TMHS 346: Top 10 Healthy Travel Tips + Science-Based Reasons You Need To Travel More

Hopefully, by now, you have a lot of powerful tools in your superhero utility belt—smart sleep habits, an exercise routine that you love, mindfulness, and a well-rounded diet that supports your goals. But have you ever thought about travel as a way to enrich your overall health and wellness? We know that vacations can be relaxing, but science shows us that traveling actually has many health-affirming benefits. 

Travel has been associated with lower rates of heart disease, better mental health, and a greater sense of connectedness. That being said, being away from home and out of your regular routine can take its toll on your body in the short-term. Traveling has been shown to negatively impact your immune system, digestion, sleep schedule, and skin. 

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TMHS 345: The Science Of Stem Cells & How To Eat To Beat Disease – With Guest Dr. William Li

There’s a ton of conflicting information about which foods you should keep off your plate. You name a food, it’s probably been vilified on some corner of the internet. Everything from coconut oil to rice, even entire food groups and macronutrients have been metaphorically hunted with pitchforks and torches. 

This approach rarely serves anyone. You probably already know that food is medicine, and that what you choose to put on your plate can have incredible implications on your overall health. But instead of taking an extreme fear-based approach toward eliminating foods, what if we instead focused on abundance and expansion? Adding food to your plate that is scientifically proven to prevent disease is a much more logical and sustainable approach.

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TMHS 344: Real-World Motivation To Remind You Of Your Greatness

No matter how dedicated you are to self-improvement, you’re bound to have a bad day every once in a while. We’re human, and that means sometimes we’re unmotivated, uninspired, or just plain cranky. It’s okay to have a bad moment or a hard day. But what truly matters is your ability to pivot and get back to your baseline of happiness and health. 

The reason I felt so compelled to share this message is because I’ve recently been in that dark place. No matter what strategies or tools you use to get out of a funk, there’s no denying that listening to inspirational stories can help you channel your motivation. This episode is a compilation of motivating and thought-provoking interviews that you can turn to when you need a mood boost. 

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TMHS 343: The Paradox Of Progress & The Life-Changing Laws Of Emotion – With Guest Mark Manson

Have you ever reached a goal, and then immediately felt unfulfilled or disappointed? Psychologically speaking, this is totally normal. Having big goals gives us a sense of purpose and a reason to look forward to the future. More importantly, striving toward those goals helps us feel connected and hopeful. 

After becoming a best-selling author and reaching all of his life’s goals at only 29, Mark Mason felt a deep sense of malaise and depression. While that might sound counterintuitive, science says it’s totally normal to feel apathetic and blue after reaching a huge goal. 

In his new book, Everything is F*cked, Mark dives into the psychology behind achievement, human happiness, and the importance of hope. Mark is on the show today to share his experience, along with the impressive science behind the human mind. You’re going to learn the powerful formula for perpetuating hope, how to hack your brain to create habits that stick, as well as how to truly measure happiness. 

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TMHS 342: Cross-Training Your Nutrition & Getting Honest About The Fitness Industry – With Guest Chalene Johnson

Diet culture is confusing. With modern marketing, social media, and endless diet books, is it any wonder that people are confused about what to eat? The reality is, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to diet. Different things work for different folks, and this can even vary throughout different seasons of life.

If you’re paleo or vegetarian and that works for you right now, more power to you. But being true to your health means valuing your body more than that label and being open-minded enough to consider that your needs might change one day in the future. Personalizing your nutrition approach (and being flexible!) is key to optimal health. 

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