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TMHS 144: Mind Over Medicine – With Dr. Lissa Rankin

Many of us take our health for granted until it’s suddenly taken away. When our health begins to slip out of our fingers, it can be a tremendous wake up call in our lives.

Some people receive the call and their life is transformed for the better. Something inside of them changes. They begin living differently. They make changes. They heal.

Many other people we’ve known and loved have faded away quickly. They believe that nothing else can be done. They give up.

There is an intermingling of these two groups of people for sure, but it’s pretty clear in the research that those who recover have something very powerful in their favor. And that is the power of their mind.

When you talk to physician and New York Times bestselling author Lissa Rankin about the power of the mind to heal the body, she isn’t just talking about something metaphysical, she is talking about a physical transformation that takes place, and it’s based on what you believe.

In today’s remarkable episode you’re going to learn what role your mind and beliefs play in keeping you well or keeping you sick. You’re going to learn the nearly unbelievable clinical benefits of fake medical treatments and how this data can be applied to your life.

You’re also going to discover how significant being connected to a bigger purpose in your life is, and how it’s tied to your lifeline. This episode is filled to the brim with valuable insights and takeaways that will last you a lifetime. Enjoy, and make sure to share!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What drove Dr. Lissa Rankin from being a conventional MD to studying and teaching integrative medicine.
  • Why some of the biggest “health nuts” in the world can end up very sick and unhealthy.
  • What the placebo effect actually is.
  • The shocking statistics on the effectiveness of placebo treatments.
  • What’s going on in the body when a placebo treatment works for someone.
  • How thoughts can trigger overwhelming stress responses.
  • What simple things activate the body’s relaxation response.
  • What exercise you can do to uncover what your body’s ailments are trying to tell you.
  • What the #1 risk factor for our health is (this will surprise you and impact you as well!).
  • How character traits like happiness and optimism relate to your health and longevity.
  • What the “anatomy of a calling” means (this is powerful!).

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  4. hi, good episode and i really like the discussion on something seldom talked about. but i would like to focus on the discussion on relationship. what if a person is introvert. would it be good to get the person out and forcefully get him to interact?


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