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Hey Thirsty! Here’s Why You Need To Drink More Water – How Water Affects Your Body

Water is the foundation of health, beauty, vitality, and youth. Not only does water help to build your blood and transport nutrients, but it is also responsible for maintaining your DNA. And what does your DNA do? Well, it basically helps to print out copies of you. And being dehydrated is like running out of ink. So from now on think of DNA as Dehydration Not Acceptable.

Water is so important, yet, so overlooked, and I’ve got a pretty good reason why. We’re jaded by water. We see it all the time. We see it gushing out of fountains, fueling sprinkler systems for our lawn, it’s on tap whenever we want to drink or bathe… we even have porcelain thrones of water that we get to use the bathroom in.

Our ancestors would have never taken water for granted the way that we have. In centuries past, the decision to build any town or civilization was strictly determined by whether there was access to water or not. Today, we pee in the water without thinking twice about it.

Now, what if I told you that the water you (and millions of other people) use the bathroom in each day is making its way back through your faucet? Drinking and bathing in recycled toilet water?! Hopefully this gets your attention.

When it comes to water, you need to be mindful of the very best sources AND being proactive at making sure you have the right hydration levels (so that you’re not printing out crappy copies of yourself). In this brand new episode of Health Unprocessed you’re going to learn about what the best drinking water is, how water affects your health, and some hidden message of water that you’ve probably never heard before.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How much of your body is made of water.
  • What water does for your body.
  • How dehydration can lead to diseases.
  • What is water REALLY (and it’s definitely not just H2O!)
  • How water affects your DNA.
  • What the “rungs” of drinking water are.
  • The scary truth about what’s in municipal water systems (hint: it’s gross!)
  • Why chlorine is added to water and what impact it has on you.
  • Why fluoride is added to water and what the side effects of fluoride are.
  • What reverse osmosis does to water.
  • How to boost the quality of your RO water.
  • Why well water is ok to drink (as long as it’s deep enough).
  • What the best drinking water source is.
  • Why fancy bottled water might be damaging your health.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts after watching the show. What type of water do you currently drink? Did you learn any new information about water that’s going to be helpful for you moving forward? Please share below!

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  3. Water is a real issue to contend with. I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and have been trying to avoid fluoride and other chemicals in the water. Have been using distilled water with lemon or lemon oil added most of the time for drinking water. Wish I had a better water source.

  4. Amazing show! Super excited to hear and see more in future 🙂 thx again for solving my sleep problem through ur tips (curtains)!! you guys rock!

  5. Great topic and great show! Super excited to see more snipets of the show to come! Also very grateful that someone is sharing the truths about tap water!

  6. Waddah difference! After this video I felt like I was a true water expert. You really filtered out what we think we know about water and what the truth is. In a quick way you really stream into our consciousness sharing your personal experience with water. Earth is not toxic, our water system is. As long as we use a pure and natural source, our bodies will respond with vigor and vibrancy. Thanks for keeping our thoughts pure! The video was great. I love HD- honest definition- t.v. =) I am excited and looking forward to more!

  7. Congrats! Good stuff, i have learned this already but i am curious for part 2 to help me find and what to look for in a spring. Keep em coming!

  8. Hey Shawn, all.. Nice job! (again) 🙂
    My comment is about the fluoride added to the water, it isn’t about our teeth or health!! I mean come on,,, this is the same gov that allows the use of mercury to be put INTO our mouths!?!?

  9. This is awesome Shawn! Congrats on the new show!!!! This is the kind of t.v. I love. Who needs cable when we have shows like this on the net to tune into??? You’re helping to set the platform for amazing things to come about in the near future with wellness, health and self care…..raising the consciousness of the masses. You’re amazing 🙂

  10. Hi Shawn, I’ve just watched your video! Congratulations on this first episode. I’m so glad that you said “yes” to this, after some “serious introspection and debate”, and to be able to witness you share this information is a blessing! Plus, it should be known by now that the new sensation is to be “conscience,” and hydration of course is first base! Moreover, I believe that it is this kind of attitude that I have been nurturing towards (thanks to your many many many “living contributions”) that guided me to find my Local Thermal Spring in Buxton (England), called St Anns Well! I am pleased to note that I have recommend you to my family and friends and I shall continue to share your podcasts and videos with people so that they can also benefit from your “living information.” Healthy Regards, Syed.

    1. Hey, it’s my honor, Maurice! Make sure to “restructure” that water first. More on that in the next show (and upcoming podcast even more). Stay tuned, we’ve got the best stuff ever coming up.

    2. Shawn, great video….All this info is great but how do you get an R/O water system? A link would be helpful!

  11. Shawn, great video! Your style, charisma and humility is what allows your message to shine and resonate with others. Looking forward to new episodes 🙂


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