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Whether you’re hungover from a nasty flu virus or a wild night out with your friends, it’s always important to have reliable remedies close at hand.

Here’s a seemingly magical tonic, that will knock back any surprise sickness and get you back in the game in no time.  It’s called the Breathe Deep Hot Toddy.

This is the complete recipe so that you can take advantage of it when you need it:

12 ounces of hot spring water (heated on a stove top)

2 tbsp of Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tsp of Raw Honey

1/8 tsp of cinnamon

1/10 tsp of cloves

1/10 tsp of cayenne pepper.

Have this drink every 3 hours until symptoms subside.  Abstain from having any other food or drink besides water during this period, and you should be up and energized again in as little as a day.

This drink can be pretty intense for some people, but its effectiveness is unquestionable.  Here are a few insights about the ingredients to help you better understand why it works so well.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is actually one of the most powerful and widely used substances throughout history.  The Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks, and numerous other cultures prized apple cider vinegar (ACV) for it’s potent healing properties.  Even our popularly known “Father of Modern Medicine”, Hippocrates, used ACV to treat thousands of different ailments.

ACV contains valuable live friendly flora and enzymes that aid in metabolic processing and healing.  The malic acid found in ACV gives it the antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that helps to fortify your immune system. The Key here is that it’s unpasteurized and unfiltered.  If the ACV is pasteurized then it’s almost null and void of any significant benefits.

Raw Honey: This amazing food contains more enzymes than any food known.  It’s without a doubt the appropriate choice as a sweetener when you are needing to get well asap.  Raw honey supplies all 22 amino acids, 22 minerals, and 5000 active enzymes!

Here’s one of the best honeys in the world: Healing New Zealand Manuka Honey

Cinnamon: This underestimated sweet and spicy herb is powerhouse against unfriendly microorganisms.  In a Cornell University study it was found that cinnamon was effective at killing 80% of the bacteria considered dangerous to humans.

Here’s another great article on how to use cinnamon for some amazing results:  The Benefits of Cinnamon on Blood Pressure and More

Cloves: Little known to many, but cloves is actually the highest source of antioxidant of any herb ever discovered.  To give you a comparison, blueberries (which is an excellent source of antioxidants) has an ORAC rating of 6,552 per 100 grams.  Ground cloves, on the other hand, has an ORAC rating of 314,446 per 100 grams!

Cloves are also a potent anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial.

Cayenne Pepper: This herb is is one of the most effective and potent herbs in the world.  It’s an excellent mover and purifier of the blood.  The most prized active component in cayenne is known as capsaicinCapsaicin is tremendously effective at eliminating sore throats, congestion, and nausea. Organic cayenne pepper is one of the most important things to keep in your spice cabinet at all times for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

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  1. Hey Shawn,
    Thanks for all the healthful info! For the drink you mentioned above, do I drink the entire amount every 3 hours, or a smaller amount? Thanks!

    1. Yup, drink the entire thing every three hours if it feels right for you!! Stay hydrated and get those good nutrients into your body(:

  2. i love this article. one thing worries me and i hope you can clarify for me. daniel vitalis mentioned one time that raw honey actually is highly contaminated as “wax” is like a supersponge for pollution like air pollution. i finally got some raw dark organic local honey without the honeycomb and im wondering when im happy about enzymes and sweeteners and the flavor of my honey, should i actually be worried about it being a significant health no-no as well. im sure the quality of the surroundings of the beehive(such as hawaii being good vs new york city beehive being less than wonderful) makes a huge difference. otherwise, i just love this article! i recently purchased my first ever msm, adya clarity, more goji berries, and a tiny sampler of maca! reishi is on my next list. happy holidays thanks for sharing

    1. That’s really awesome getting your hands on those great superfoods and supplements Seth. Enjoy!

      Daniel is definitely making a valid point about the honey. The production of the honey and bee products are a direct reflection of the ecosystem. But there’s 2 major adjuncts to add to that. One is that the bees themselves create protective compounds in the honey and in things like propolis that are essentially the antidote for nefarious substances. Propolis (which is often found in highly quality honey that still has some of the honeycomb) was known as myrrh and highly valued for its medicinal properties. The bees have to create compounds that fend of pollution, because without them the entire ecosystem would fail.

      Two, is that fact that we need to have local food and nutrition to help acclimate ourselves to our environment. As mentioned before, that local honey has medicines and tonics that help to protect you, and keep us from being a “foreigner” in your own land. True, the quality is going to very from city to city and state to state, but local raw honey is one of the best ways to enjoy food from your local ecosystem. Thanks for the great question, Seth. All the best!


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