ve been wearing a mask when I enter a store during COVID because I respect the property owner’s right to set a dress code. And if others choose to wear them, that’s their prerogative. But, I hope your letter wakes people up to the fact that the cloth mask is a security blanket, not an effective disease prevention measure. And, I’m really frustrated that by focusing on mask wearing, people are ignoring the things that can actually make them healthier and keep them safe! Thank you Shawn for your courage to put factual information that can save and enhance lives out for us to share and spread the message!

  134. Thank you so much for speaking up about this. I’m so glad to have a reliable source I can trust who I have confidence has done their research. I knew the fact-checkers were a bunch of bologna but I didn’t know how to begin disproving them, and didn’t know so many observational studies were used in the sharing of mainstream media data. Thank you thank you thank you for your hard work and dedication!!

  135. Thank you for this information! When I tell people that the science does not support mask mandates, people look at me like I’m crazy. Unfortunately, I cannot lead by example and not wear a mask due to masks being required at my place of employment. So that also doesn’t help.

  136. I have worn my mask out in the public because my state had a mask mandate (that just expired last week) but also because it made me feel like I was doing my part. I do know that the elementary school district which I work in has seen a drop in influenza and strep this year in school which most are saying is due to the fact the children and teachers, etc. have worn masks. Maybe the social distancing and washing of hands has played a part too. Thank you for your article and You Tube presentation. I learned a lot!

  137. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak and inform people of the truth. It is so needed and so many people seem too intimidated or afraid of going against the highly politicized narrative! God Bless you!!

  138. Shawn, I have struggled with believing the statistics and information being pushed to us from the media and absolutely appreciate your scientific based approach. Agree with others, I had no idea about 13% less effective masks vs surgical and will be buying my entire family surgical masks for the places we are required to wear them.

    Having the humility to say that the studies you are referencing may have variables is exactly what our fact checkers lack- it’s a black and white approach that is detrimental to our population. I look forward to reading more of your articles and books soon.

  139. As a cancer survivor and mother of a cancer survivor, from the beginning of the pandemic our family has continued to focus on strengthening our immune systems through healthy diet, exercise and natural vitamins/supplements. Thank you for doing the research and sharing the REAL story behind the scenes on this hot topic.

  140. Thank you for writing this. I cannot comprehend why valid, science-based discussion is silenced and we are expected to do as told without the opportunity to understand the validity and effectiveness of the mandate. Unfortunately, there are way too many people that hear and accept the narrative.

  141. Very well put, I’m so glad that you provide the facts for all of us. So many people would be just fine without masks if they put as much thought into their nutrition as they do about sanitizers and masks!

  142. First, I cannot say how much you (Shawn) and Jade have impacted my life in more ways than I ever thought possible, so thank you for your energy and time.
    The letter addressed to the ironically titled Politifact has infused in me a sense of righteous anger (talked about I believe by Dr. Wendy Suzuki episode 186). What I mean is, our “leaders” are giving or providing us with half-truths about science. When they decry that people who break the paradigm of groupthink are science-deniers. Laid out, in simple terms, this letter provides the science, research, studies, group studies, and even other countries studies on the science behind the effectiveness of or lack thereof wearing a mask.
    I have shared this letter with a few people as soon as I finished reading it, and cannot wait to share it with more people. Not to say, “I’m right, you’re wrong,” but to transmit information they may not know. As you (Shawn) like to say, “knowledge is not power, applying the knowledge is power” (I hope I did not butcher that too bad).
    Thank you, Model Health team for your hard work, energy, time, and love you have for us. Please keep it up!

  143. I wish more people would be open to having discussions like mask efficacy in a public setting. Not politicians or talking heads on news networks, but experts in the field on a large stage. In general, my biggest takeaway is that we need to be more open-minded to alternatives beliefs. As Mark Twain said, “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

