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Have You Hit A Plateau In Your Weight Loss Program?

“I’ve tried so hard exercising to lose my weight.  It worked at first, but now I can’t seem to lose another pound… This is just so frustrating!”

Have you seen this situation before?  You have friends who don’t workout nearly as much as you, their diet is way less strict than yours is, yet THEY are the ones who are continuing to get the results.  All the while you’re left slugging it out at the gym, and trying to break through huge invisible barriers.

If you’ve seen this before then I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.  Let’s start with the bad news first:

If you’re very honest with yourself, you’ll probably find out that you’ve been suckered into believing what most well-meaning weight loss enthusiast believe which is: “There is a diet program somewhere out there that’s going to work for me.”

This is actually THE biggest misconception in weight loss.  There is simply no one-size-fits-all diet out there.  And anyone telling you that their program will help you, without taking your unique metabolism into consideration, is always going to fail you in the end.

So the first question to ask yourself is: Have you ever taken a Metabolic Typing Test?

There’s a specific group of macronutrients that you need to focus on for your unique body type. Whatever you may be doing right now, you’re probably missing out on foods that would be perfect for your metabolism because someone said they were “bad” for you.  While on the other side of the equation you’re likely eating foods that are great weight loss foods FOR SOMEONE ELSE, and yet they’re not providing you those same results.

This one huge oversight is responsible for the fact that 98% of all diets fail.  Even though this is now a well-known fact, so many people are still on dead-end diets even as you’re reading this page.

So now for the good news:

The sooner you identify your unique individual metabolism, the sooner you’ll finally be victorious in your weight loss goal.  You’re taking the intelligent action to design a diet around YOU, rather than training yourself again and again to “fit” around another diet.

There’s an extremely powerful section in the book The Fat Loss Code that helps you breakthrough all of the dogma surrounding diets.  In this section you also get access to a helpful metabolic typing test, to help you uncover your body’s unique constitution.

One of the essential things we do for my clients is take their Body Constitution Profile and combine it with their Nutritional Typing results to design a diet that’s specific to them.  By using the results from the metabolic typing test in The Fat Loss Code, you’ll be able to finally hone in on the specific strategies that work for you, and take advantage of your body’s unique metabolic profile.

Now where this really gets interesting is that your metabolic typing applies to what form of exercise works best for you too!  Certain exercises simply work better with certain metabolisms. It’s critical to find out your metabolic type so that you can take full advantage of the exercises that work best for you AND avoid doing exercises that are not going to get you the maximum results.

Some people are simply designed for longer duration cardiovascular exercise.  Some people would actually be pushing themselves into catabolic breakdown (accelerated aging) if they push themselves and do what they’re not designed to do.  Another group of people are truly built for very heavy lifting, and this is what helps them to express their full genetic potential.  For others, a lot heavy lifting would compromise their frame, and undermine what they’re body’s actually build for.  It’s essential to find out your metabolic type and take full advantage of your built-in potential.

Pick up your copy of The Fat Loss Code right here: The Original Fat Loss Code

It’s one of the most empowering things in life when you finally start playing to your genetic strengths.  This gives you motivation like nothing else could, and the momentum that you gain is unstoppable.

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