4 Essential Flat Belly Foods

Today is a big day in getting the leverage that you need for having the fit, well-defined midsection that so many people are chasing after like the Holy Grail.  It’s true that having an attractive set of abs or a beautiful flat tummy is a great thing in the self-confidence department, but the rewards that it pays in being able to truly enjoy your body; to be strong, fit, and active in your life is really where these incredible tips are going to payoff.

You’ve heard the wise old adage, “You are what you eat”.  Well here are 4 CERTIFIED Flat belly foods that are going to give you the edge in having the well-defined core that you’ve always wanted to have.

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2 Quick Tips To Teach Your Body To Burn More Fat

Our bodies can actually burn up to 50% or more fat everyday by adding in a couple of specific daily practices.  It’s really as simple as knowing EXACTLY what to do to “turn up” our body’s metabolic fire power.

Your body’s metabolism is regulated by a powerful gland in your endocrine system known as you thyroid gland. Now the common misconception is that your thyroid is just a single gland, when in fact it’s more like a container that holds several thousands of tiny glands.  Your thyroid is located at the base of your neck, and it is the most negatively charged gland in your body (this is a GOOD thing, it keeps your energy high).  But the key here is knowing that when this gland gets congested, then the energy and fat-burning power that you have is dramatically reduced.

Here are 2 quick things you can do to up-level the functioning of your thyroid gland.

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