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TMHS 185: Embracing Change And Gaining Emotional Agility – With Dr. Susan David

Things are going to happen. Good stuff, not-so-good-stuff… life can be a dance between the two. But, as the research shows, it’s not so much what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us that determines the quality of our lives.

When it comes to our health and fitness, millions of people each year raise the white flag and give up on their goals to have something greater because of something they may have never even heard about before. They give up because of their lack of emotional agility.

When you are taking action to change your body and your health, challenges will arise. As much as I don’t want to say this, it’s just part of the process! You are becoming someone you have never met before, so that process will come with a learning curve and relationship adjustments that only emotional agility can enable you to traverse.

Today we have one of the world’s foremost experts on emotional agility here for you to learn from. Dr. Susan David literally wrote the book on Emotional Agility, and what she’s sharing with you today will undoubtedly change your life from this day forward if you take action on it.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How thinking positive can be at odds with what truly helps people thrive.
  • How our thoughts, actions, and stories can cause us to act incongruent with our values.
  • What it means to go from rigidity to agility.
  • What it means to be “hooked” and how this controls our thoughts and actions.
  • How the same thought patterns that keep us safe can also keep us from success.
  • What premature cognitive commitment is (you probably do this a lot!).
  • What the difference is between thinking fast and thinking slow.
  • What the 4 most common emotional hooks are (this is powerful!).
  • How thought-blaming can disempower you.
  • Why it’s helpful to move to the edge of what we’re comfortable with.
  • How our need to be right can lead us to outcomes that don’t serve us.
  • Why negative emotions are so valuable versus a hyper-focus on happiness.
  • What the 4 essential movements are for gaining more emotional agility.
  • What it means to “show up” when it comes to emotional agility.
  • How to rise above our emotions and not be controlled by them.
  • The critical difference between a “have to goal” and “want to goal”.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. I really enjoyed this interview – thank you! Dr. Susan David has the rare combination of being an intellectual while still having the ability to explain this in a down-to-earth, practical manner. I loved the real world examples and practical applications. I bought her book immediately and took the time to take the quiz on her website. I’m looking forward to applying her approach and recommendations the next time I get into my head too much. Shawn and Jade – keep up the great job! I’m new, but a big fan!

  2. when are u or have u talked about Melatonin and how do u feel about other natural supplements ??????

  3. Need help finding better food. I understand that we are supposed to find food less processed and without preservatives and pesticides. But even with that how can we be sure that the food has substance and nutritional value, being that almost everything is grown in barren soil? How can we eat meat, fish or chicken this is truly nutritious being that they are feeding on barren lands, or littered water full of pollution. So now a days what is really safe to eat for a normal 9-5 working person who cannot make it their full time goal to search for these healthy foods?


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