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5 Minute Fat Burners – Super 100 Level I

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  2. Hey Shawn,

    Thanks for all the knowledge bombs you give us! Love all you do. I wanted to ask do you recommend the 5 min level I/II while fasting when you very first get up?


  3. Love the idea of 5 minutes to get the blood moving in the morning! If you wanted to do this at home instead of in a gym, what could you do instead of inverted rows?

    1. Great question, Laurie. You could grab a couple of dumbbells and do bent-over rows (make sure that the weights you choose are challenging though!). You could also do standing rows with a resistance band.

  4. Like the 5 min’ fat burners however, what about the warm ups? should’nt that be included?
    Thanks for all you do Shawn!

    1. Awesome question, Rosalind. The best warm ups are simply doing the movements that you’re going to do in your workout, but in a lighter, slower (or faster) and/or more exaggerated way.

      For example, if you’re going to be doing squats today, then the best warm up is, well, squats. You can do a few sets of body weight squats (changing the tempo and foot position) or really light weights going very slow to “turn on” the muscles in the movement. Simply hoping on the treadmill is ok for a warm up, but the ideal thing is to warm up by doing the movements that your workout is going to consist of.

      Thanks, Rosalind!


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