TMHS 331: The Muscle-Brain Connection

You probably already know that proper nutrition and a solid sleep schedule play a huge role in your brain health and function. And with incurable neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia on the rise, it’s important to take control and implement preventative measures to protect your incredible brain.

On today’s show, we’re diving into the powerful science of the muscle-brain connection—specifically how exercising your body in turn strengthens your brain. You’re going to learn about numerous studies that link physical activity with cognitive function, memory, IQ, and creativity.

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TMHS 330: The Science Of Hunger And The Set Point Diet – With Guest Jonathan Bailor

Among the many illnesses plaguing the Western world, diabesity, the intersection between diabetes and obesity, is becoming increasingly prevalent. This is a deadly heath epidemic, and clearly the traditional model of “eat less and exercise more” is just not enough for many folks who are battling diabesity. 

The solution to solving diabesity isn’t as simple as many people have been led to believe. Fighting diabesity involves improving multiple systems within the body, and naturally lowering the body’s setpoint. What most people don’t understand is that processes like hormones and inflammation are key to resetting the body’s function and fighting disease.

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TMHS 329: Stop Brain Shrinkage And Activate Your Healthy Brain Genes – With Guest Dr. David Perlmutter

Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson famously said, “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” Even more fascinating is this truth: science is always changing. And if we want to live our best, healthiest lives, we need to be open minded to the ever-changing data, and consider how we can implement it into our lives in a realistic way. 

Today’s guest has made it his mission to bring compelling research to the table, even when it means disrupting conventional wisdom, or changing the conversation in a way that isn’t always convenient or comfortable in our modern society. Dr. David Perlmutter is a Board Certified Neurologist, and the author of the New York Times Best-Seller, Grain Brain.  

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TMHS 328: The Intersection Of Health, Fitness, And Faith – With Guest Isabel Price

If weight loss and the process of reaching optimal health can be reduced to a simple science, why are so many people sick, unhealthy, and overweight? Don’t get me wrong, principles like hormone function and metabolism are very real, and building blocks like movement and diet do matter.

But here’s the thing: in most cases, people who find themselves unhealthy or overweight did not get that way from a place of positivity or happiness. It is times of extreme stress, grief, or general apathy that lead to many health problems and weight issues. There are plenty of intelligent and capable people in the US (and worldwide) who simply cannot reach their weight loss goals, especially on a long-term basis. Our rampant obesity epidemic is proof that there is a deeper issue at play.

Today’s guest, Isabel Price, has made it her mission to help people reach their health goals, uncover their best selves, and stop struggling with diets. Her spiritual approach emphasizes the importance of community and connecting with your innate worth. I hope you will listen to this episode with an open mind and take the principles to heart, no matter where you are on your journey.

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TMHS 327: 5 Things To Quit Doing In 2019

Creating new habits is an effective way to transform your health, skyrocket your growth, and reach your goals. But sometimes what holds us back the most are those beliefs and behaviors that we haven’t (yet!) given up.

Letting go of detrimental habits that no longer serve you can help you refine your focus, boost your energy levels, and uncover the ability to achieve your greatness. On some level, we all get stuck in these negative cycles. But the good news is, our brains are constantly evolving. With intention and an actionable plan, we can release destructive habits, and embark on a path to becoming our best selves.

This is my wish for you in the new year, and our topic for today’s show. I’m sharing 5 toxic habits you need to ditch in 2019, and sharing digestible and realistic action plans to help you get there. So listen in, take notes on what resonates with you, and put a plan in motion to ditch your old patterns, reprogram your brain, and step into your power.

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