TMHS 319: Eating For Cognitive Power & The Truth About Brain Food – With Guest Dr. Lisa Mosconi

The human brain is a truly incredible organ. From storing our favorite memories to holding our ability to learn new information, the brain is a fascinating and complex structure that holds many roles within the body. The science behind brain function can be overwhelming, but today’s guest is going to break it down for you in a realistic, digestible way. 

Dr. Lisa Mosconi studies the intersection of neuroscience and nutrition, more specifically how what we eat affects the health of the brain. She is also the author of one of my new favorite books, Brain Food. 

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TMHS 318: Thinking faster and better (and how to recover from the mistakes you make) – With Guest Jim Kwik

How we think influences every aspect of our lives, from personal development and creating habits to how we show up in our relationships. If we can simply implement small shifts in our perspective, then we can transform our lives in immense ways. 

If there’s anyone on the planet that knows about using thought to boost productivity, it’s world-renowned learning expert, Jim Kwik. On today’s show, we’re discussing the importance of building memory fitness, and the power of identity. You’ll learn mind-blowing hacks to broaden your perspective, optimize your thinking, and boost your productivity. 

As always, Jim is bringing you practical and effective tips that you can use to elevate the way you think. You’re about to uncover powerful tools that truly hold the potential to change the way you think and behave. 

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TMHS 317: The Heart Masterclass: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, & 4 Steps To Perfect Heart Health

The heart is one of the most complex and important organs within the human body, yet its function and mechanics are wildly misunderstood. This needs to change. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and those statistics don’t seem to be changing for the better anytime soon.

On today’s episode, we’re going behind the scenes of the heart to uncover the truth about blood pressure, hypertension blood sugar, and cholesterol. You’ll learn the mind-blowing science about the heart’s electromagnetic field, and the heart-brain connection.

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TMHS 316: How To Create Beliefs That Empower You – With Guest David Meltzer

What could you accomplish if you gave 100% of your effort to the things that truly matter? What if you wholeheartedly committed to your goals, and always went the extra mile? Too many of us only work at 99% capacity (or less), and then feel defeated when we can’t produce results.

Today’s guest is a huge proponent and example of how giving 100% can change your life, help you reach your goals, and serve others along the way. David Meltzer is the co-founder and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, which is arguably the most notable marketing firm in the world. He is a true leader, a successful businessman, and overall inspiring human being.

David has an extraordinary story of rising to the top, failing, and then reengineering his life and redefining success in a deeper, more meaningful way. His story is a powerful testimony of what can happen when you decide to give 100%, sharply define your focus, and consistently practice gratitude.

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TMHS 315: Healing Through Humor And Having The Courage To Be Yourself – With Guest JP Sears

Personal development comes in many forms. Whether you invest your time in learning from books and podcasts, or cultivate habits like journaling or meditating, there are incredible benefits to making an effort to become a better person.

But sometimes, growth isn’t about changing yourself, but instead channeling the most innate and authentic aspects inside of you, and finding the courage to share those things with the world. Our guest today has done just that.

JP Sears is a YouTuber, comedian, emotional healing coach, and curious student of life. His story entails channeling his natural tendency to use humor as a coping mechanism, and instead using his humor to heal, connect, and entertain others. His perspective will inspire you to connect with your most authentic self, find the audacity to follow your dreams, and become the best version of yourself possible.

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