  144. Thank you, Shawn! You are a powerful beacon of light in these dark times of censorship and fear propaganda. Your awesome recommendations, since the crisis started, has helped me, my family and friends, like: “sleep quality, having some regular movement practices, improving nutrition, and reducing excessive stress.” Along side the advice of use of propolis and Vitamin D. Thanks to you we are all ok! You saved thousands of lifes with your guidance!
    And thank you for debunking the face diaper impositing. I have a 1 year old daughter, she just started kindergarten and is very sad that she is not alloud to see anybodies face, she misses that. At least, she is going to school, unofrtunatelly most of the kids, in my country (Brazil) are still without this crucial service. I think this is the biggest crime right now. Please, keep up the great work! God bless you!
    Agora escrevo em português, língua oficial do Brasil:
    Muito Obrigado, Shawn! Você é um poderoso farol de luz nesses momentos sombrios de censura e propaganda do medo. Suas incríveis recomendações, desde o começo da crise, ajudaram a mim, minha família e amigos, como: “qualidade do sono, ter uma prática frequente de movimentação, melhoria na nutrição e redução do estresse excessivo.” Além disso, a dica dp uso de própolis e Vitamina D. Graças a você estamos todos bem! Você salvou milhares de vidas com os seus conselhos!
    E, muito obrigado, por ter desmistificado a imposição da fralda facial. Eu tenho uma filha de um ano de idade, ela acabou de iniciar na creche e é muito triste que ela não seja permitida de ver o rosto de ninguém, ela claramente sente falta disso. Porém, pelo menos ele está indo para a escola; infelizmente a maioria das crianças, no meu país (Brasil) ainda estão privadas desse serviço essencial. Eu acho que esse é o maior crime no momento. Por favor, continue esse grande trabalho! Que Deus te abençoe!

    1. I appreciate you, family. And thank you for the wonderful translation as well!

  145. As a pharmacist trained in evidence-based medicine, I found this mask review enlightening. Unfortunately many people don’t review the literature but rather the media highlights. I can’t help wonder what other aspects of this pandemic mirror this scenario?
    Thanks for the putting the pieces together in an objective manner!

  146. It is so refreshing to see sound and research based information rather than fear-inducing and agenda driven media. Thank you, Shawn, for putting together all of this information and sharing it with the public. People need to hear the facts!!

  147. I love how you are bringing this issue to light. Every time I go to the park and see people walking around in the open air sunshine wearing a damn mask, I just want to cry!! Please tell me how many cases have been contracted simply walking past someone in the Great outdoors? I feel like I am wearing a Petri dish with the cloth mask. Now i know why. Then to make it worse, the all knowing powers that be, say its better to have 2 masks on now!? What!? Will definitely be looking to get the surgical ones for my family immediately! I pray that our leaders swallow their pride and do what is right and admit that maybe they did not have it all correct but my gut tells me it’s never going to happen. My heart truly aches for our youth right now.

  148. Absolutely incredible response to the politically motivated attempt to suppress facts. I have read most of Shawn’s research on this subject and I have been saying this since last spring, masks are not effective and the physical, emotional, psychological damage we are doing to people, especially our children is an absolute travesty. We need to stand up for what we believe in; if you want to wear a mask wear it, if you don’t want to wear a mask you should NOT be made too. We do not have a virus problem, we have a HEALTH problem in this country. Feel free to read Shawn’s research on nutrition, sleep, and our immune system. This is not opinion, it is researched facts. Thanks Shawn for your continued work and finding the facts.

    1. “We do not have a virus problem, we have a HEALTH problem in this country.” Powerful!!!

  149. I have read your information before about masks and it’s very interesting. I always enjoy your informative podcasts. I’m a special education teacher and mask wearing has been intolerable, but it was not a choice in my county. I find it very difficult to breathe and to teach with them on. This year did me in and I will be taking early retirement. I don’t understand why, with all the science behind it, masks have been mandated, and continue to be, if it’s not in our best interest. I hope you will continue to speak up. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cary, you’re amazing. Thank you for sharing your perspective!

  150. Thank you for this very thorough and unbiased research. What I have always found concerning, and you’ve confirmed it here, is the use of pointless masks that could put you at even greater risk for various infections. The cloth masks everyone are wearing are often disgusting. You get sweaty and it just collects your spit and snot. Then grown adults hang them from their rear view mirrors to use again. I am always begging my children to please remember to change masks often at school. Thank you again for your trustworthy research.

  151. Truley appreciate you telling the truth in this time of muted honesty and cancel culture. Keep charging ahead and waking folks up!

    God bless.

  152. Thanks for that well thought out, informative article. I appreciate that you laid out, plain as day, the ineffectiveness (and even harm) of wearing cloth masks! Wow. Let’s hope these truths can spread to the general population!

