TMHS 027: The Dangers Of Eating Gluten-Free

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re talking about one of the hottest health topics in our world today: Eating gluten-free. Is eating a gluten-free diet really healthy? Can a gluten-free diet help us lose weight and have more energy? And what the heck is gluten anyway?! You’re about to discover all that and more in today’s episode.

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TMHS 026: How To Get Healthy And Stay Healthy (The Fast Food Smack Down)

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re getting into the bare basics of health and feeling good. Too many people today are up on their soapbox talking about advanced theories on changing your body. But how does someone actually get started?!

I think that when we start living a life of true health and wellness, we lose touch with what it feels like to be sick, tired, and not knowing where to turn. One of the greatest opportunities we have as we get healthier is to step up and take people with us… but we have to start from where people are NOT where we are.

This episode is for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle and need some honest guidance to get started. You can literally be at McDonald’s listening to this on your iPhone right now. This is for you, and I want you to know that somebody’s got your back!

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How To Get Rid Of A Headache – Advanced Strategies

Headaches suck. There really is no other way to put it. They can range from a slightly painful nuisance to a full-on, lay you on your back in a dark room wishing you no longer had a head kind of pain. Did you know that Sleepy Hollow was really the story of a dude with a massive headache who just got fed up with it? The headless horseman… no head… no headache. Well, maybe that’s not true, but it would have been a more interesting story line…

In all seriousness, headaches are not fun, so let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this so that you can get rid of your headache for good.

The most important thing to understand is that the headache is a side-effect of something else. The headache is a symptom that you experience in relation to a deeper problem. Most people try and attack the headache symptom with drugs and quick fixes, and then wonder why the headache eventually comes back. If you don’t remove the root cause of the headache, then you will continue to experience the symptoms.

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TMHS 025: How To Stop Sugar Cravings (Without Getting A Sweet Tooth Root Canal)

In this episode we dive into the wide, wide world of sugar addiction, craving unhealthy foods, and gold-plated sweet tooth smiles. Do you have “issues” with craving sweets or other unhealthy foods? Do you find yourself eating foods that you KNOW are bad for you and end up feeling guilty afterward? Well, if this is you, then this is the most important show you’ll ever hear!

Look, I’m not trying to teach you how to control sugar cravings, I’m teaching you how to stop sugar cravings dead in their tracks. Sweets, sugar, and carbs in general, are the main driver of your body’s fat-storing hormone insulin. If you don’t have your sugar cravings in order, then you’re going to have a one-way ticket to unwanted fat deposited in places that you really won’t like.

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TMHS 024: ReWild Yourself With Daniel Vitalis

In this episode we’re excited to welcome world-renown health, nutrition, and personal development strategist, Daniel Vitalis! If you’re interested in becoming the best version of yourself, then this show is going to change your life.

Daniel has literally helped shape the face of natural health and wellness today. You’d be hard pressed to find major health advocates that aren’t (knowingly or unknowingly) sharing ideas that Daniel has pioneered.

Today Daniel is going to teach us how to go beyond just trying to “survive”, and into how we can truly “thrive” and become the healthiest, fittest people that we can possibly be. Seriously, be prepared to have your mind blown. If you’re looking for life-changing tips and insights then you’re about to get a ton of them.

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