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How Your Emotions Are Driving Your Health & Fitness

Have you ever thought about why people “fall off the wagon”? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have such an easy time making healthy habits? Well, the difference between struggling with your health and fitness and having the body you want is found directly in your Emotional Fitness.

Here in this video, I’m interviewing Board Certified Hypnotherapist Jonni LaForce, and she’s dishing out the goods on how to get your emotions in check to help fuel the transformation of your health and your life.

In this video you’ll discover:

*Why our emotional fitness is the KEY to getting the health we want

*How our emotions effect our immune system

*What ancient part of your brain is responsible for your emotions

*Why we “fall off the wagon” when trying to improve our health

*What we actually need to do with negative emotions (this is CRITICAL!)

*How to use the Pain/ Pleasure Principal to your advantage

*What “Emotional Group” you are in

*And more!

You can pick up Jonni’s amazing program right here to help you get the edge in transforming your health and vitality (and she providing a really sweet discount just for us):

Instant Emotional Power/shawnspecial

Leave me a message below and share what ways you think our emotions influence our lives.

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  1. Thank you so much for this podcast. It got me to revised the technique I develop to transform FEAR into EXCITEMENT when I teach swimming as a life skill. I now on will invite every child who cries to continue to leave their emotions while swimming and have them discover that it is much easier when we do things in a happy mode. I do believe that I will have children who don’t want to swim actually enjoy swimming because the removal of emotion suppression.

    It is a honor to share with you this compassion for longevity of life.


    1. Wonderful, Clotilde! What a beautiful insight and a beautiful mission. Thanks you for all that you do.


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