  153. THANK YOU!! I shared one of your podcasts about your immune system and how to help it with the dr who discovered epigenetics (so sorry I can’t remember his name right now) to Facebook. Thought it was hugely important. I was ripped to shreds. Was told he wasn’t a Dr. he wasn’t an MD and that they had a PHD and that didn’t make them an expert. Others told me it was horrible and mean and against what they believed and that only MD’s had “cures”. Honestly it got so bad I took it down. I truly don’t understand what is happening other than people are scared and falling into step. I have been sharing and preaching this and getting hate after hate, or completely ignored. Please don’t stop!! This needs to be said. Thank you for being a huge voice in this!!

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your voice and your story. It matters! We’ll look back at this time in history seeing people living with the same level of ignorance as the medical community who demonized and ostracized Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis for declaring that WASHING YOUR HANDS can reduce the spread of infections. His demand for change was based on data and testing… in the REAL WORLD. Today folks think, “Of course he was right! It’s obvious that washing your hands helps.” But there was an entire medical establishment who fought against what was actually factual. Same. Thing. Is. Still. Happening.

    1. You’re amazing, Dr. Miller! It’s always as simple as having conversations, sharing studies, and encouraging people to think rationally and dialogue. Thanks for all you do!

  154. Very interesting and informative. I would love to hear your opinion and any research of the vaccines that are being pushed out. I definitely think it is politically motivated. I have read too much about the “vaccines “ and would love an honest answer.

  155. Thanks for providing a comprehensive article that summarizes and educates. I’ll be forwarding this and re-reading.

  156. Hi Shawn, I applaud you for your constant never ending fight to teach and empower all. I truly love how you research and are able to explain the information in a way that anyone listening can understand. Please keep the podcasts coming! I love all episodes on health, women’s health, gut issues and so much more but….I especially enjoy your episodes on the mind and brain! That episode with joe dispenza was mind blowing, it fascinates me so much and would love to learn more.
    Thank you so much for writing this open letter and giving us all a voice, but an even better voice!! I’ve got your back too and I’m trying my hardest to spread the word in the most compassionate way possible. It’s trying, it’s hard, but we must get the word out!!
    Ps. Fact checkers wouldn’t let me post your documentary / mask facts on fb 🙄 but I found that if I placed it in the comment section they didn’t touch it LOL
    Thanks a million, love ya

    1. I love it! Truth will always find a way. Thank you, Natalie!!!

  157. In Australia we have a saying “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Unfortunately we have been listening to a good story for so long now that we have forgotten to look at the facts. Thank you Shawn for not only speaking out but sharing the facts and the REAL science. Your integrity is above all else and this is what it looks like to genuinely care for people and want them to be empowered and healthy.

  158. Shawn, your article was very informative. My question is what would happen if everyone stopped wearing masks at this point, including those who don’t have the best immune systems? There were numerous stories reported that when people were not wearing masks and in close quarters with infected people the virus was able to spread rapidly. Was it because they all had compromised immune systems?

    1. Totally my honor! And thank you for the question. Yes, this is can be a tough perspective to process. In essence, you’d have to convince yourself of the obvious thing, that humans were not “deficient” in masks to help us survive and, moreover, actually be healthy. The false sense of security in masks has supported, and even encouraged, a lack of education and support in real health management and immune system enhancement. You already answered the question yourself. Now, the question is, because of our systems of government and healthcare not taking advantage of this opportunity to shift the messaging to get our citizens more healthy and resilient overall, what’s going to happen when the next virus comes? And the next? And the next? We are now even less healthy and more susceptible to infections than when this all began a year ago. A big part of that is the psychosomatic aspect of all of this (which you can learn more about here: ). It’s not about not wearing a mask, it’s about doing things that actually are proven, without a reasonable doubt, to decrease susceptibility and increase resilience.

  159. Wow I didn’t know there were that many studies already with data showing masks don’t work. I’ve heard a lot of mixed data but this is all very clear. Thank you for all the hard work you do!

  160. This means everything!
    I can’t thank you and your team enough for never giving up the fight to give us the REAL facts about our health. This is a place I know I can trust to get an honest outlook on how to keep my family safe and healthy.

