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Here’s 3 Keys to Getting in Shape DURING the Holidays

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to (finally) get in shape, but see their efforts dwindling away over the following weeks. In this TV appearance on The Best of STL, I’m sharing 3 things you can do to getting in shape DURING the holiday season. You can use this time to get some momentum going as you head into the new year, and make this your best year ever! And as my gift to you, here’s the Chocolate Truffle recipe featured on the show:

Chocolate Cinnamon Truffles *1 cup almonds, (if you can soak and dehydrate) *½ cup soaked dates, pitted *4 tablespoon raw Cacao Powder *2 tablespoon raw Goji berries (unsoaked) *½ teaspoon cinnamon *¼ teaspoon vanilla *¼ cup water (can use the date water) Simply place all the ingredients in the food processor and blend until smooth, achieving a dough-like consistency. You will have to stop a few times and scrap the edges of the processor, and possibly add more water to get the texture you want. Once done, take a spoonful and roll in your hands to make nice bite size balls. Then place the truffles on a small plate with cinnamon to roll them in for a nice powdery coat. Enjoy!!
And here’s my book The Key to Quantum Health:
Please share what your favorite healthy holiday dish is going to be this year down below.  And have a happy holiday!
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  1. You know i should remember something that simple. Muscle burns fat, so build the muscle. How could that get lost in all the sea of info and other gems. The simplicity is staggering. I watched a video recently on rawbrahs talking about this very thing, and here now you are sharing the same timeless info. Less reps, more weight, quality every rep. I know this! Thanks for the needed reminder.

    Don Tolman is awesome! So glad to be introduced to him on your bewellbuzz podcast. wow im speechless at his info. Your work brings out the best in things! I wonder what that butternut squash soup is like.

    Thanks for your uplifting and healing work taking things to the next level

    1. Seth, thanks for sharing your voice. I’ve been going through and responding to all of my wonderful comments, and your energetic jumps right out! I’m so glad and humbled that I was able to connect you with Don Tolman. He’s a true gift to the planet, and the pulse is AWESOME.

      I have to apologize for taking so long to reply, we’ve been working hard on upgrading and stream-lining things so that I can get connected with people with more ease and grace. One of the upgrades to the site is the new Store (the tab is on the main page) where we’ve got SO MANY of the thing that I’ve used to change my life and the lives of my clients and much more to come! Looking forward to connecting with you more and more in 2012.

      Wishing you the best.


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