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Inflammation and Earthing

The vast majority of doctor visits today are for stress related illnesses. The overwhelming benefits of grounding technology are shedding new light on the causes of bodily stress. In this video you’ll discover the answer to what Earthing is and how you can use this technology to radically change your health.

In this video you’ll learn:

*What technology Lance Armstrong used while winning the Tour De France

*The #1 hidden cause of 90% of all doctor visits

*What is likely causing disruption in the cells of your body even as you’re reading this

*What simple technology to use to protect yourself from cellular stress and inflammation

*And much more!

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  2. Shawn,
    Apologies for commenting in such an old thread, but I can’t find any other reference from you about grounding/earthing on your site. It looks like you haven’t posted/podcasted about it since.
    Have you learnt any more about earthing in the past few years (positive or negative) and do you have enough to do a show on?
    I can’t find much on the web other than old stuff linked to Clint Ober and very little research or anything independent so would appreciate your perspective.
    It looks very interesting but put off by the lack of information and comment about it.

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  7. Earthing and grounding for free electrons is amazing info. similiarly, drinking alkaline ionized water has an affect very close to that. instead of clumping cells like penny rolls to share an electron, the free electrons help blood cells bounce around individually. lately, i’m trying to learn more about QiGong which actually talks about yin energy as negatively charged ions (earth, female, negative energy) and yang energy as positively charged ions (male, sun, positive) and the yin or root chakra as negative and navel as positive and combining the two creates stored energy and Qi or chi energy. even learning from a lama monk that it disperses the ions beneath you and forms a bubble of energy around you (sheild). Some very neat stuff. Earthing and grounding, and alkaline ionized water for the free electrons just seems like some of the most important new info we can get ahold of and fully come to understand. i loved this video and still anxious to learn more. i hope to get a grounding pad and/or blanket asap. best to you all

    1. You shared so many great things for people to look into, Seth. The science of Qi Gong is something that I’ve been into for a couple of years now. I actually had the opportunity to learn from a Kung Fu champion (a small, pleasant, unsuspecting asian guy) and it’s really had a great impact on me. Learning about the yin & yang and chakra systems are very value, indeed. We are walking around with this amazing electromagnetic system within us, and it’s only a matter of learning how to use it.

  8. I just watched Shawn’s video “Inflammation and Earthing” last night; talking about the whole grounding concept, electricity, and EMFs. I’ve been changing my mind and body for some time now to a more constant and optimal state of health; meaning, I’ve been feeling good/great almost all the time; thus I’m very familiar with the nutritional aspect of being healthy (with lots more to learn), which I’ve been absorbing from people like Shawn.

    However, I’ve been unfamiliar; unaware, and uninformed to any worthwhile degree abut grounding and EMFs till just last night when I first watched the above video.

    You all should know I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past several years. I’ve tried lots of different strategies to help me sleep at night. Even when I thought one strategy was working, I would still wake up in the middle of the night usually unable to fall back to sleep for hours. Another thing to note really quickly, I’m currently in my second year of nursing school at the age of 26 and juggling more responsibilities, activities, and goals than I ever thought I was even capable of handling. So on to the point…

    After watching Shawn’s video last night, it was 2:00 AM and I had to wake up at 6:00 AM. His words of wisdom and knowledge inspired me to unplug every piece of electrical equipment in my bedroom (except the house’s wireless router) just before climbing into bed. I immediately felt a feeling or presence of stillness consume my whole bedroom. This stillness reminded me of when I was a child, and the only electricity I had in my room was a night light. It was silence at the most purest form I have heard for as far back as I can remember. I proceeded to lay down in my bed, and within almost an instant I was fast asleep.

    I awoke four hours later at 6:00 AM; I drank a glass of water; spent ten minutes on my “T-Zone” (which I use as a supplement for bounding in order to get my blood flowing when I wake up in the morning); meditated for 35 minutes; studied for an exam, which I then took at 8:30; followed by lecture and lab till 2:30; then before starting my hour long workout (where my heart rate was sustained at about 174 BPM for roughly 60 minutes) I went outside barefoot, stepped onto the grass, and decided to get down on all-fours and even touched my head to the ground for a few minutes just before starting my workout (I have never before performed this act in my whole life or anything similar to it. I never even thought about it); I then made my dinner/post workout shake; went to work at 6:00 PM and here I am sitting at my desk with massive amounts of energy at 7:30 and planning on studying till the late hours of the night.

    Why am I sharing this with you?

    I attribute this high level of energy and all of my day’s accomplishments to my new found knowledge regarding EMFs and grounding. How I was able to accomplish all this on only four hours of sleep and still feel like a million bucks is simply remarkable to me!! “The proof is in the pudding”!

    Thank you Shawn for continuing to share your extremely beneficial wisdom and knowledge! It makes all the difference in the world!

  9. Shawn,
    I have been hearing about grounding for some time now….the problem is, it is hard to know if the products are for real or not….Would greatly appreciate “getting hooked up” to a real product…very interested in the pad & sheets.

    1. If you want to experiment with grounding, you don’t need an expensive grounded mat or bed sheet.

      Obviously the simplest way to ground yourself is just to walk outside on the bare earth, barefoot. Not always convenient in the winter or when the weather is bad.

      The bedsheets and grounded pads aren’t rocket science, they just conveniently connect you to the grounded portion of your houses electrical system.

      You can do this yourself, just get a three pronged electrical, like the kind used for computers or computer monitors. Thread a properly sized screw into the center (grounded) terminal on the “computer” side of the cord. Make sure the screw isn’t coated or galvanized, this tends to impede electrical flow.

      Connect a wire to the screw, preferably with an alligator clip. Connect the other side of the alligator clip to a cut piece of copper pipe. Plug the thing in, grab hold of the pipe: and you are grounded.

      If you dont have a copper pipe, try using a metalic spoon or something similar. You can wrap a moistened paper towel around the pipe or spoon; this helps you make connection.

      1. This is PRICELESS info you’re sharing! The science is very simple as stated, and it’s important for people to take advantage of it whether cost is an issue or not. Thank you so much for outlining this for everyone. The only justification here is what’s convenient for someone or not. I spend every moment that I can outside with my feet on the earth…. I just finished up an important phone meeting while walking barefoot in my backyard. It’s simple, and powerful. I use my ground mat for convenience, travel, office work, etc. but the same idea can be duplicated with a little ingenuity.

        Thanks again!

  10. Hey,
    Very interesting insight about earthing and staying grounded.
    I’ve spent the majority of my life in an airplane, always going through security at airports, and sleeping in different hotels every night. I’d like to know more about the earthing sheet and pad Lance used after each race. After 30+ years in avaition I know I need grounding.

    My fiancé and I are very interested in the EARTHING PAD AND SHEETS.
    Where is the best place to buy?


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