  161. THANK YOU for speaking up and communicating this so effectively! What is happening is so twisted and messed up and the TRUTH needs to be shared. Thank you for being a voice of truth during this crazy time!

  162. Thank you for fact checking and reading so many research articles regarding mask wearing trials and for sharing the information that the media hides. I’m listening to your podcasts daily as well as reading Eat Smarter as part of my morning miracle routine and am learning so much from both of these. Thank you for teaching me what I can do to get my family and myself more healthy which in turn helps us be able to ward off the viruses that come our way!

  163. I’ve listened to your podcast on masks and totally agree . Please let us know what you think of the vaccines..

  164. Thanks for this Shawn! I wasn’t aware of all these studies talking about the ineffectiveness of masks, especially cloth ones. It raises a lot of questions indeed about what is generally being presented as sound recommendations (upon which policies are then based). Thank you for your thoroughness. Curious about if you have done/will do similar research and synthesis regarding the vaccine.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that, Terna! I’m compiling data on the vaccine front as it’s becoming available. The most glaring thing is the lack of long-term evidence weeding out any unknown side effects with this very new mRNA delivery system. The data simply doesn’t exist because this was pushed through so quickly and ignoring all standard practices of randomized trials and long-term follow ups. I’m keeping my eye on it for sure.

  165. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I was wondering if you could maybe run for president in a few years?

  166. Shawn, thank you for standing up for the REAL facts. And doing so in a way that is well thought and not argumentative. I’m with you… I wish masks did work, but clearly they don’t.

  167. THANK YOU for taking a stand against the ‘science’ of politicians. I have already sent this article to so many friends and will continue to do so!!!

  168. The data analysis is excellent. I particularly like the data on the side affects of mask wearing which never gets discussed. I get headaches every time a wear a mask for more than 15 minutes, good to know it is a normal side effect.

  169. First off I appreciate the way in which the tone of this letter was from a place of very respectful CONSTRICTOBE criticism. Your assertions were clear, with neither exaggeration or minimization of the data presented. You were very specific when referencing the scientific and scholarly sources your data was derived from.

    Personally, I appreciate your using your kmowledge and experience in these areas to push for transparency and non-biased presentation of all facts surrounding government response to Covid, implementation of policy and unethical censorship of data that does not fit the narrative contrived to enforce their policies.

    My prayer is that public will very soon be presented with ALL the facts and mandates be placed in ways that will HELP us all to truly recover from this pandemic. Not more biased, partially true fear mongering.

  170. Great article and very alarming! I work in a school and have had to wear a mask all day every day working with students. Find myself getting headaches and short of breathe at times. Trying to get fresh air that I’m so depleted of wearing masks. Sadly it’s mandated for my job I hope the science will reach the general population and we can take steps to make changes that are much needed. I totally feel that our immune system is built to protect us but we must focus on good nutrition, good sleep and exercise to build and maintain it! Thanks for stating the facts and addressing concerns of mask wearing.

  171. Finally, someone willing to tell us the truth! Freedom of speech is disappearing as the media fills us with one sided, politically motivated information. I want the truth about the vaccines. I feel like I am being shamed into getting a vaccine when I know my body can fight it off through food, exercise, sleep, and meditation. Something is sinister in the way they are shoving the vaccine at us and not telling people to change their lifestyles to protect themselves. Is big Pharma preparing for a vast autoimmune disease breakout from the vaccines to further line their pockets? Or is it something even more scary? I fear for my children and grandchildren. Please keep the truth coming! Your books are fantastic. Thank you for your honesty.

  172. Fantastic research and analysis as always! Thank you for highlighting the facts that many want to ignore and for breaking this down in a way that is easy to understand.

  173. Thank you for providing real facts on the effectiveness of the masks we’re mandated to wear for our “safety and the safety of our community”. It is very sad that we continue to be spoon fed a political agenda and cannot rely on getting factual information from this countries leadership, the CDC, the media or our healthcare professionals.

  174. Thank you for your unbiased research! It is worrisome that we are forced to wear masks regardless of the facts. When they open schools again in my area, the kids will need to wear masks all day. I’m seriously considering home school because of it, which will be really hard for me as a single mom. I’d love to read more covid research from you.. especially vaccine related. Thanks so much!!

