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Longevity Secrets of Honey, Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly

The benefits of honey, bee pollen, and royal jelly are unprecedented. In this video you’ll learn how bee products can help you live a longer, stronger, healthier life. This clip is taken from a live event sponsored by The Natural Way health food store. Get your pen and paper ready because this information is powerful!

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  1. Yes! and I think that bee pollen has same properties as date palm pollen, especially in fertility problems

  2. SWEET!

    I was taking notes while listening to this clip. There is so much rich information here. I understand why honey’s color is gold. Ancient food for modern man. The story you bring about that never gets old.

    Royal jelly- I never had it. After watching this video- I am getting some.

    Amazing energy in the clip by the way.

  3. Hi Thank you for all this wonderful info. I’m little confused about how Royal Jelly should be stored by health stores. Should it be just placed on the shelves or should it be refrigerated? Some companies send the Jelly in cold packs and that seems right, but at a local health store they had it sitting on the shelf and the container was a bit warm to the touch. I did not think it would be a good idea to buy it since the properties might not be as strong since it’s not being kept a cool place. What is the best way to maintain the properties of the Royal Jelly? Thank you

  4. Hey Shawn,

    I just recieved my first order of royal jelly and pollen in honey and it was frozen. Can you tell me if it’s lost any of the benefits? Should I send it back or just let it sit at room temperature? Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Aj. Because of the high antioxidant content of bee products, they’re very resilient and maintain their properties very well. Intrinsically they will lose some of the benefits by freezing, but it’s not significant enough to be too concerned about it.

      I would keep the ones you have refrigerated now (not frozen or out at room temperature. When you have the opportunity to get them fresh in the future, that’s always the best choice, but by being able to freeze products sometimes, it allows for their integrity to remain high if they’re being shipped to distant locations.

  5. Thanks Shawn for such a speedy response. Now, I’m looking forward to ordering MILA, and I am equally looking forward to talking to you in L.A!

  6. This morning before eating anything I mixed a teaspoon of Royal jelly with a teaspoon of raw honey and was able to swallow the mixture with no problem. It was actually pleasing to the palate. I’m looking forward to the benifits I experienced in the 80s .Wow! had I continued to take my Royal jelly on a regular basis from then to now I would look and feel even better than I do now. (:
    I’m all fired up about this!

  7. Hey Shawn,
    I recently ordered some royal jelly from RFW. When it arrived it was a pale yellow colour, smelled like amonia and has an awful bitter taste. RFW says this is how raw royal jelly looks and taste. The royal jelly I use to take in the 80s had a honey-like taste and looked like honey. Is it your experience that it taste and looks how I have described or it this stuff spoiled?

    1. Thanks for bringing the “flavor” of the bee products up for everyone June. Royal Jelly in my experience is VERY acrid and not particularly pleasing to the palate. The royal jelly that you had many years ago very likely was mixed along with honey, as that is the recommended way to eat it because the taste of the royal jelly is so strong.

      It’s important to note that EVERY source of bee pollen, honey, and royal jelly have different tastes. It’s one of the wonderful qualities about living foods that we get to experience, which is the wide variety that comes in each category. The way you described the taste and smell of the royal jelly is accurate to most people. The best way to use it is 1 tsp of royal jelly + 1 tsp of raw honey. This is an INSTANT energy booster.

  8. Oh, BTW…have you ever heard of a product called MILA, the miracle seed? It’s suppose to be far more superior than flax seed, having the highest level of omega 3’s than any other product on the market (as well as other benefits). Please check this site out and tell me what you think!

    1. Hi Tiffany. Thanks so much for the compliment. We are planning to be out in L.A. early next year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted, and just stayed tuned to the site for updates too. And yes, I LOVE chia seed. It’s actually one of my favorite foods. The product you mentioned is a blend of the species Salvia hispanica L. which many indigenous cultures have used different variations of it for thousands of years. I actually taught at an event last night and BARELY with held adding chia to my top 10 superfoods list (it was #11). It gets the thumbs up from me because flax does have quite a bit of phytoestrogens and doesn’t have quite the history of being a staple food like many people have made it out to be.

      Chia on the other hand is a POWERHOUSE of nutrition including the great ration of Omega 3’s that we all definitely need more of. Thanks for connecting and I look forward to talking with you soon.

  9. Greetings Shawn, I’m so pleased to have found your site. When will you come to the Los Angeles area for a live event? I hope the universe brings you here soon. Peace and many blessings.

  10. Hi Shawn,

    Great video

    Oh, thank you for reminding me about Royal Jelly. I will definitely return this to my food list. I used to eat it years ago, but never knew the info that you have shared in this video.

    1. Thanks so much Val. If you were using royal jelly years ago then you were onto something that most people still don’t know about yet (that’s pretty cool). When you add it in next time try having it on a spoon with an equal amount of raw honey. Do this before having any food for the day, or in between meals is even better.

  11. LOVIN’ all the good information Shawn! Keep it comin’! It seems like I learn something new from you everytime. Does it make a difference if you use honey or raw honey and what is the difference? Also how do you incorporate Royal Jelly and bee pollen into your diet?

    1. Thank you Janel, and thanks for the excellent questions. We covered these very things more in depth at the live event. Raw honey is BY FAR the optimal choice to go with. When the honey is cooked it loses most of it’s enzymatic properties and minerals, and that’s the really good stuff that we definitely want to keep.

      Bee pollen is one of my favorite foods. You can start with a tsp and eat it by itself (it tastes a bit like a crumbly candy) or just add it to your smoothies. And build up to a tbsp or more each day. Royal jelly’s flavor is really intense for most people… and a little goes a LONG way too. Have a teaspoon of royal jelly mixed with a tsp of honey and eat them both together on an empty stomach. This is an instant energy boost, and also great for regulating your metabolism.

  12. I love how everything from you is a classroom explosion of new learning information. My sister is taking bee pollen and getting great results. I’m taking honey and had no clue it had enzymes in it, I thought I had to have noni for a good source. A couple of the things in this vid I already knew or had some inkling into, but the majority of this was new info. I had no idea of vitamin p1, and things like that. I did recently learn that malic acid in apples and kiwi is good for us, and got interested in learning more about different kinds of acids. This was a great video! I really look forward to every single new video or article now.

    1. Thanks Seth. Awesome insight into looking at the benefits of the different “acidic” elements out there. Malic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid, etc. are all very beneficial to the human body. People sometime get caught up on one idea, like the extreme focus on alkalinity, and miss out on the balance that the other side provides. No doubt alkaline nutrients are vital, but living in balance is really what I feel the great lesson is. Thanks again!

    2. Having had read that fresh Royal Jelly is most stable and effective preserved in natural honey, I have been taking Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen in a raw honey. However, I have just found I have low progesterone, which is adversely effected by sugars. I avoid all sugars except this Royal Jelly raw honey. Should I take Royal Jelly in a capsule instead?


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