TMHS 311: The Nature Of Consciousness, Precognition, & An End To Upside Down Thinking – With Guest Mark Gober

Have you ever been thinking about a friend or family member, and then seconds later they called you? Have you ever had anxiety or a premonition about something bad occurring—and then it did?

The very nature of human consciousness is puzzling, complex, and largely understood. On today’s show, we’re diving into the fascinating science behind consciousness, the brain, and human existence.

Today’s guest, Mark Gober is the author behind the new revolutionary book, An End to Upside Down Thinking, which explores the compelling evidence behind human perception and awareness. His work will inspire you to rethink your outlook about existence, meaning, and overall worldview.

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TMHS 310: Movement Skills, The Importance of Community, & Down-Regulating At Night – With Guest Dr. Kelly Starrett

Be honest: what was on your mind the last time you stepped into the gym? Was it your goal to exhaust all of your effort in order to set a PR? Did you make it your secret mission to compete with the guy on the treadmill next to you?

I’m all about taking your workout to the next level, but today’s guest has an important lesson to share about setting a realistic and sustainable intention for your workout. I recently trained with Dr. Kelly Starrett, and I was wholly fascinated by the simple (yet effective!) goal he set for our session: to leave our training session feeling better than we did before.

Kelly is a doctor of physical therapy, a New York Times Best Selling Author, and an all-around stand-up human being. On today’s episode, he’s sharing why fundamental movements are indispensable to your routine, what basic human physiology can teach us about exercise, and how simple swaps with your phone and sleep habits can have an incredible pay off long-term.

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TMHS 309: How To Deal With Failure, Cultivating Work Ethic, & Why It’s Time To Man Up – With Guest Bedros Keuilian

The greatest obstacle you’ll ever meet is not some arbitrary external factor. More often than not, we are held back by thoughts and beliefs that are within us. We all live with self-sabotaging tendencies, limiting beliefs, and the affinity to play small rather than embracing the discomfort that accompanies growth.

This is why mediocrity is the norm. Far too many people place limits on what they can achieve, discount their gifts and talents, and live their life dictated by self-imposed, imaginary boundaries. But in order to live up to your greatest potential and step into your power, you have to develop an awareness of the habits and beliefs that are holding you back.

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TMHS 308: Transforming Your Body, Mind, & The Health Coaching Industry – With Cynthia Garcia

After transforming my own health, I became feverishly passionate about helping as many people as I could to do the same thing. Over the past 17 years, I’m beyond grateful to say, I’ve been able to positively impact the lives of millions of people. But the road to get there has been a curvaceous one.

Throughout my career, I’ve come across many other people who’ve become inspired to build a career in health and fitness as well. I receive messages literally every day from folks who are inspired to serve, but don’t know what method of training, certification, and education to take. As you might know, I followed the traditional university course. While there are small benefits to that path, in my experience, there are far too many important aspects of health and wellness that simply are not taught in a conventional education.

Alternatively, there are a plethora of coaching programs and certifications on the market today. As I dove into many of them, I often felt disappointed because they simply didn’t meet basic standards that could help more people thrive in this field (where many more inspired people are needed!).

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TMHS 307: 12 Tips For Conquering Distraction And Getting More Done

A huge factor in your ability to achieve your goals lies in your capacity to focus and concentrate. Especially in our culture of persistent push notifications and constantly-updated newsfeeds, it’s important that we learn how to set limits with our technology.

But our devices and apps are only part of the equation. Whether it’s the people around you or the different tasks on your to-do list, you have to choose where (and when) to apply your focus. Once you master how to most efficiently manage your time, nothing can stop you from reaching success.

On today’s show, you’re going to learn 12 practical tips and tricks you can implement in order to reduce distractions and skyrocket your productivity. This episode is loaded with very specific tactics I’ve found to be effective in optimizing focus, plus the science to back them up!

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