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801: 10 Fitness Secrets Every Busy Parent Needs to Know


How To Bulletproof Your Health Results

Here in this video you’ll learn about the newly discovered part of the brain that is most responsible for what you can achieve in your life. This is ESSENTIAL information to have! Once you understand how this part of your brain functions, then you can actually gain leverage on the results that may have eluded you.

Hopefully you’ve heard the statement that “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This part of your brain is working all the time whether you want it to or not… And it can keep you living the same old reality over and over again, OR it can give you the direct key to achieving the inherent potential within yourself.

Some of the things you’ll learn are:

– What’s actually responsible for your genetic expression– How to overcome blocks and challenges in your life by applying one powerful principle

– How your brain actually “simulates” information for you to learn

– What to AVOID at all costs to keep yourself from falling off-track

After watching the video, leave a comment below and share what you’re going to do

to Bulletproof Your Health!

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  1. Well Shawn, you just confirmed what I’ve been thinking here lately in your video. Thanks. I am originally from germany, but been living in the south ( Kentucky) for 20 years now. Call it the “southern fried” state if you wish, narrow minded people, welfare state and what not. I’ve been fighting against this way of thinking for some time now, and I am glad I did. I am working for myself with an awesome natural health co., been preaching about health, trying to talk to people, trying to show them some of your videos, Mike Adams, David Wolfe, etc. with no results, or way too little. I love your video about “what is the best water” and I have been craving it like there is no tomorrow. But even the locals in this small “redneck town” don’t know where there is a spring, and the bad part is they don’t care. Water is water to them.

    I just can’t take this “going nowhere, doing nothing” kind of attitude anymore. So thanks for your confirmation of my thoughts, next spring I am moving to Colorado, and I know breathing fresh mountain air, springs everywhere, biking and hiking trails, health conscious people, it’ll be a blessing. Don’t know exactly how I’m gonna do it, but I trust God. And when health becomes more important than all the stuff you have, you are already a winner. Eventually down the road I know I will be in shape again with my 50 years, and be able to do all those different variations of push ups you show in your video. Like the music to it too. Anyways, thanks for being out there Shawn, and making a difference in so many peoples lives.

    1. What I have come to understand is that if the “vibration” you carry is greater than the environment you’re in, then you’ll attract new people, places, and circumstances that resonate with that… The only thing we need to be skilled at is paying attention. It sounds like you have some great opportunities and changes ahead of you… Many new challenges and new adventures. It also sounds like the place you’re in now has served you well in your growth too. You’ve learned first hand exactly what you DON’T want, and that in itself is infinitely valuable.

      Gisela, as you already know, the challenges in life are what help us to grow. Each challenge brings new possibilities on our journey, and it’s my honor to be on this journey with you.

  2. Well, you hit it right on about “surrounding yourself with the environment and people that will help you grow and become what you really want to become.” That is nothing but the absolute truth.

    1. Thanks Debi. I know that you speak from experience, and you’re one of those great people that make everyone else better because you’re involved. When Debi is on the scene, everything is instantly upgraded!

  3. Great message! Given the energy it takes from me to be in a negative climate of worry, constant complaints and constant expectations of worst possible outcomes I avoid them at all cost. This is garbage for the brain. I want to feed my brain with impressions that inspire compassion in the face of suffering, with encouragement in the face of difficulty, with beauty and humor. This is what helps me balance the many forms of energy and pain that cannot be controlled around me.

  4. Thanks Shawn — another great video!! I have definitely seen the results of immersing myself constantly in the kind of information needed to foster health and longevity. Most of which started by attending your presentations about Super Foods and how to add them in. Now, I have your great book The Key to Quantum Health to continue the immersion. I am going to start taking it with me everywhere I go. I have a trip coming up where I will be with a group of people who are not in good health and will be constantly exposed to food and “treats” that do not go along with promoting health and longevity, but the book will be with me as well as my vitamix, Super Foods, herbal teas, etc. If I get tempted , all I have to do is look at how I feel now verses how I felt a year ago and the success of immersion in the good stuff will keep me on track. The information in your book is definitely THE KEY TO QUANTUM HEALTH !!!

  5. The Best part of my life is about to happen. You have a way to helping me understand the importance of being aware and knowing. Change is definitely not easy, however change is always an evolution of something great. This is on time for what is about to manifest in my life…This time will be better and greater than ever….you know what I am talking about brother.

    Thanks for teaching!

  6. Shawn – you’ve done it again! You are always so willing to share your new, improved and perfected info with us! The way that you share is clear and precise and the extra bonus is. . . your suggestions to help us activate these concepts, ideas and truths into our lives. Thanks

  7. Listening to you is always inspirational. Everyday I am learning a lot from you and always looking forward to hearing what you have to offer…. I have been following your tips and honestly they have been very helpful and I am also sharing them with the people I truly care for to experience the beautiful life that I am experiencing right now. I can say that it is sometimes difficult to change but I have been working on changing how my mind functions and listening to this message, it is now clear why the brain functions how it does and I need to change the pattern. I understand it will be tough but I am passionate about the change because I have seen the results and they are tasteful and fruitful :). I will continue to work hard to the highest of my potentiality to become the best that I can be. Thanks Shawn and keep them posts coming… They are very helpful. Look forward to learning more from you and implementing it. 🙂

  8. Shawn, what an amaZing message to hear on this particular day… It’s so funny how the law of attraction always works. For the past few weeks I had been feeling this tug at my soul that kept bringing me back to the timeless question of “who am I?”. I don’t want to get all Plato on everyone but, I had recently been goin through a transition in my life that had been leading me to realize that I had settled and gotten used to a routine. I was able to easily complete the tasks/goals I had presented myself with a year ago and was just coasting. I even had the nerve to wonder what I had done to deserve this. It wasn’t until I opened my mind and realized I had put myself In that situation.