  175. Wow, 13 times more likely to get a viral-type infection with cloth masks!? My kids have to wear them all day, including outside, which drives me (and them) crazy! I wish the policy makers could pay more attention to the negative effects but I think they have to follow the narrative – it has to look like we’re doing something so masks must stay… Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the actual science!

  176. I work in the health care field and wear either surgical or N95 masks all day long and work alongside doctors and sonographers that do the same. As your reaponse to Polifact highlights, wearing masks (even surgical and N95) all day long is not preventing health care workers from contracting covid. For example, the majority of our sonographers have contracted covid at some point in the last year despite wearing masks (N95 or surgical) all day long. I also know of at least two coworkers that have experience headaches due to chemicals infused in surgical and N95 masks. On the other side of things, anecdotally, people who are locked in, social distancing 1000% percent have had far worse covid infections compared to those who are for example exposed to other people in general through work. From my experience, there is a lot to be gained by being around others in terms of building immune systems and your body being able to fight off covid and other viral infections efficiently if you happen to contract them.

  177. I have always looked to Shawn for trustworthy information and now, more than ever, his commitment to being a truth warrior is critical. It’s a confusing time and I’m thankful there are the brave souls out there willing to do the work and take the heat so that more people can have a broader and sounder perspective on our current reality. THANK YOU SHAWN!

  178. Shawn, as a fellow scientist I appreciate what you are doing to raise awareness for misinformation. I know as a scientist the goal is to get published, but it is important to note that conclusions must be statistically significant! I appreciate that you are pushing the truth, and exposing what the data is saying rather than the conclusions. Thank you for speaking out on these topics and trying to get the world in a place of health, rather than fear.

  179. Very insightful- it seems to me that “fact-checkers” cherry pick their data in order to control the public narrative for whatever suits the mainstream news and social media topic of the day. Shawn – I appreciate the fact that you’re making an effort to bring more attention to what will really minimize in the impact of this pandemic – the immune system!!

  180. Thank you for presenting these facts and links to all of these studies. I was not aware of most of them! You have opened my eyes to the likely futility and even danger in wearing a mask. I am an acupuncturist and wear one all day because there is a mandate in my county and also because it is expected of me from most of my patients. And also, I will admit, because I thought it was helping at least a little bit in keeping me and my patients safe. Now I wonder…. I have even suffered what I call “mask sickness”, when I get dizzy and foggy headed at the end of my work day. This usually occurs on Friday when I am busiest and have been wearing my mask for nine hours. My kiddos (ages 5 and 8) go back to school in two weeks. Would you suggest I buy them surgical masks? I will also make sure they sleep and eat well! Thanks again for doing the research on this.

    1. Such a powerful share, Kay, thank you! Yes, if it’s a must, surgical masks tend to be more effective than cloth masks and less prone to adverse reactions than N95s and the like. Better days are ahead!

  181. Thank you for always sharing the truth & showing the scientific studies that back it up. Leaders like you who are dedicated to truth & not afraid to speak up about it, are what this world needs right now.

  182. I was surprised to learn about the research pertaining to mask wearing. I have been doing my part and masking up since this all started. I am also surprised that physicians spend excessive amounts of money on masks if they are not effective. Curious to see more research in the future and how it shapes the medical practices.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Christina! The same thing holds true for our healthcare workers as in the general population. Nearly 90% of healthcare workers hospitalized with a SARS-CoV-2 infection had at least one preexisting chronic disease and nearly 75% were obese. The underlying susceptibility is staring us right in the face. And, as for the medical community using masks to reduce rates of infection historically (that’s one of the things I immediately considered, “If they’re not effective, why do nurses and physicians wear them?” Well, as with this whole situation, the reality is quite surprising. Every real world trial investigating if masks reduce the spread of infections in hospitals during things like invasive surgery, for example, have found them to be ineffective. You can check out several of the studies right here at the very top of the references:

  183. I really appreciate how easy it is to understand all of the findings Shawn has researched on so many topics. I had to do a lot of science journal research for my BS and being a more creative type, scientific studies were not the easiest things to comprehend for me, but you make it so simple and clear! I’d like to know more about why politicians are pushing the mask agenda, and I’d also like to know more about the long-term effects of mask-wearing. Sorry, if you’ve already covered those subjects. I started listening to The Model Health Show, but I’m OCD and I had to start at the beginning and I’m only in 2017. :o)

  184. You’ve done it again!! Everything you put out is gold! Thank you for fighting the good fight! Keep it up!!

  185. Your article is just as amazing as the original post that instigated it. You’re stating and proving what I’ve suspected all along, and that we’re being lied to for political gain. The majority of people that I know who have gotten covid were strict mask wearers. Those of us who don’t, haven’t gotten ill. Thanks for always sharing the truth!

