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Hey Thirsty! Here’s Why You Need To Drink More Water – How Water Affects Your Body

Water is the foundation of health, beauty, vitality, and youth. Not only does water help to build your blood and transport nutrients, but it is also responsible for maintaining your DNA. And what does your DNA do? Well, it basically helps to print out copies of you. And being dehydrated is like running out of ink. So from now on think of DNA as Dehydration Not Acceptable.

Water is so important, yet, so overlooked, and I’ve got a pretty good reason why. We’re jaded by water. We see it all the time. We see it gushing out of fountains, fueling sprinkler systems for our lawn, it’s on tap whenever we want to drink or bathe… we even have porcelain thrones of water that we get to use the bathroom in.

Our ancestors would have never taken water for granted the way that we have. In centuries past, the decision to build any town or civilization was strictly determined by whether there was access to water or not. Today, we pee in the water without thinking twice about it.

Now, what if I told you that the water you (and millions of other people) use the bathroom in each day is making its way back through your faucet? Drinking and bathing in recycled toilet water?! Hopefully this gets your attention.

When it comes to water, you need to be mindful of the very best sources AND being proactive at making sure you have the right hydration levels (so that you’re not printing out crappy copies of yourself). In this brand new episode of Health Unprocessed you’re going to learn about what the best drinking water is, how water affects your health, and some hidden message of water that you’ve probably never heard before.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How much of your body is made of water.
  • What water does for your body.
  • How dehydration can lead to diseases.
  • What is water REALLY (and it’s definitely not just H2O!)
  • How water affects your DNA.
  • What the “rungs” of drinking water are.
  • The scary truth about what’s in municipal water systems (hint: it’s gross!)
  • Why chlorine is added to water and what impact it has on you.
  • Why fluoride is added to water and what the side effects of fluoride are.
  • What reverse osmosis does to water.
  • How to boost the quality of your RO water.
  • Why well water is ok to drink (as long as it’s deep enough).
  • What the best drinking water source is.
  • Why fancy bottled water might be damaging your health.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts after watching the show. What type of water do you currently drink? Did you learn any new information about water that’s going to be helpful for you moving forward? Please share below!

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  1. Wow! This is so very interesting! The most powerful information to me is the varying degrees of water quality and your comments regarding the effects of excessive amounts of estrogen. I can’t wait for part 2. Congratulations on a job well done!

  2. WOW! congrats on your video… it will be a priority in my life…. I am excited to find that fluoride has now been deleted from our water what a plus….. am blessed to intake your knowledge as then I can become completely responsibility for my health and vitality… so love that



  3. Woop…woop!!!! Awesome sauce. Lol! You were made for tv. Great info as always. Now you can reach those who refuse to pick up a book. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the information Shawn. Much appreciated.
    Also, I always ensure that I listen to all the information provided by you.

    Very educational.

    Everyone is responsible for their health.

    P.S. Congratulations on you new internet TV programme.

  5. Awesome episode Shawn! I’ve made it a point to source local springs and measure their quality to the best of my ability, and share the information with others so they can get the optimal solution for their drinking water (and no cheap stuff, making the Investment in glass bottles for storage)! I will keep sharing, and thank you for your knowledge and inspiration!

    1. Joel, that’s just freakin incredible!
      Thanks man. And by the way, we’re going to get more and more people posting spring sources on so please do the same and let’s keep making great changes together!

  6. I believe this video provides an insight into the nutritional aspect of h2o or A.K.A. “The universal solvent.” To say the least…water is a basic physiologic need and is more than just something to drink. I love the fact that you explained the importance of water, it’s competence in our body, and the best sources of water to drink from!! Thanks Shawn. I am ecstatic to tune Into your shows each week.


  7. Shawn, OMG, every time I listen to you or WATCH you, I am reminded of how I need to “Get My Life”! This is scary, scary stuff. I used to be on top of info like this but have gotten lazy brain (perhaps its due to tampon water **shivers*).