    Since that realization I have been focusing on who I really am and who I want to be. I have realized that no one can do what you are thinking except you. The willingness to step outside the comfort zone and take the leap of faith into the unknown is the only way that I have continully had to success in seeing my progress manifest before me! I believe in the finding of mirroring neurons to the fullest and can attest to it through the transformation I have seen through my own personal mirror. From the moment I learned my best friend Debi Dibella had stopped eating meat, I stopped eating meat, from the moment I met Shawn I instantly wanted to be like Shawn.
    More recently it had been designing that I have become passionate about and am now surrounded by designers. I could list the endless list of amazingness that I have learned from putting the question out to the universe and working towards the goal to only become surrounded by like-minded individuals, but I just want to challenge anyone to listen to this message an apply what Shawn is saying,
    and be ready for what you’re about to receive. You know it’s coming, just don’t be afraid to take the leap and be ready to fall Into what you want. Hope this answers the contest question! Sending love to you all!

    1. This is absolutely fantastic Claudia. Really, really, good for you! It’s so great to see when someone with so much potential really gets that they set the conditions in their life to achieve the results they want. YOU are the one to do it, and by aligning yourself with the people, places, and circumstances that help you grow to what you want to be, there’s absolutely no stopping you!

  9. I am on a roll! I started really working on my fitness less than a year ago. I have been working pretty hard, but now with your help I have become motivated to take it to the next level. I am going to seek someone here in the Asheville area that will help challenge me to do so. I am gathering the stuff I need to make some Elixirs and have already started mixing up some smoothies of my own, trying to get my kids on board.

    Thanks Shawn! I am in for the long haul…

    1. Michael it’s truly an honor for me to know that you’re out there in Asheville working along with me and applying this information. I have some beautiful kids too, and the most powerful thing that we can do as fathers is to do what you and I are already doing, and that’s to SHOW WHAT’S POSSIBLE! All the best to you, my friend.

  10. Wow, this is a very uplifting video! It has such a powerful message followed with the science breakdown of the brain. I’m reading your book for the second time, amd i’m on the chapter that is relative to the exact same informaion, our thoughts becoming us…. Can’t wait to share this
    Thank you!

  11. This was a very tricky challenge in my situation. I already study and marinate so many experts and gurus and stuff or as you call them game changers using the web. i watch their youtube videos, i try to get inside their head and figure out what they are trying to convey and the deep rooted reasons for what they say and why. if i can i follow their careers and look for patterns, cross referencing them from anything of who their inner circles of friends and affiliates are, to if they sell products or books or have their own website etc. So i would say i’m trying to model myself after the ones that are doing it right. But how do i implement better change than that within MY world? well for a start i figure i’d delete or ignore or hide majority of my negative friends on Facebook because i see how my daily peruse of the “main page” affects my mood and decisions and habits over time. i also see raw gets results so i recently joined give-it-to-me-Raw social network website to learn more from peers as well as long time raw foodists. I think the biggest thing i could do would be to physically attend an ncfitclub from my beachbody coach aquaintance Todd Midgett. He’s a good guy and is clearly following the right path of success i’ve seen him blossom over the past year. From taking up karate, to attending obstacle courses, to attending seminars around the country, to building his fit clubs into larger groups with higher attendance like a franchise, he’s doing great and he’s local. I guess you just study and emulate successful people that live their results everyday in plain sight without having to preach it, you just see it like a glow. Others preach but don’t back it up, so they and those who are negative are not good mirrors to build yourself off of. Especially if that’s the old pattern you’re trying to mold yourself away from and into a superior version of your potential. Plus i love studying the great people and minds of history. To stand on the footsteps of giants, and press upward.

    1. Awesome advice for everyone, Seth. I love your honesty, and the Facebook tactic is one that we all know about, but most people ever say it 😉 There is a WIDE RANGE of information and experiences out there… that’s the nature of life… And with this over-saturation of things to get involved in, it’s as important as ever to really hone in on the things that we want to be a part of, and to block out those things that are not in alignment with where we are going. It can be challenging sometimes, but getting fully on board with your mission is the best feeling in the world!

  12. Love what you say about lifting yourself up by the people around you being positive models of what you would like to do/be/feel/look.
    I guess keeping up with the Jones’ isn’t such a bad thing?
    I am going to do just that! The Fitness center is going to have a lose it before the holiday contest. I will work off the 10 pounds that crept up on me, with the help of them and your informational/inspirational website.
    P.S. Raw chocolate might help the cause ; )


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