Warning! Vegans And Vegetarians Have A Deadly Monster To Deal With

When you make the quantum leap to being conscientious about your food choices, it’s truly one of the most life changing experiences that you can have.  It changes the landscape of how you relate to your body, your family, your community, and your environment. Most vegans and vegetarians take on this honorable lifestyle in respect to their health and to the planet.  The only limitation is that by the very nature of being human, we intrinsically act upon the information that we have available at the time.

In the case of what food most vegans and vegetarians shift over to (in their efforts to detach from animal products), it’s been discovered that this alternative food promotes an equally troubling epidemic if you’re unaware of the harsh consequences…  What this deadly monster is known as is SOY.

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Is Breakfast Really THAT Important?

Everyone’s heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And for years I would stress to my clients the importance of eating breakfast, ESPECIALLY when they are going in to exercise.

But recently in one of my books I cited a study done by Kansas State University showing that body fat was actually burned more effectively when exercising first thing in the morning in the fasted condition (before eating food) than when doing the same exercise in the afternoon.

Now this really flies in the face of conventional wisdom on the subject. I’m not saying to run out and throw away all of your breakfast goodies… but this just goes to show you that what we are programed with may not always be the best way to get the greatest results.

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Longevity Elixir Part 1

This video reveals some of the most remarkable longevity foods ever discovered, and how to use them for the greatest results in your anti-aging diet strategy.

When you shift from a focus on disease and illness, to a focus on longevity and vibrant health, it’s truly a freeing experience… The keys you will find out about in this video are in your hands now.  Leave a comment down below, and share any experience you’ve had with any of these foods OR any of these foods that you can’t wait to get your hand on!

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Longevity Elixir Part 2

In this part of the video you’ll learn about a little known food that may likely be one of the greatest anti aging foods ever discovered. You’ll also find out about what my personal favorite food is (you’ll be surprised!), and a nice little technique at the end to give your drink a more variety.

Be sure to click on the recipe button and share your experience with any of these foods OR the ones you’re excited to try.

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Drink This Juice Recipe For Better Skin

Clear skin is definitely in as more and more people are realizing that beautiful glowing skin is best achieved from the inside out.  Your skin, or your epidermis, is actually your body’s largest organ, and a vital channel of detoxification for your system.  When your body is clogged up on the inside, it’s going to show up as “clogged pores” on the outside.

Your skin is the outermost part of you, and it’s actually the LAST place to get nourishment from the foods you eat.  This is key, because not only do we need a great topical treatment for our delicate skin (like virgin coconut oil), but we also need nutrition that’s easily assimilated by our cells… This is where the fresh juices come in.

You are what your eat, and if you want your skin to be more supple and juicy, then you need to get on the juices!  Now the important thing here is that we are making our juices FRESH, and not using pasteurized juices that are essentially just processed sugar water, and one of the WORST things for your delicate skin.

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