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Is It Normal To Feel Good When You DON’T Eat?

Recently someone sent in a question for what would seem to be a very strange issue… They actually felt GREAT, but they were worried that they hadn’t eaten enough calories in the day (according to the RDA), and wondered if they were doing something dangerous.

The first thing to get schooled on is that fact that there can not possibly be a basic caloric “requirement” for all humans beings.  A simple way to understand this is to ask yourself the following question:  If someone is 6 feet tall and weighs 220 pounds, would they have the same caloric requirement as someone who’s 5’3” and weights 115 pounds?

Obviously the requirements would be different… But this would take an entirely different approach than the typical “cookie-cutter” framework of how much a person should be eating.

Also take a look at the levels of activity.  Someone who has a manual labor job building houses will INTRINSICALLY have a higher caloric requirement than someone who has a desk job and hasn’t been to the gym in months.

SO MANY factors go into uncovering the right caloric intake for you. But the first plan of action is to release yourself from the menacing grips of the Recommended Daily Allowances.

The question that the person sent in was in regards to eating very little food, if any food at all.  It’s important to understand that people have been “fasting” from eating food since the beginning of documented human history.  Thousands of years have demonstrated it’s validity, and it’s widely affirmed to be a very a valuable practice.

Anyone who designates that it’s “too much” or “too little” food for you does NOT live inside of your body, and can not truly understand what physiological needs you have.

In truth, there is no one-size-fits-all range of calories you should be eating. It’s really based on listening first and foremost to your body. It may sound simple enough, but most people are so callused inside, and rigid in their thinking, that they’ve forgotten to truly “feel” what is best for them.

It’s actually good to take some time off from heavy eating. It allows your major organs like your liver, kidneys, and pancreas to get a break from the constant bombardment and do some deeper cleaning.  This is one of the time-tested ways to keep yourself healthier longer. And one more fun fact is that fasting is one of the only techniques that stimulates your body to produce more Human Growth Hormone (which keeps you young and energetic).  Listen to your body first, then the “experts” second.

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  1. I have had this my whole life. If eat before 5pm on a weekend then i have no energy for the whole day. If i dont eat i am active, achieving stuff all day long.

  2. Very true though, I eat and my day is just messed up! most esp. if its junk!

  3. I totally agree because I’m one of those people that has more energy when I don’t eat and I’m busy all day whereas I’m wrecked if I eat anything. If I do eat I make sure it’s near bed time so I can sleep. I do worry about my health because surely going weeks without proper food intake is bad. I feel much better that I’m not the only one and they seem fine.


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