  186. I am from the Ferguson area and was told about you from a friend of mine. I LOVE listening to your podcasts and I hope your article receives a lot of press as the choices people make in their diet is huge. In December 2012, I quit smoking cold turkey and in January 2013, I began a 90 day Jillian Michaels exercise program (now, I have always played sports. I played softball until 2020 when COVID shut it down and was 54 years old) and lost 15 lbs in about 6 months, which was huge for my body size (I went from a size 6 to a size 4). I changed my food choices dramatically. We NEVER eat fast food and rarely go out to eat. Organic when available. Exercising each morning and eating right has made a huge difference in my life. A friend doing KETO recommended the intermittent fasting. I was skeptical but after listening to one of your recent podcasts, it makes more sense so I began about 2 weeks ago. I feel great and I don’t need to eat as much as I am actually less hungry eating less!
    Again, so glad that I learned about your story and podcast and looking forward to listening! God Bless!

    1. This is so powerful. You are amazing! I spent more of my life living in Ferguson and Florissant than anywhere else. So grateful to have that connection with you. Best is yet to come!

  187. Fantastically said! Myself I would not have been able to hold back the F bombs. I want more Americans to wake up to the facts. Big tech has placed a nice price tag on the heads of those going against the grain. Covid has once again taken the empowerment of health out of the hands of our population and made them dependent on government solutions. That has never been or will be an effective path. Eat Real Fricken Food! I’ll vote for the President that runs off that slogan….President Shawn?!?!

  188. This letter effectively addresses a behavior that has no place in the public arena… egregious lack of honesty concerning science and lack of respect for scientists subsequently harming the public.

  189. Very well written article! I’ve loved your content for years but this was just so bang on. I found this point very enlightening!
    finding that within 15 minutes of wearing an N95 mask, healthcare workers experienced a reduction in volume of air displaced between inhalation and exhalation by 23%, it reduced the volume of gas inhaled or exhaled specifically from their lungs each minute by 25.8%, it reduced their volume of overall oxygen consumption by 13.8%, and their ability to expire carbon dioxide was reduced by 17.7%. Keep up the great work!!

  190. Thank you Shawn for putting this data out there! As a fellow scientist I appreciate you drawing light to studies that are published, but seem to have not been peer-reviewed to the level we would expect. Thank you for speaking out and trying to get the pubic more educated on these important topics!

  191. I’m so thankful for you speaking the truth and butting up against the norm! I believe those of us who feel like you do are the “silent majority” who will weather this covid storm a million times better than most. Keep up the good work. You are saving lives of those who listen!

  192. So spot on. I absolutely align with Shawn Stevenson’s heavily researched information. The way things unfolded last year was so fear-based and not fact-based it was eye-opening the politics and money behind it. Kudos to you, Shawn for being FEARLESS. We need more people like you leading the world.

  193. I am so glad that there are people like you in the world. Thank you for your voice and all of your hard work in the field of health.

  194. Great response to a politically-motivated attempt to suppress the truth! By now anyone interested in moving past the propaganda has seen the graphs of so-called open vs closed, or masking vs non-masking, states and countries. It is obvious that mandates don’t help, and often hurt. Keep up the good work, Shawn!

  195. Wow, amazing! I didn’t know the science behind the masks. I will still wear mine because I just don’t trust people lol and people will be sneezing and coughing all over the place. If anything it protects me from breathing that in.

  196. This is the best, most well thought out scientific response on the topic of COVID-19 I have read so far!! Awesome article!

    1. Thankyou for continually baring truth and standing up to censorship. I appreciate your emphasis on the repercussions of mask wearing in the real world, for hours a day, as compared to its results demonstrated during a brief test in a sterile environment. Your eloquent, well researched, and contextually rich response to the “fact checking” intent on silencing anything outside the accepted narrative helps liberate all of us.


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