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Longevity Elixir Part 1

This video reveals some of the most remarkable longevity foods ever discovered, and how to use them for the greatest results in your anti-aging diet strategy.

When you shift from a focus on disease and illness, to a focus on longevity and vibrant health, it’s truly a freeing experience… The keys you will find out about in this video are in your hands now.  Leave a comment down below, and share any experience you’ve had with any of these foods OR any of these foods that you can’t wait to get your hand on!

Recipe & Preparation Tips

10 Ounces of Rooibos Tea

1/4 cup of Goji Berries (soaked)

3 to 5 inch piece of Aloe Vera Gel

2 to 4 tbsp of hemp seeds

1 to 2 tbsp of Cacao Powder

1 tsp of Maca (or more)

1 tsp of Mucuna (or more)

1 tbsp of Bee Pollen

1 tsp of Reishi (Open about 4 capsules and pour it in)

1 Cup Frozen Blueberries

Few dashes of cinnamon

Small dash of nutmeg

Pinch Of Sea Salt

1 tbsp of cacao nibs (Stirred in after blending)

Chef Tip:  Add all ingredients to your high speed blender and blend until smooth, the mix in the cacao nibs to retain that “chocolate chip” consistency.

Yields approximately 16 ounces.  Have it immediately.  Take your time, and enjoy!

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  1. Hi Shawn, I’m trying this recipipenfor the first time. It was quite a bit bitter and very pulpy because I used a ninja blender. I should have invested in the vitamix when I had the chance. I’ll do that later. Also, forgot to add blueberries and honey or stevia like you suggested. Anyway, I’m drinking this instead of taking pills since yesterday I had a bad episode with my back leading me to the hospital. I’m prescribed Valium, Naproxen, and Percocet.

    Anyway, can you tell me how you brew and soak the goji berries? It looks like you just brewed some roobois tea, and added the berries in? Or did you let the tea cool down and then soak the berries overnight?

  2. Shawn, where would I get aloe Vera and goji berries, mucuna and reishi?? I want to get started asap

  3. Hi Shawn,

    I don’t use itunes so wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks a million for your work and how amazing it is to have a resource such as your website/books and podcasts.
    I have always been interested in health, but haven’t come across the cutting edge information you provide anywhere else.
    I have introduced a green food supplement to my diet , msm and spirulina since listening to your podcasts and can’t wait to change to ONNIT products once I finish my current supply.

    I do a practical job and am also a fan of Ashtanga yoga and try to practice regularly. After hearing about Hemp prtein I am going to try and introduce this to my diet to help with tiredness.

    The above sounds great and I can’t wait t try it!

    All the very best from Scotland.


  4. Hi Shawn,

    You have kept your promise to consistently provide us with powerful tools, wonderful food tips and important information to build and sustain better health and frame of minds. The Longevity Elixir is pretty awesome. Again, congrats on my favorite book of the year! Thanks for all you do.



  5. I put a lot of this stuff in my protein shakes in the morning and found it all on except what is reishi?

    1. Great job! Raw “Natureboy” Rick Stern is one of the founders of Sun Warrior, and has been a real pioneer in providing EXTREMELY high quality products to our community. Reishi is known as “The Mushroom of Longevity”. It’s in the top 3 in all of the Chinese medicinal/ tonic herb system, which has over 5000 years of being AWESOME. Reishi has been shown to increase your body’s NK cells (Natural Killer Cells which are the cells that build your immune system weapons against ANY illness) up to 300%. It’s a MUST, in my opinion, it this day and age to have reishi and some of the other great Chinese tonic herbs as part of your longevity protocol.


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