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TMHS 782: Microdosing Exercise, Staying Motivated, & The Best Way to Build Muscle – with Mark Bell

TMHS 128: The School Of Greatness – With Lewis Howes

How do you define greatness?

Is it the achievements you rack up? Is it the obstacles you overcome? Is it the amount of lives you impact? Is it the accolades and recognition your receive? Or is it something totally different?

My guest today knows a thing or two about greatness. He’s interviewed hundreds of the most successful people on the planet in their respective fields. He’s been able to metabolize those teachings, add pieces of it to his life, and to share some of the most incredible insights with the rest of the world.

One thing I know he’d tell you is that greatness isn’t just about the things you achieve, it’s about who you become in the process.

My guest is Lewis Howes, the creator of The School of Greatness. He’s taken this top rated podcast and turned it into a cultural phenomenon, including a bestselling book with the same name.

Lewis is here today to share his inspiring story and to teach you what it takes to live a life of greatness. This could mean that you do some of the most grandiose things imaginable, but it truly means that you start living life on your terms.

Whether it’s your health, relationships, career, or anything else. Find out how to start living a life of greatness starting now!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How Lewis went from being a professional athlete to becoming one of the top entrepreneurs in the country.
  • Why Lewis lost his identity and what he did to overcome his greatest defeat.
  • The importance of mentors in achieving greater success.
  • Why willingness is an important attribute that most people look past.
  • Why going backwards is challenging once you’ve had a taste of something great.
  • How Lewis became a great connecter of people.
  • Why the work that you do has a huge impact on your health and well-being.
  • How Lewis was able to revive his dream of being a world champion and represent his country in international competition.
  • How a difficult heartbreak led to Lewis creating one of the biggest podcasts in the world.
  • What The School of Greatness really is and why it’s so impactful.
  • What the 8 Principles of Greatness are.
  • Why greatness starts with a vision (this is critical).
  • How our negative story can control our life (and how to break out of it!)

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. What a priceless podcast! Your Greatness is at overflow. Shawn you are a master of inclusion. Corporations pay professionals six figures plus to build inclusion into their corporate culture. Someone just started a small business designed to help organizations benefit from the principles of inclusion. But then there is Shawn! Everything you are and must have experienced to date prepared you to become the poster guy for inclusion. Your motivations and programming embrace the young, the not so young and us seniors! You put your arms around the most challenged part of our society: individuals suffering with poor health and fitness. As your elder, it is easy to embrace you back because you have made yourself a friend to whoever will believe and try to live a satisfying and fulfilling life. I am so very proud of what you and your team have accomplished: Greatness!

    Don’t ever let Jade go. She is the litmus test of brotherly love for you and all of us; to watch the fruits that determination, good will, patience, perseverance and loyalty can yield. Jade’s greatness is just simmering at the surface. Wait until Love finishes it’s work on her!

    1. Mary, thank you so much for sharing your voice! We appreciate you. 🙂

  2. Guys you rock, you really brighten up my life. Jade girl you got it going on!!! such a cool lady! thanks Shawn for all your inspirational and uplifting podcasts!!!
    sending you both much love
    God Bless you both xx


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