    Biggest takeaway is that my husband has been buying Nursery Water for our 5 month old. Guess what it has in it….fluoride. I had told him a while back that we shouldn’t be putting fluoride water in her bottle, but I forget the side effects of fluoride so we shrugged it off. OMG, not any more. I can’t keep putting that in my baby’s bottle. SMH. The stuff this country allows these consumer consumption companies is CRAZY. Thank you for this!

    P.S. – I do have a baby bullet that we plan on making some of her food with. So having a juicer for us big folks would make juicing a family thang 🙂

    1. Brandy, you’ve got little people who will be following your footsteps, so it’s a HUGE responsibility I know. But what I also know is that you’re an amazing woman and you can knock this stuff out of the park!

      You can see brain scans of young people today showing that their pineal glands are completely calcified. How do we change this? By 1) becoming aware and 2) making the real, wholehearted decision to do the right thing.

      We’re all in this together!

  8. Hey Shawn, always love hearing from you. I have been studying water passionately for many many years. I now get the five gallon bottles of Mountain Valley and it’s partly because of your suggestion a few hears ago. I’m planning on getting an R.O. too for washing my hands, face, dishes… what ever I can use if for. I’ve spoken at length to many whole house filter companies, some say they take out most of the fluoride but many with the same types of material, coconut shells, carbon block…etc… say they do not. It’s been a real struggle and what I want is to be able to take a bath without getting dosed with Fluoride. I encourage you to PLEASE as part of your show to encourage people to write their congressman and anyone they can to stop dumping a something so toxic into our water that it’s illegal to put in landfills and was used in WWII Nazi Germany for mind control in the concentration camps, to continue to educate them and to please be more factual about how terrible it really is, I know you have a balance to keep and some people might not even believe it when we tell them the whole truth about half the stuff that’s out there… MSG, Fluoride, Vaccines, Chem Trails, New World Order… and the list goes on and on. I’m with you to try to educate the world and help bring people up. I just got my counseling license and will be putting up a web site soon for holistic counseling and will include a healthy foods component. Please let me know if you find a whole house fluoride removal filer that really works and thanks for all you do!


    1. Dave, you definitely know more of the bigger picture.
      Thanks for taking real action, and thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Great info Shawn! I recently stopped drinking Dasani after drinking it for several years because I saw that one of its ingredients is potassium chloride (no matter how small the amount). Knowing that potassium chloride is a third of the lethal injection process was enough for me to stop drinking it. I would proudly gulp down bottles and bottles of Dasani a day! No more.

    1. Good one, Sharon! My favorite was Evian… But then I realized what Evian means when you spell it backwards. 😉

  10. As always thank you for the informative video on why we need to drink more and a better quality of water.
    Since joining your program I have increased my water intake in order to drink half of my body weight in water.
    I also make it a ritual to drink 24 ounces of “clean water” first thing upon waking in the morning.
    I am still on a quest to find a natural spring or well that I can pilfer some good water from.
    Until then I will continue to use my MSM which I also learned about after joining your group.
    Good bless you on your future success!
    I also wanted to let you know that after doing the 10 day juice fast I am down 12 pounds!
    If I win the juicer I can continue on with this lifestyle change since I have since returned the one that I borrowed.
    I plan to do a juice fast every season to recharge my body.
    Again thank you so much, it was a real pleasure working with you.

    1. Wow, Alyssa, you just made my whole month. I really, wholeheartedly appreciate that.
      You’ll find that ideal spring source sooner than later. Super proud of you, by the way!

  11. Hey Shawn congratulations on another job well done. This information is so important and I thank you for bringing it. I’m excited to see the rest of the segments. Awesome!!!

    1. Hey, I’m a reflection of the amazing people that support me 😉
      Thanks so much, June! More awesomeness on the way!

  12. I always enjoy the information that you share via email, radio, and video. I am so excited for you and congratulations!!!


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