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Is Breakfast Really THAT Important?

Everyone’s heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And for years I would stress to my clients the importance of eating breakfast, ESPECIALLY when they are going in to exercise.

But recently in one of my books I cited a study done by Kansas State University showing that body fat was actually burned more effectively when exercising first thing in the morning in the fasted condition (before eating food) than when doing the same exercise in the afternoon.

Now this really flies in the face of conventional wisdom on the subject. I’m not saying to run out and throw away all of your breakfast goodies… but this just goes to show you that what we are programed with may not always be the best way to get the greatest results.

There are basically 2 camps on the subject.  Those that say you need to eat to “Turn on your metabolism” and those that say… “Hey, does your metabolism ever turn off in the first place…?  I don’t think so!”

The truth is, both of them are right.  When we eat, it does elicit greater metabolic function, but that can actually be counterproductive if greater energy is needed to aid in physical activity, yet instead it’s being used to digest extra food.

The real key is understanding your specific metabolic type, and taking advantage of your body’s unique metabolic fire-power to have the body and energy that you want.  Everyone is different.  Some people simply do better with a nice breakfast, and it helps them perform great.  Others absolutely despise breakfast, and I’ve even heard clients say words such as “pukey” because their health advisors are telling them to cram some food into their bodies, even though they don’t actually want it.

One thing is for certain, you’ve got to be able to listen to your body.  If breakfast just isn’t your thing, then it’s O.K.!  It turns out that it may actually be to your advantage.  “Turning on” and turning up your metabolism is not only engineered by eating food.  Exercise, moving your body, and stretching to remove the stagnancy in your system will kick-start your metabolism better than anything.  We do need to MOVE.  So whether you’re a breakfast person or not, make sure to appreciate your body and give it the movement it deserves.

Once you understand your specific metabolic type then you can use your food choices to supplement your great results, rather than putting yourself in a box and missing out on the great foods and strategies that actually work best for you.

If you have not found out your specific metabolic type yet, then make sure to pick up your copy of The Fat Loss Code so that you can find out what it is, and take advantage of the best foods and exercises for your body type.

So are you a breakfast person, or not?  Just leave your comment down below and share.

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